Canon EOS 1V Manual for Canon Tough Camera with Awesome Performance

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Canon EOS 1V Manual Introduction

Canon EOS 1V Manual for Canon Tough Camera with Awesome Performance

The Canon EOS 1V Manual is an important manual book, especially for the user of this camera.

With this manual book, you will be able to gain a lot of information related to the Canon EOS 1V camera product. But, before directly jumping in to the Canon EOS 1V Manual, it will be better to talk about the specification first. And to begin the talk about it, the overall look of this product will be a good start.

Canon EOS 1V Overall Look

As the part of Canon EOS 1V Manual, look seems to be the main concern of Canon. And in this product, it seems like Canon has a little bit lost in this principle. Big and heavy, that is the first thing to notice when the first time using Canon EOS 1V. It is more convenience to use tripod with it. The body of Canon EOS 1V is rounded and well-constructed with high quality material with rubberized layer on some parts.

Canon EOS 1V Manual for Canon Tough Camera with Awesome Performance

The handling is nice and secure thanks to the good deep handgrip, the gap between handgrip and lens mount is big enough. In the rear side of Canon EOS 1V, a big and clear view finder is found completed with setting buttons with its familiar layout which easy to understand. In the top of right side, an LCD is found to all information you need like ISO, scene, etc. Canon does good job on designing this EOS 1V.

The Specification of Canon EOS 1V

Canon EOS 1V Manual for Canon Tough Camera with Awesome Performance

Canon has introduced the top line of its 35mm SLR body, Canon EOS 1V, which is offered for serious photo shoot.

Canon EOS 1V is a standard for new and magazine photo shoot and it indicates the quality of this photo. Based on the Canon EOS 1V manual, Canon provides some great features on it as it is need for professional standard photo shoot. Canon EOS 1V is priced high with all those ability, but what can this camera do to satisfy professional needs? Here is the review of Canon EOS 1V.

The awesome features on Canon EOS 1V is its full frame 24×36 mm image area with 45 points AF which has good performance in locking focus, but no assist light for locking. CMOS sensor is placed for better image reproduction with wide ISO range from minimum 6 to 6400 in maximum.

Canon EOS 1V Manual for Canon Tough Camera with Awesome Performance

For flash, an A-TTL flash is integrated for great lighting in dark with hotshoe, you may buy some accessories for it. Further, the Canon EOS 1V manual also tells us that this camera has a good ability in continuous shot up to 3 FPS which means you may get a good picture for moving object.

The bad news is for you who have EF-S or EF-M lenses, this powerful camera does not mount them, Canon EOS 1V mounts EF lenses only. Personally, limited compatible lenses is not that a problem because it does good job in compatible lenses.

Canon EOS 1V needs lithium batteries or 4 AA alkaline batteries which means you need more and more batteries pack because it drains batteries. Overall, Canon EOS 1V can convey almost all needs of photography with its awesomeness. For another review of Canon EOS 1V, click here.

Price and Impression of in Canon EOS 1V Camera

Overall, this camera already performs pretty great. However, some lack such as unavailability of mounting lens is such an unfortunate thing. Further, the big and bulky appearance sometimes is about annoying. But, for the basic use, this camera is enough.

Further, talking about pricing, you can bring this camera home by paying around $2900. It’s a quite high pricing compared to the other competes.

Canon EOS 1V Manual User Guide

As stated before, the aim of providing this article is to bring Canon EOS 1V manual into the surface. Therefore, for you who are looking for the information related to it, referring to below PDF will be the good idea. Here, you will find a lot of information regarding to the specification, camera parts, instruction, and others. And as it is stated before, the Canon EOS 1V manual will be provided in PDF. So, for you who want to access this information, it will be better if you download the PDF reader software.

Download EOS 1V Manual

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