Canon EOS-80D Manual User Guide

Canon EOS-80D Manual User Guide..

In this writing, our main concern will be the Canon EOS-80D Manual. This is a manual from one of the products made by Japanese well-known camera manufacturer, Canon.

This manual book also seems to be so important for all users of this camera, especially for the new ones. Mostly, this thing is due to the functionality of this camera in storing information about this camera product, the basic and the essential ones.

Therefore, when users are about to take a reference in understanding their Canon EOS-80D camera, this Canon EOS-80D Manual will be the best thing to start.

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The Introduction to Canon EOS-80D Manual

As a product from Japanese well-known camera manufacturer, Canon EOS 80D is amazing. From the Canon EOS 80D manual, we will be able to understand that the insider of this camera product is really not a joke. But, before getting down to the manual, there’s something we need to discuss first.

This state has been absolutely clear to discuss about the specification of a product first before jumping in to the manual. Therefore, now we are going to talk about the specification of this Canon camera first before talking about the Canon EOS 80D manual. So, here it is the specification of Canon-EOS 80D.

Canon EOS-80D Overall Look

Photography is becoming one of the most popular hobbies for most people especially in young generation. This hobby needs camera device which is able to put the objects into frames. Many camera manufacturers see this trend and develop their products to fulfill consumer needs.

The Japanese digital camera manufacturer, Canon, is also taking a part in this competition. And with its various products that offered in the market, it will be easy to find Canon’s products around you.

Canon EOS-80D Manual User Guide.

About its look, we bet no one would reject to adore its futuristic design with the dimension of 139 x 105 x 78.5 milimetres. This dimension is relatively big compared to the other camera product in the market. But, if we look closer to the specification inside, we wouldn’t be able to reject it. On the other hand, behind the bigger dimension it has, this camera has a relatively lighter weight.

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Further, to give you a better view toward this product, here we embed the introduction video of Canon EOS-80-D. This video was released by Canon USA, the official account of Canon USA. And since this comes from an official account, we can bet that the information here is reliable. Here is the video.

Further, with the body of perfect combination of magnesium alloy and polycarbonate, you won’t find the same similar product with weight only about 730 grams.

Moreover, based on the Canon EOS-80D Manual, the articulating touch LCD with 1.040.000 dots it has will also give you new experience in doing the review on taken objects. More interestingly, the LCD Screen also supports Clear View LCD in bringing the images as real as possible through the screen.

Canon EOS-80D Specification

Canon EOS-80D comes as the successor of its predecessor, EOS 70D. The use of 24.2 megapixels camera proves that this product is way better than 20.2 megapixels camera in 70D. This sensor will result on the brightly clear image it produces.  Further, this Canon EOS-80D is also supported by APS-C CMOS sensor. This software works very well with Dual Pixel from Canon in bringing more accurate phase detection and autofocus.

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In addition, based on the Canon EOS-80D manual, you can use EOS-80D in almost all weather type since the body is designed in weather-resistant. For those who like to make documentary movie, selecting this camera product will be a wise decision.

You are going to be amazed by its 1080/60p video result. Another way to enjoy the detail object is by utilizing its 7 frames per second with auto focus feature. You won’t miss any single important thing in certain event by this product.

Canon EOS-80D Impression and Its Price

Canon EOS-80D Manual User Guide

There are various impressions of using this camera product. But, most of them are positive. For example is a comment from account Cihangir Gzey on

This account said that Canon EOS-80D has made a big improvement from its predecessor. The video shooting capability of this camera is amazing.

Further, if you are interested to this brand new product from Canon, you can afford this camera by paying 1200 USD or about 16.000.000 IDR. Seeing the complexity of the feature and high functionality of this camera, we think that this is the worth price to spend.

Canon EOS-80D Manual Information

As stated before, the aim of this article is to provide users Canon EOS-80D Manual. This is a manual that will be so much useful in helping users understanding the basic operation and function of this camera.

With this manual, you will be able to get the information regarding t the Canon EOS-80D product such as its specification, operation, camera parts, functions, etc. This manual will be presented in PDF. So, whenever you want to access this Canon EOS-80D Manual, it is better for you to download the PDF reader such as Adobe reader first.

Download EOS 80D Manual

That’s all of the information regarding to Canon EOS-80D Manual that we need to share. We hope this information will be contributively useful for you in updating your understanding of the new trend.

And if you think this article informative and could bring good to others, you can share in your page, and that would be appreciable. Our last words, keep reading, keep updating. Thank you.