Canon EOS-1Ds User Guide, a Guidance to Canon’s Strongly Weatherproof Camera

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The Introduction to Canon EOS-1Ds User Guide

canon eos-1ds user guide a guidance to canons strongly weatherproof camera

As always, a manual is really important to support users in understanding a certain product.

From this manual, users will be able to gain several information related t the product itself.

Therefore, for you who want to obtain the specification information, operation, camera parts, and other related information, referencing to the manual will be the good idea.

And for you the canon camera users, especially for the Canon EOS-1Ds camera, below we have provided the Canon EOS-1Ds User Guide as your reference.

So, whenever you need the information toward this camera product, referencing to below manual will be the good idea to take.

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Canon EOS-1Ds Overall Look

Before jumping in to the Canon EOS-1Ds User Guide, as an introduction, we will talk about the specification of this camera product. And to begin with, let’s start it by discussing about something obvious first, the outside look.

And as you will see in the photos of Canon EOS-1Ds User Guide, the look of this camera is a little bit classical with a touch of elegance in it. And as a comparison, the body design of EOS-1Ds is similar with the EOS-1V.

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The professional film SLR is actually the base design of Canon EOS-1Ds’s body. The different thing is that in EOS-1Ds, there is an additional power-drive booster that is attached. And also, there is a big battery pack in the camera base. It gives some integration for portrait hand grip and control system.

The quality of the body material is great. They use a moulded magnesium alloy for the body material. There is an environmental seals that covers the surrounding of the compartment door, connector, terminal, and button.

Canon EOS-1Ds Specification

Talking about Specification, the specification of this camera is really advance. As you can see in the Canon EOS-1Ds User Guide, the EOS-1Ds has the camera resolution upgrade. The resolution rises to 11 megapixels from the EOS-1D. EOS-1Ds uses the same CMOS sensor as EOS-D30 and D60.

By the presence of this high specification, in 2002, EOS-1Ds become the first DSLR with a sensor that can capture a full frame of 35mm. And obviously, with EOS-1Ds, you can capture almost every type of photography, whether it’s portrait, landscape, wedding purposes, and even journalism.

Moreover, you can also shoot at wider angle. There is no Canon camera can do the same thing at that time. It would be a good option for you to choose this cool camera.

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Many new features in EOS-1Ds are the features EOS-1D doesn’t have. In this camera, you can shoot down to 3fps continuously in maximum of 10 images. As said before, EOS-1Ds has a full-frame 11 megapixel CMOS sensor that can improve battery life.

The ISO range in EOS-1Ds is 100 – 250. In EOS-1D, the noise reduction takes effect slightly more than one second, but in EOS-1Ds you can have it from exactly one second only. You can set personal functions in in-camera menu. Now, you can have a playback magnification with this EOS-1Ds.

There is a data verification kit to tag an image with unique signature. In 2012 when it’s just released, it has the fastest shutter speed. There is some more new features that has a slight changes with the previous version.

Canon EOS-1Ds Price and Conclusion

canon eos-1ds user guide a guidance to canons strongly weatherproof camera

There are many reviews regarding to the experience of using EOS-1Ds in certain activity.

Some people feel that this EOS-1Ds has a tremendous resolution. The handling is excellent and the weatherproofed, professional body gave an awesome experience working with this camera.

The issue about this EOS-1Ds is that the expensive price and the large and heavy body.

Some people are not satisfied with the continuous-shooting rate in this camera. The bottom line is that this EOS-1Ds is a camera that meets some standards of professional performance. The price of about $8,999 seems to be matched.

Canon EOS-1Ds User Guide

In the first place, we have already stated that the aim of providing this article is to offer you the Canon EOS-1Ds User Guide. This is a manual that will be really useful for you who want to know deeper about this Canon camera product.

Some kinds of information such as operation, instruction, camera parts, features, and others will be perfectly store here for your usage. Further, we present the Canon EOS-1Ds User Guide in PDF. Therefore, before accessing it, it will be better for you to download the PDF reader software such as Adobe Reader first.

Download EOS 1Ds Manual

That’s all of the information that we need to share with you regarding to the Canon EOS-1Ds User Guide. If you find there is something missing r something we need to confirm, you are very welcomed to put your thought in the comment session below.

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