CANON EOS 200D: Compact and Simple DSLR for Begginers

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Four years after Canon launched EOS 100D (In America is named EOS Rebel S1), finally the giant electronic company Canon launched its successor, Canon Eos 200D. Just like the predecessor, EOS 200D has simple body. That’s why this camera has predicate as smallest DSLR camera in the world. Besides, this camera has some features such as easy-to-use controls and more perfect smartphone connectivity, reminding us of EOS 800D features. So, What makes EOS 200D be Canon’s latest and greatest camera? Based on Canon website, these are some features on Canon EOS 200D:

Canon EOS 200D Sensor

The EOS 200D fitted with APSC CMOS sensor with 24,2 MP resolution. And for processor, it has the new DIGIC 7. So, we can take picture in low light such as at night or in low-light room condition. This camera also has ISO of up to 256000 (we can upgraded to ISO 51200). So, we get a photos with sharp detail and punchy color that looks fantastic straight from the camera which is perfect for big prints, photobooks and on-line galleries. It’s also great for telling stories with your photos. With teh combination of combination technology of Canon- Dual Pixel CMOS AF and Vari-angle LCD touch screen, you can get focus and capture the subject like when you take photos with your smartphone.

DSLR for beginner

Canon EOS 200D picture 1

The EOS 200D lightest DSLR with a Vari-Angle screen and touch screen. So, you can record your film with Full HD 60p/50p quality. The EOS 200D’s guided user interface helps you to choose the right settings for the effect you want to create. Moreover, you can record movies with quality Full HD 60p / 50p, it is good for capture video of children or animals. There are 5 Creative filters for movies, such as ‘Old movies’ and ‘Dramatic B & W’, available to add dramatic effects, as well as functions for recording HDR and time-lapse movies in Full HD. For photo shooting, the EOS 200D also equipped with the latest ‘Guided’ interface / interface, so that important camera settings are explain through graphic illustrations and photos, even novice users can easily understand menu options and adjust without obstacles just by touching the LCD screen . This is almost the same as how to operate a smartphone.

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Wi-Fi Conection

The new feature from EOS 200D is partnership with your smartphone with low energy bluetooth tecnologi. You can browse, edit and share from the EOS 200D on your smartphone. With low energy bluetooth you can transfer data dan use Wi-Fi to transfer data to your smartphone. The canon Eos 200D have Wi-Fi fetuare, so you can easy connect with social media to transfer high quality picture. With one push of the Wi-Fi button, a connection will be available, especially with devices that have been paired before. With the ease of sharing high-quality images and videos, the EOS 200D is a DSLR camera that is very comfortable to have.

Key Fitures

• 24.2 MP APS-C CMOS
• Dual Pixel auto focus (for live view and video)
• 9-point autofocus
• DIGIC 7 processor
• 3” fully articulating touchscreen
• 5 fps burst shooting
• 1080/60 video
• Wi-Fi with NFC and Bluetooth
• External mic input
• Available ‘Feature Assistant’ user interface

Canon EOS 200D picture 2

Canon EOS 200D also adds details that are barely noticeable to the controls, such as spin finishing on the outer edge of the shutter button, and bumps on the Quick Control dial, all with the aim of affirming the impression of luxury. All this gives the EOS 200D a fresh and refreshing appearance, especially when compared to other beginner level DSLR models.

The external microphone input is a nice extra. The one feature that isn’t new is the 9-point autofocus system you’ll use when shooting through the viewfinder – it’s identical to what’s found in the original SL1, which is over four years old. You’ll get a much better focusing experience by shooting in live view, which uses Canon’s excellent Dual Pixel AF technology.

DPrieveiw compare Canon Eos 200d with the another camera like Nikon D3400, its small size may lead one to believe that it’s an entry-level model, similar to Nikon’s D3400, the SL2 actually sits above the bottom-end Rebel T6 (EOS 1300D), which costs $150 less. The SL2’s main competitor is the aforementioned Nikon D3400, which is just a tad larger and heavier. The SL2s’ other peers are all mirrorlless and include (in our opinion) the Canon EOS M5, Panasonic DMC-GX85 and the Sony a6000 which, after 3+ years on the market, is still competitive.

That are little bit review about Canon 200D. So, are you interested in the EOS 200D? Or you are fond of this old version?


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