Canon EOS-50D Manual User Guide

Canon EOS-50D Manual.

Canon EOS-50D is a bombastic product. With the various features and more functionality, this camera product will be the best companion for professional.

But, for some people, the variousity of features sometimes it makes users confused and don’t have any idea about how to operate this Canon camera.

This is where we need the Canon EOS-50D Manual. With this manual, user will be able to find out the basic information about this Canon camera product. More about Canon Inc. in here.

Therefore, looking for the information related to specification, operation, part function, and others will no longer be difficult. So, for you who need this kind of information, the Canon EOS-50D Manual below could be really helpful.

Introduction to Canon EOS-50D Manual

It seems so weird if we talk about Canon EOS-50D Manual without talking the general specification of the camera. So, before getting further into the Canon EOS-50D Manual, here it is, the general information of the marvellous camera product, Canon EOS-50D.

As launched on 2007, its predecessor, the Canon EOS-40D received so many inputs and feedbacks from users. Learning from those things, back in 2008, the Japanese well known camera manufacturer, Canon, released the improved-version of Canon EOS-40D, the Canon EOS-50D.

Canon EOS-50D Classy Elegant Look

You will not see plastic in this product since the overall case is made of magnesium alloy. This is the kind of material which is commonly used for Canon camera products. EOS-40D is colored in black to represent solid and strong outlook. The grip part gives firm impression of a DSLR camera. Further, with the total dimension 146 x 108 x 74 milimetres and 730 grams of weight, this camera could perform the best level of creating image.

Canon EOS-50D Specification

This is the product that comes as the successor of the previous one, EOS-40D. And as a successor, Canon 50D comes with better feature, hardware, and of course, software. With the upgrades in so many aspects, obviously this camera can perform better than the previous one. Especially in the resolution, this semi-professional camera brings 15.1 megapixels to create bigger image. While in the data transfer system, USB 2.0 will definitely bring the easy transfer of data.

Canon EOS-50D Manual..

The CMOS lens is also used considering the fine function of this hardware. You don’t need to be afraid of taking picture in low light since 50D is bundled by internal flash. Different from its predecessors, this EOS uses liquid crystal LCD panel in the monitor. With this kind of screen, you will be able to make a clear review on your capturing result.

Going inside, the DIGIC 4 software works very well as the image processor in processing the images in real-time. This software gives the opportunity to take more than 6 frames in every single second in Continous Brust and it is equivalent to professional DSLR.

Imagine what you can do with this ability; taking many precious moments such as wildlife, sport, race, and many more will be so much fun. In autofocus side, EOS 50D brings 9 AF-spot which is purposed in locking and exploring the focus in wider area. If it is paired to high quality lens, you will be amazed on the result. ISO 100 to 6400 allows you to control the light density, but you need to keep it low as possible to prevent from unwanted noise.

To ensure you about how powerful this digital camera is, here is the video review about this camera by Digirev.

Canon EOS-50D Price Tag and Impression

Canon EOS-50D Manual

David Maclean gave his testimony on February 9, 2009 as quoted on said that the Canon EOS 50D he’s been using is such a great camera.

It is also worth with its price, and of course worth to be owned. Talking about price, the Canon EOS-50D is available for about 10.000.000 IDR or 770 USD. This price might be different in different area considering several aspects of distribution, permission and others.

Canon EOS-50D Manual

It is such a perpetuation for the high class camera product to come with its manual as a complement. And this is what happens to Canon EOS-50D.

Without the Canon EOS-50D Manual, it will be so difficult to understand this product, especially for the new user. Even when the manufacturer claimed that this camera is relatively easy to operate, but however we need the Canon EOS-50D Manual for the deeper understanding.

So, whenever you are looking for information related to the specification, operation, parts and function, the Canon EOS-50D Manual below might be helpful. This manual consists of 183 pages which are tells us the basic information about this Canon camera product. The manual is in PDF, so, whenever you want to access it, you better to download the PDF software readers such as Adobe reader.  And here is the manual.

Download EOS 50D Manual

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That’s the Canon EOS-50D Manual. We hope this manual can be used as a valuable reference for you in understanding this Canon camera product. Any thoughts about this camera, we welcome you to put your opinion in the comment session below.

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