Canon EOS-70D Manual User Guide

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Canon EOS-70D Manual User Guide

The aim of this article is to provide the Canon EOS-70D Manual. This is a manual that specialized for Canon EOS-70D product.

As a high-end camera product from Japanese well-known camera manufacturer, Canon EOS-70D must have a high complexity of features.

And to operate them maximally, users need to know the basic understanding of this camera. And to do this, Canon EOS-70D Manual will be one of the best ways to take.

From this manual, there will be a lot of information obtained. So, how important this Canon EOS-70D Manual? Here is the explanation.

An Introduction to Canon EOS-70D Manual

No one could deny that digital camera plays crucial thing in human life. It is not only the kit for capturing valuable moments, but also be a tool for photography business. There are many brands of digital camera that should be on your wish list, including Canon.

EOS-70D is one of Canon’s products to be noticed. And as it is stated before, Canon EOS-70D Manual is an important thing as the complement of this Canon camera product.

Read more about the manufacturer, Canon Inc. in this wiki page.

From this manual, users will be able to know the basic information about the cameras the starter in operating it. But, before we go further into the Canon EOS-70D Manual, we will talk about the Canon EOS-70D manual first. What makes us decided to do this way, is that by knowing the specification, it will be easier for you to have a clearer view about this product. So, here it is, the Canon EOS-70D specification.

Canon EOS-70D Overall Look

Talking about look, Canon EOS-70D overall look is the reflection of greatness. Having the overall case 139 x 104 x 79 millimetres, the body of EOS-70D is build in aerodynamic style. With this dimension, you will find this camera is easy to handle, so capturing image will be easy, even when you do it in an extreme position.

Therefore, many people think that this gadget is going to be your “true” friend in your travelling life everywhere and every time due to its supportive shape and its lighter weight (765 grams).

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Canon EOS-70D Manual User Guide..

Further, just like its predecessor, 70D has 3.0 inches LCD screen that already completed with the new generation of Live View feature. The perfect combination of Dual Pixel CMOS brings faster and precise Live View than ever. More interestingly, the LCD Screen can be used in various angles for helping you to capture objects even in difficult area.

Give it a try and you will be “wowed” by its sensitive touch. For video recording, EOS-70D is one of the best choices by its built-in 1/8 microphone, HDMI Mini, and USB 2.0 to transfer the data.

Canon EOS-70D Specification

Talking further about specification, this product comes with 20.2 megapixels camera resolution. And based on the Canon EOS-70D manual, it is also supported by the application of CMOS AF System that will make every single image clearer, and purer.

It seems like to prove the claim that CMOS technology is also well-known in resulting accurate focus. While in the power source, the use of LP-E6 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery 1800 mAh will accompany you to hunt more photos.

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Moreover, the DIGIC 5+ is also working very well as the image processor. It is the upgrade from DIGIC 5, so it shows better performance.  EOS-70D also supports Wi-Fi for transferring images from your camera device to other devices such as laptop, personal computer, android, and many more. This Wi-Fi will allow you to show the captured image in real-time. Just imagine what this technology could do to help you save the internal storage.

And to give you the clearer view of this camera product, here we embed a Youtube videao about Canon EOS-70D product hightlight. This video comes from Canon USA, the official account of Canon USA on youtube. Therefore, the information in this video can be a valuable reference in understanding this camera product.

Canon EOS-70D Impression and Price

Canon EOS-70D Manual User Guide.

Account Gedyk04 shares his opinion about EOS-70D in He said that this product has replaced his choice to his older camera, and buying this product is his fantastic choice.

Firstly, he stuck in a 70-200 L series Lens on and did some outdoor portrait with this camera. And he found that the colours were simply beautiful all way found. The Wi-Fi connectivity is also just fantastic.

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Overall, he loves this camera, especially when the battery is great. So, based on hyis opinion about this product, we can conclude that this camera is really recommended for professional or newbie. Further talking about price, this camera with Canon EOS-70D Manual inside can be afforded by 1299 USD, such a worth price for a high level of product with high functionality.

Canon EOS-70D Manual

That’s all of the information related to this amazing product from Canon. And now, we are going to talk about the Canon EOS-70D manual. This is a manual book that contains a lot of information related to this Canon camera product.

Some information such as specification, operation, parts, and function will be provided in order to provide user ease in understanding this brilliant image maker. The Canon EOS-70D manual below is provided in PDF. So, if you want to access it, you need to download the PDF reader software first. And here is the Canon EOS-70D manual.

Download EOS 70D manual

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