Canon EOS-60D Manual User Guide

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Canon EOS-60D Manual.

Canon has created many advance technologies in photography. These are the technologies that will be the signature features from this company’s camera products.

With all of these features, of course the operation of his camera will be no longer simple, especially when the camera comes from the high-end class.

There will be several procedures that should be followed in order to master the camera. This thing also happens to Canon EOS-60D. Therefore, to understand the whole features of this camera, the Canon EOS-60D Manual book will be so much useful.

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The Introduction to Canon EOS-60D Manual

It is such a tradition for us to talk about the general specification of the product first before getting through to the Canon EOS-60D Manual. And talking about specification, there will be so many impressive features in this Canon DSLR camera.

These are the feature that will support the camera in making such as good quality of photos. So, getting down into the business, the here is the specification of Canon EOS-60D.

Canon EOS-60D Outside Look

DSLR technology has been developed from time to time. And as one of the trusted DSLR providers, Canon always does emendation on their newest products. This step is taken as a response to the market’s need. Canon EOS 60D is the better version of its predecessors, the EOS 50D.

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Different from the previous products, EOS 60D is made of plastic on its case. Then, it is covered with elastic material like rubber to make it hand-grip. By having that material, this product is lighter and more comfortable to bring everywhere. The overall design is about 14.5 x 10.6 x 7.9 inches with the weight just about 0.26 kilograms.

Canon EOS-60D Specification

Canon EOS-60D Manual..

Talking further about this camera, it comes with new features and software for better performance. 60D is bundled by 18.0 megapixels camera that will capture images in high resolution quality.

While in the storage, you are allowed to choose the memory card type between, SD, SDHC, or SDXC. Lithium-Ion brand is believed as the source of energy for EOS 60D.

Reviewing the images result will be more pleasuring with its 3 inches LCD screen that support Live View feature. It means that you are allowed to make live review on what you are capturing. Moreover, the screen consists of more than one million of dots to bring high quality images.

As mentioned above, Live View becomes one of the prime features in this product. It helps you a lot in make a real-time review through your LCD screen. Other promising features are HD Recording, Image Stabilization, and Wide Angle also completing the superiority of EOS 60D.

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As its name, Image Stabilization will make the images stable to prevent from unwanted blur. Wide Angle feature in this camera will allow you to capture precious moments even if they are on difficult angle.

The maximum images produced by EOS 60D is on the resolution of 5184 x 3456. Moreover, MOV will be the video format with 1920 x 1080 resolutions. ISO 100 to 3200

Further, to give you a better look toward this camera, here we have embed the video tutorial about operating Canon EOS-60D by Canon USA, the official account of Canon USA in Youtube.

So, whenever you want to see the product in real, please refer to the below video. And for your information, since this video is released by the official account of the company, so we can bet that the information here is valid and reliable.

Canon EOS-60D Impression and Price

Before, getting through to the Canon EOS-60D Manual , we will show you the photography expert impression toward this product. Enche Tjin, a professional photographer said on his blog

Based on his statement, to capture moving objects, Canon EOS 60D works very well since the autofocus moves faster. Moreover if it is set with USM supported lens, it will produce marvellous images.

So, stop reading now; it is time for you to create your own story with Canon EOS 60D. And to own this product, there will be a little higher fee needed.   

It is around 798 USD, such a worth price compared to the specification it has. But, the price might be different for each shop in a different area depending on the distribution, and other kinds of factor.

Canon EOS-60D Manual Guide

Canon EOS-60D Manual

As stated before, with the complex feature this camera has, user will definitely needs the Canon EOS-60D manual.

From this manual, there will be a lot of information obtained, especially about specification, operation, parts, and function. These are the kinds of information that is really needed for understanding and mastering this camera.

So, for you who are interested to understand more about this product, below we have provided the Canon EOS-60D Manual. The Canon EOS-60D Manual is provided in PDF.

So, when you are about to access it, you can download the PDF reader such as Adobe reader. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab the Canon EOS-60D Manual below and master the camera.

Download EOS 60D User Guide / Manual

That’s the Canon EOS-60D Manual we’ve promised you since the very first place. We hope that this manual can be useful and informative for you to understand this Canon product.

Because however, through the manual, there will be a lot of information to obtain. And if you think this article is valuable as a reference, it will be so appreciated if you are willing to share it. So, the information will be spread in the wider range of area. Thank you.