Canon 77D: DSLR Camera with Good Performance & Quality

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The Canon 77D is a DSLR camera that was released in 2017. This camera is designed not too big and simple. Canon also designed this camera with good performance and quality. So that it approaches the profesional DSLR camera. The design concept of the Canon 77D camera body is the same as other Canon cameras. So, if you are a loyal Canon user, you will adapt faster. What makes this camera attractive for choice is operating system. The operating system is very good. This camera has large grip. In addition, the complete operation buttons are suitable for enthusiastic and semi-professional users. Because, it makes easier for users when they have to change camera parameters. Especially when faced with various obstacles to shooting in the field.

Canon 77D

As a camera designed for enthusiastic users, the EOS 77D is rich in advanced high-tech features that are suitable for photographers and videographers. The main advantage of DSLR camera systems is the abundant number of lenses and accessories. Although many say that Canon’s innovation is not too visible in this series, the Canon 77D still has advantages. For those of you, semi-professional photographers of this camera can be the right choice.

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Camera Performance

The Canon 77D is designed with high performance and quality. So do not doubt the quality of the image produced. Because this camera will produce sharp images. The resulting color is accurate and natural. The auto white balance feature of the camera can work almost perfectly. The speed of this camera also need not doubt. The speed is almost the same as a professional camera. This is also balanced with autofocus. Canon 77D autofocus capability in successive photos also need not doubt. That is 6 photos per second. However, the speed of auto focus and successive photos during live view is not as fast as when shooting through the viewfinder. So that the match is only for subjects that move not too fast. This camera buffer for RAW photos is 23 photos. Whereas for JPG there are 167 photos.

Low noise

The Canon 77D is also good for use in low light conditions. Because the autofocus is still able to work quite well. Because the noise that appears on amber is fairly low. Photos taken at ISO 1600 can still be free of noise problems. This performance is very good for beginner class cameras. This camera also has ease in the process of transferring photo files. Canon provides Wi-Fi and NFC features. So this will facilitate the transfer of photos to a PC or smartphone. So, without use a data cable or remove the SD Card for the photo transfer process.

Canon 77D
Canon 77D:Camera Body

The Canon 77D uses an LP-E17 Lithium Ion battery. The battery has a capacity of 1040 mAh. The capacity and battery dimensions of the Canon 77D are small. Because the Canon 77D includes a DSLR camera. This will be felt even more when taking pictures using the live view feature. Battery capacity is only enough for 250-300 shots. However, if you use an optical viewfinder, the battery can be used to do 500-600 shots.

Video Feature

Canon 77D recording capability is quite good. Full HD video or 1080p 60fps with a 60 MBps bit rate. Although not the best, taking videos using this camera is quite easy. Because it can use a rotatable touch screen and fast dual pixel autofocus technology. The Canon 77D has a mic input, but it doesn’t have a headphone jack to monitor audio. Video is equipped with a built in electronic stabilization, not perfect because a portion of the screen will be cut off.

Camera Design and LCD

Canon 77D
Canon 77D: LCD

The processor used by this camera is Digic 7. This processor includes the latest generation technology from Canon. This processor can also produce high quality photos. As for the resolution of this camera offers 24 megapixels. Another interesting feature of this camera is the LCD. The Canon 77D has a 3.0-inch screen with a 1.040 million dot resolution. The screen has one hinge that can be rotated in a flexible position. The screen of this camera can be rotated 1800 horizontally. While vertically can be rotated to reach 2700. So, it will be very easy for us to choose the angle we want when doing a photo shoot. The screen is also very useful for selfies and live view shooting. Even though DSLR technology, the EOS 77D also has a live view feature. The shooting parameters are also displayed on the second screen which is smaller in size where the place is on the top of the camera body.

Camera Button

On this camera, almost all important functions on the camera have their own buttons. For example, the play button for shooting modes, ISO settings, AF point selection, drive mode, white balance, and picture style. The camera settings on the EOS 77D are still made easier by the presence of two rotary buttons on the top and back of the camera body.

Canon 77D
Canon 77D: Button

If on the right side there is a slot for the battery, on the left side there are two spaces for placement of several ports. In smaller spaces, there are ports for external microphones and terminal remote controls. While in the other room (the larger one) there are HDMI and USB ports.

The Canon 77D is a DSLR released in 2017. However, this DSLR has many good features. If, you are confused, choose a DSLR camera. There is nothing wrong with you considering this camera.


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