Camera Accessories: Recommendation Camera Bags

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Camera bag is one of the important camera accessories. And for those who like photography, surely a camera bag is a must-have thing. This is because the camera bag has a very important function. For example, is to protect the camera from impact. When it’s taken to traveling or outdoor space. So, the camera will remain safe. Currently the camera bag has many models from various brands, ranging from backpacks, side bags, sling bags, carry bags, to inner cases. Now, there’s even a waterproof camera bag. In addition, the camera bag also has a variety of variations, from cheap to expensive. Then, what camera bag that be came photographer’s favorite?. The following are recommendations for camera bags that you should consider.


The first recommendation camera bag is Vanguard. This bag is a recommendation for those of you who want a cheap camera bag. Vangrud has various types of camera bags as explained below.

•Vanguard BIIN 21 BK

This camera bag is equipped with a zipper as a cover at the top. So, the contents of the bag will not be easily scattered. The interior is soft padded, makes it can protect the camera and its equipment inside. In addition, it also has a fairly wide load. This bag can be filled with a DSLR camera and attached lens, 1 to 2 additional lenses, a flash, and other accessories such as memory cards, chargers, and backup batteries.

camera accessories

Vanguard BIIN 21 BK

•Vanguard Vesta Strive 15 Z

This camera bag has the same safety standards as other Vangruad bags. However, this bag shows a combination of style. With a touch of style, this bag will not be easily recognized as a camera bag. The shoulder bag model is ideal for accommodating a small DSLR. In addition, it can accommodate an attached zoom lens, an additional flash, camera accessories, and a tripod table.

Camera Accessories: Recommendation Camera Bags 2

Vanguard Vesta Strive 15 Z

•Vanguard Veo Travel 14 BK

This one camera bag has a unique shape, that is like a lunch box. Besides, it also has attractive colors. Available in two color choices. This bag has small shoulder bag designed. It has emphasize on practicality and style. Moreover, it can accommodate Suitable for storing CSC (Compact System Camera) with a standard kit lens installed.

camera accessories

Vanguard Veo Travel 14 BK

Like other Vanguard products, the 14 BK Veo Travel also equipped with typical Vanguard high safety standards. The bag is equipped with a safety pad that will protect your camera from shock.

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National Geographic Africa

The next recommendation camera bag is National Geographic Africa. This camera bag is a backpack type camera bag. So, it is highly recommended to travel. The design of the camera is very casual. Makes it not like a camera bag. On both sides of the camera there are two straps. So, can be used as a light stand & tripod holder. Further, this bag is not only stores the camera and equipment, but also other objects needed when traveling. In addition, this bag can be used as an ordinary traveling bag.

camera accessories
National Geographic Africa Bag

Billingham Hadley Pro Shoulder Bag

The third recommendation of camera bag is Billingham Hadley Pro Shoulder Bag. This brand has made a variety of camera bag variations. It has an iconic and classic design. Billingham Hadley Pro is one of the best products. The Hadley Pro series is also designed with canvas and leather edges. This camera bag has a broad bag to carry a complete DSLR with a lens, a flash and several other accessories. This bag has a quick release system. So, it provides easy access to the equipment in the bag.

Camera Accessories
Billingham Hadley Pro Bag

Incase Ari Marcopoulos Bag

The fourth camera bag recommendation is Incase Ari Marcopoulos Bag. The design of this bag is not less stylish. This bag is also very useful. Incase Ari Marcopoulos Bag can store one camera with an attached lens, one lens, two digital cameras of smaller size and a tablet. All equipment in this bag is protected by a strong canvas with a waterproof coating.

camera accessories
Incase Ari Marcopoulos Bag

That’s four recommendations camera bag. The camera bag above has a variety of prices. Prices can change according to conditions. However, according to the quality provided. Most importantly, the bag can protect your camera. So, it is safe from collisions and scratches. One thing to be noted, you need to consider your needs before buying it. So, the camera bag you bought can function optimally.


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