Canon EOS-30D Manual User Guide

Canon EOS-30D Manual User Guide

Canon EOS-30D manual is something that will definitely be useful for owners. Especially for the new user, the manual can be used as a valuable reference in operating as well as understanding this camera product.

So, whenever you find any major or minor issues happen to your own Canon EOS-30D, the Canon EOS-30D Manual will be the best place to visit.

Especially when you need any information regarding to the specification, operation, camera parts, and others, reread the manual will be so much helpful.

So, due to this importance, below we have posted the Canon EOS-30D Manual for your own personal use.

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A Beginning to Canon EOS-30D Manual

It is always be good when we start the conversation about Canon EOS-30D Manual by talking the general specification of the product first. As we know, the industry of digital camera seems has no end. Many producers upgrade the quality on their products. And it also happens to Canon.

They upgrade their DSLR camera products from time to time. It can be seen from the first-coming of Canon EOS 30D which is claimed as the successor of EOS 20D. In this product, Canon offers more sophisticated software and features in order to create marvellous kind of images.

Canon EOS-30D Overall Look

Canon is always serious with the design of their product. That’s why we could find most of the Canon camera comes with such a nice cut of design. Comparing to the predecessor, it seems like there is no significant differences on the body between EOD-30D and EOS-20D.

It is quite practical to bring this gadget since the dimension is very aerodynamic. The dimension based on precise measurements said that EOS 30D has 5.7 x 2.9 x 4.2 inches with 1.54 lb (battery included) of weight.

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Canon EOS-30D Specification

To do high level of photography function, EOS 30D brings 8.5 megapixels camera resolution with CMOS image sensor type. It is such a good development on the resolution since the predecessor is only completed with 8.2 megapixels resolution.

Canon EOS-30D Manual User Guide.

Further, EOS 20D comes with 1.8 inches LCD screen, on the other hand EOS 30D is bundled with 2.5 inches LCD screen that allow you to make a comfort review.

There are more than 230.000 pixels to perform the images in outstanding preference. Plus, you are able to make view the screen in extreme angle up to a hundred and seventy degrees.

You are able to produce images resolution based on your needs. With maximum resolution, the size of images can be up to 8.7 megabyte.

On the other hand, to save the storage, you can have minimum image resolution of 0.6 megabyte. More interestingly, with its 30 till 1/8000 sec shutter speed, you are able to take pictures more than 5 frame per second.

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To get perfect blur background, EOS 30D is also bundled with Auto focus 9 point. Moreover, you still can create a great capture on low light condition since the manufacture has installed an internal flash on it.

And, one of the most important things is the battery. To support its functionality, the battery of Canon EOS-30D will last longer due to the big capacity it has (1390 mAh)

Canon EOS-30D Price and Impression

A photographer, Rendra, states in that EOS-30D’s 2.5 LCD screen is very impressive and the quality of the images is fabulous even it is just using kit lens 18-55 millimetres. Moreover, the colour is better than its predecessors. The image quality reminds me about the result of Canon EOS 5D. EOS 30D comes with very reasonable price, but you cannot underestimate its superiority. In some online store, EOS 30D User Manual is available for about 225-230 USD, based on the shipping

Canon EOS-30D Manual

With various functions and features, this camera seems to have a little complex operation. And by this complex operation, users need guidance, the reliable one. This is where Canon EOS-30D Manual is needed. Through this manual, user will be able to gain a lot of information regarding to this product.

Some info such as specification, camera parts, operation, and others are perfectly provided. For user who lost their Canon EOS-30D Manual or someone who want to know deeper about this product, we have provided the Canon EOS-30D Manual in below.

So, if you fond of to this manual, all you need to do is go right down below for further assistance. The Canon EOS-30D Manual below will be provided in PDF due to the ease and simplicity of this kind of file. Another reason for choosing PDF is also because this file kind can be accessed in multiple kinds of gadget. So, when you are about to access it, we advice you to download the PDF reader first.

Download EOS 30D Manual

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That’s all of the information regarding to the Canon EOS-30D Manual that we need to share. If you have other ideas about this product, we welcome you to put your thought in the comment session below. And if you think this article is informative, we kindly ask you to share this page, Therefore, the information here will be spread wider around the globe. Thank you.