Canon EOS-1D Mark III Manual for Mark III Users and Enthusiasts

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The Introduction to Canon EOS-1D Mark III Manual

canon eos-1d mark iii manual for mark iii users and enthusiasts

When we buy any electronic product, especially digital camera, we must get the manual book of it. many people doesn’t realize how important this manual book actually is.

So, some of them are just throwing away without any intention to open it. But in fact, this manual book is actually so important.

From this manual, user will be able to understand deeper about their camera product. Some details such as specification, operation, instruction, camera parts, and others will be able to be obtained here.

And this is what motivates us to provide the Canon EOS-1D Mark III Manual in the first place. So, for you who want to know about this Canon EOS-1D Mark III camera better, referencing to below manual will be a good idea.

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Canon EOS-1D Mark III Overall Look

Before jumping to the Canon EOS-1D Mark III Manual information, now let’s talk about the Canon EOS-1D Mark III specification first. As the product of world’s well known camera manufacturer, the specification of this camera product must be great.

With this specification, resulting high level of photos is not something difficult. But, before talking further about the deeper specification, now let’s start with something obvious first, the overall look.

The first time you touch EOS-1D Mark III, you will notice there is a different texture and feel on the covering material. EOS-1D Mark III is a bit more rubbery than the previous one. You do not have to worry about slipping off the camera when your hands are sweaty.

The body of EOS-1D Mark III is still similar with the previous one. The menus system of EOS-1D Mark III is also completely new. It will give your new experience in having this cool camera. The control buttons panel at the rear and top are fully reorganized.

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The Specification of Canon EOS-1D Mark III

Canon is ready to strike again with its flagship 1 series. It begins with 1D and then developed other greatness hit. Now people are ready for the third generation of the 1D series, which is named as Canon EOS-1D Mark III. There is something different with this new generation of 1D series.

This EOS-1D Mark III is a bit of introduction to professional photographers. Although EOS-1D Mark III is the fresh model in line, it doesn’t mean that EOS-1D Mark III doesn’t bring the looks of previous models. It is still here. Based on the 1 series that Canon has the camera in this series are large and heavy. They are all designed to be an extreme rugged and water proof. That is what makes this Canon camera series are awesome for professional.

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canon eos-1d mark iii manual for mark iii users and enthusiasts

As you will find in the Canon EOS-1D Mark III Manual, the specification of this camera will be the reflection of something great.

In EOS-1D Mark III, Canon gives you with the pixels of approximately 10.10 megapixels. The total pixels are 10.70 megapixels.

The menu system is completely different with the previous generation. But, it is just similar with the recent products from Canon.

It looks like that this EOS-1D Mark III was the first camera have this menu system which is pretty cool. In EOS-1D Mark III, you can have a MyMenu screen. It is a menu that you can customized by yourself. So, you can have only the settings you want on MyMenu screen. The 2.5MP raw file is reduced in EOS-1D Mark III.

And to give you the better view about this camera product,here we enclose the video of Canon EOS-1D Mark III. with this video, you will be able to understand more about the camera and its functions. this Video comes from the official Youtube account of DigitalRev TV.

This is the Youtube account that usually doing review for digital camera product. So, whenever you want to understand about this camera better, we welcome you to refer to below video.

Canon EOS-1D Mark III Price

However, there are some issues with this EOS-1D Mark III from Canon. Some problems are experienced by the users. One of the most complained issues is related to the SERVO AF mode. Another issue is the cursor navigation that tends to fail.

But, those issues are resolved by the company by releasing 1.1.1 firmware to help with any issues in EOS-1D Mark III. This EOS-1D Mark III camera, the body only is worth $6.600 on amazon. Some other online stores are also having this EOS-1D Mark III in stock.

Canon EOS-1D Mark III Manual

We can tell you that the aim of this article is to provide the Canon EOS-1D Mark III Manual. With this manual, you will be able to know many details of this product. So, by knowing these details, it will result on the better treatment and operation to the camera.

Therefore, for those who want to know the detail of it, referencing to the below manual will be a good start. To be noted, the Canon EOS-1D Mark III Manual will be provided in PDF. So, for you who want to access it, it will be better if you download the PDF reader software such as Adobe reader first.

Download EOS 1D Mark III Manual

That’s all we need to share about Canon EOS-1D Mark III Manual. Hopefully, this manual will be able to help you understand this Canon camera product more.

And if you find this article is informative, you can share it in your personal page. So, the information here can be spread even wider. And lastly, if you have any idea about this product, it will be so much appreciated to put your thoughts in the comment session below.


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