Canon EOS A2-A2E Manual User Guide

Canon EOS A2-A2E Manual User Guide,

This is an article that is aimed to provide the Canon EOS A2-A2E Manual. As we all know, that the product can’t be separated from its manual.

From the manual, they will be able to know the basic information about the product.

So, to understand the Canon EOS A2-A2E camera, obviously we need to learn what are stated in the Canon EOS A2-A2E Manual.

That’s why this manual is so important, especially for the Canon EOS A2-A2E camera users.

The Introduction to Canon EOS A2-A2E Manual

For you who have following this site for a long time, you must understand the first thing to discuss. As usual, we always put the specification of a product first before talking further about the manual.

Therefore, at this time, we will talk about this Canon camera specification and then move into the Canon EOS A2-A2E Manual. So, let’s get down to the business. Here it is, the Canon EOS A2-A2E manual.

Canon EOS A2-A2E Look

Looking for old Canon products? Canon EOS A2 should be on your wish list then. EOS A2 is also well known as EOS 5 or EOS A2E. This product is purposed for semi-professional usage in which it is bundled by 35 mm SLR camera film. This product is started to be sold in 1992 and was replaced by the next model, Canon EOS 3, in 1993. As past camera, EOS A2 has superiority even it cannot be compared to nowadays’ technology.

Canon EOS A2-A2E Manual User Guide.

With the case dimension of 154 x 121 x 74 mm, this Canon’s camera looks so stylish. You will be amazed on how it is hand-grip and help your activities with it.

Moreover, it is supported by its light weight (for about 675 grams) that is quite practical to bring everywhere and every time. Those two advantages make EOS A2 worthy to be stated as user-friendly.

For those who love to take candid on certain object, the AF mode brings three frames per second. Once again, you shouldn’t have to compare this product to the newest technologies.

Canon EOS A2-A2E Specification

Custom Function 4 feature of this camera will allow you to move autofocus easily. Based on the Canon EOS A2-A2E manual, the EOS A2 also helps you to manage the autofocus in order to create amazing images. Further, this product also results on the amazing image with the size of 24 x 36 mm.

And the viewfinder is made of fixed eye-level pentraprism with 0.73x zoom. You are going to get as real as possible the object through EOS A2 because it scopes 94% horizontal and 92% vertical coverage.

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Further, to support capturing activity in low light area, you are able to use built-in flash located on the top of the camera. You are also capable of activating Full Auto and Programmed Image Control to activate the flash automatically based on the brightness of the environment.

While in the power source, a 6 V 2CR5 Lithium battery is believed as the main source in EOS A2. These features might look a little bit old fashioned. But, at that time, they were considered as highly sophisticated.

Canon EOS A2-A2E Impression and Price

Canon EOS A2-A2E Manual User Guide

On August 9th, 1997, John A. Klein stated on that he had used an A2 for 3,5 years in some of the harshest conditions imaginable. And he still gives this product an A+.

He had an F4, which he found to be inadequate in many areas for my needs. He shot a lot of EMS and fire scenes and the A2’s ability to hold focus is amazing, as is the eye-controlled focusing system and the flash head IR assist.

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He also had dropped mine at least 4 times and the camera still performed flawlessly. It’s going to take some very strong features on the newest Canon to drag me away from my trusty A2. Lastly, talking about price, based on, the price for new item of Canon EOS A2 User Manual is 300 USD. The price might be different in other websites.

Canon EOS A2-A2E Manual

With all the specifications above, it will be a little bit complicated to operate the Canon EOS A2-A2E product. This is when we need the Canon EOS A2-A2E manual. In this manual, we will find essential information related to this camera product. Some information such as specification, operation, features, basic function, all of them are provided in this Canon EOS A2-A2E manual.

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Therefore, for you who want to improve your understanding toward this product, the Canon EOS A2-A2E manual below can be a valuable reference. This manual will be provided in PDF for an easier access. So, for you who are about to use this manual, you better to download the PDF reader software such as Adobe Reader.

Download EOS A2-A2E Manual

That’s all of the information we need to share regarding to the Canon EOS A2-A2E manual. With this update, we hope we could give you valuable reference in understanding this Canon EOS A2-A2E product. And if you find this article is useful, you may share this article to your personal page. So, that we will be able to spread this information to the wider range of audience.


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