CANON EOS-1D Manual, The Manual of Canon’s First Runner DSLR

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The Introduction to CANON EOS-1D Manual

CANON EOS-1D Manual, The Manual of Canon's First Runner DSLR

What we believe in the first place is that a manual is really essential for users, especially the new ones.

With this manual, users will be able to understand more about a certain product and treating it as well as operating it better will not become impossible.

Moreover, a manual book will also be beneficial for them who want to know the deeper understanding about a product. Therefore, we commit to bring the CANON EOS-1D Manual book into this article. So, the CANON EOS-1D users can take a reference in here.

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CANON EOS-1D Overall Look

Whenever we talk about digital camera manual, specification must be something to discuss. So, before directly jumping in to the CANON EOS-1D Manual, we will talk about the specification from the most obvious part of the camera, the look. Canon EOS-1D is one of the professional camera from Canon. In fact, this camera is the first professional DSLR since a long time ago.

CANON EOS-D2000 was introduced by Canon In 1998. It became a hit back then. For the record, this camera is designed for a professional use. So, if you are a professional photographer this stunning camera equipment is a great choice. Canon EOS-1D is not for everyone and not for basic user. With this CANON EOS-1D, it is like the new stepping stone of Canon to come back strong in professional level DSLR.

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As you will see in CANON EOS-1D Manual, this camera is inspired by the highly praised professional film SLR that canon has, the CANON EOS-1V. That’s why CANON EOS-1D and CANON EOS-1V have identical body. The difference between them both is that CANON EOS-1D has an additional powerdrive booster.

This camera also has a battery and vertical grip that is molded into the body. There is an LCD monitor and buttons that control the images digitally too. The LCD’s top status that this camera has is slightly redesigned. It has a larger quick control dial than 1V. Moreover, there are 2 rubber doors above the connectors on the camera left side. It is for digital, remote, and PC terminal

Specification of CANON EOS-1D

CANON EOS-1D Manual, The Manual of Canon's First Runner DSLR

Under the hood, this camera has a powerful engine. You can see that in the CANON EOS-1D Manual below that it is really for professional use.

CANON EOS-1D is a major breakthrough in the market of professional camera.

It often uses in sports and news. CANON EOS-1D has an image processing that is faster than the previous canon series such as EOS DCS series and EOS D2000.

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Further, CANON EOS-1D can get an eight-frames shot per second too. That shot was new. CANON EOS-1D has also comes with some new features that is not available in the successors. In this cool camera, you will get CCD sensor instead of a CMOS sensor.

The shutter speed is up to 1/16000 per second and the X-sync speed is up to 1/500 per second. It is the only camera that has no magnify in playback. While for voice annotation, this great camera also comes with a microphone. And also, it can store an image up to 9,999 in one folder.


CANON EOS-1D Manual, The Manual of Canon's First Runner DSLR

This Canon CANON EOS-1D comes with a good price. It is a price for professional DSLR with fully complete features that meet the professional needs.

CANON EOS-1D is worth three times more than 1V. Most professionals claimed that CANON EOS-1D comes with a reasonable price. CANON EOS-1D is worth $5,500.

I suggest you browse it online to find other sources that may come with lower price.

Since this camera is released years ago, there are possibilities that this camera has a lower price now. Try searching it on amazon.


As it is stated before, the aim of this article is to provide the CANON EOS-1D Manual. Therefore, you can access the manual in below. This manual comes in PDF. So, for you who want to access it, it will be better if you download the PDF reader software first. With this software, you can easily access the CANON EOS-1D Manual simply in your personal device.

Download EOS 1D Manual

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