Tips & Trick: How To Choose a Good Camera Stand

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The camera stand is one of the camera accessories. Professional photographers must have accessories. In fact, accessories needed to get a good picture. But do you know that there are many types of camera stands? Then what is the function of this accessories? Next we discuss about the camera stand.

Camera Stand Type

The most famous type of camera stand is Tripod. However, there are still many types of camera stands. Each camera stand has its own advantages.


Camera Stand Tripod

Tripod is a type of stand camera that is most commonly used by photographers. As the name, this type has three feet. With a tripod we can take pictures with various positions and the camera remains safe. Usually, the camera is stay on a tripod head. The tripod also has a handle to move the camera in all directions. So we can take pictures without fear of the camera moving or falling. However, a tripod is not suitable for use on a mobile, because the size is not practical.


Camera Stand Monopod

The next camera stand is the monopod. The Monopod is almost the same as a tripod. But it only has one feet. So, the monopod isn’t as stable as a tripod. However, the shape of the monopod that is compact, lightweight and quickly assembled makes it a plus. For this reason, monopods are more often used by vlogger. The Monopod help keep images stable. This type is perfect for heavy cameras and moderately active photographers.


Camera Stand Dolly Pod

This one camera stand is similar to a tripod. It’s just equipped with wheels. The slot is also equipped with a wheel lock. So, you can move easily. However, Dollypod is only suitable for use in the studio.

Gorilla Pod

Camera Stand Gorilla

Gorilla Pad is a scamera stand that has a unique shape. The advantage of Gorilla Pod is the ability to stick to different. So, this type can stick to trees, iron surfaces. This camera shape can also be adjusted to the existing field. Gorilla Pod is also very practical to carry. So, it is suitable for travelers.

Chain Pod

Camera Stand Chain Pod

This type is actually not same with another stand camera. This can be seen from the shape. The Chain pod is used to balance camera movements. The Chain pod consists of long chains. With one end, it’s equipped with quick release plate. While on other side is a footrest to hold the chain tight. This reduces the shock on camera. Another advantage of this Chain pod is that it can be rolled up. So it can be stored in a bag. Besides that it is very practical to carry everywhere.

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Things That Must be When Choosing a Camera Stand

For beginners, it needs to be considered when buying a camera stand. There are several things that must be considered when buying a camera stand. Below are some things to consider when buying a tripod.


We have to choose the stand camera whose height same as our height. This is necessary so that we do not bend. Usually people with high bodies will have difficulty choosing. Besides that, you should pay attention to the camera stand height when folded. This affects when we travel. Note the thickness of the camera stand. Because, thickness makes it strong. So that it can withstand the wind.


The next, we also have to pay attention to the weight of the camera stand. The weight will affect when traveling. A lightweight camera stand made of carbon fiber. Besides that the camera stand with this material can last long. However, the price is also expensive. For this reason, the photographer usually chooses an aluminum camera stand. This material is a little heavier. However, the price is very affordable. The next material is stainless steel. Usually this type of stand camera is used for video equipment. Because, stainless material too heavy for ordinary users.


There are two kind of feet, they are the shape of the pipe and shaped tube. All carbon fiber legs are pipe-shaped. This shape has a twist lock system to secure the feet. While aluminum, basalt and steel shaped with flip-lock. Depending on the maximum height of the tripod, there may be between 3 and 5 parts on the tripod leg. More and more parts, higher tripods and generally a little less stable.

Tripod head

Tripod head is sold with a tripod leg. However, usually expensive tripod will be sold separately with a tripod head. The function of the tripod head is to make it easier for photographers to set up the camera. So that it can be matched with the needs you want. In choosing a tripod head, we need to pay attention to the quality of the material. Because, the tripod head will connect with the tripod leg. Tripod head also has several types. The Tripod head price start from cheap to expensive prices.


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