Canon EOS-D30 Manual User Guide

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Canon EOS-D30 Manual User Guide

Whenever you want to look for Canon EOS-D30 Manual, this page will definitely be the best place to visit. At the end of this page, you will find this manual posted in PDF.

So, you can use it as a reference in understanding and operating your Canon EOS-D30 camera. Further, remembering that a digital camera product usually has quite complex operation, we think that providing the manual will be much useful.

So, for you the user of Canon EOS-D30, especially for the new ones, the Canon EOS-D30 Manual below will be so much valuable in understanding this product deeper.

Canon EOS-D30 Manual Introduction

As it is always stated before, a product can’t be separated from its manual. The manual is the bridge between users and the product itself. With the manual, user will be able to understand the basic information about the product. That’s why many people consider that manual is one of the important parts of a product, especially digital camera product.

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But, before getting down to the Canon EOS-D30 Manual, there’s another thing to discuss. It is about this camera’s specification. As an advance product from a well-known camera manufacturer, this Canon EOS-D30 has a high level of specification that is interesting to discuss. So, for you who are want to know better about this product, please refer to the following specification.

Canon EOS-D30 Overall Look

Canon EOS-D30 Manual User Guide,

Canon EOS-D30 is the successor of D20. Seeing this product, you will be amazed on how Canon EOS-D30 shows futuristic design with its 5.7 x 2.9 x 4.2 inches dimension.

It also belongs to practical gadget with its 1.54 lb weight. With this kind of dimension, this Canon camera product will be perfect to be brought during trip.

Further, to support its functionality, Proprietary Lithium is set as the energy source for this Canon’s type. For every full-charging, it has the ability to capture 100 images. Moreover, the present of 2.5 inches LCD Screen results the capture in real time. The result will be quite realistic as the real object by its 230.000 dots.

Canon EOS-D30 Specification

Based on the Canon EOS-D30 Manual. this camera is already completed with optical viewfinder that is really helping you in drawing bead on certain object. This product is also bundled with 8.5 megapixel camera resolution. With this camera level, you will be able to capture images in the maximum image resolution of 3504 x 2336.

At the same time, the minimum image resolution will be 1728 x 1152 with 0.6 megabyte size. The maximum resolution results 8.7 megabyte size of file. It is about 15 images in 128 megabyte. To get perfect blur, this product serves two kinds of focus mode; manual focus and autofocus. This feature allows you to manage the focus level based on your desire.

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As we see in the Canon EOS-D30 Manual, CMOS technology in it shows very well performance in as the image sensor. It supports to snap images even in the low light by its built-in flash. Canon EOS-D30 gives amazing result in taking quite fast-moving object since it is able to capture 5 fps (frame per second). In order to support the data transfer, you can use USB 2.0 which is built in over the body.

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EOS-D30 has an outstanding software named EOS Utility Version 1.0. This software upgrades and integrates EOS Capture and Camera Window to involve the communication to the camera. It also acts as the gateway for you to download pictures to computer, shoot images remotely, adjust camera setting, and review the images you while you shot.

Canon EOS-D30 Impression and Price

Canon EOS-D30 Manual User Guide.

An account named “dprived prev” states his impression of using this camera.

He said that his friend still uses 2 x D30 bodies plus a couple of top of the class Canon lenses for professional sports and wedding work.

And he is quite happy with the camera too. Probably he will go on usingithis camera till the day the camera die.

While for the price, Canon EOS-D30 is available by 1.200 euro in some of online markets.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab this product and be a part of Canon’s family.

Canon EOS-D30 Manual

As it is stated before, the aim of this article is to provide the Canon EOS-D30 Manual. So, in below, you will find the link to download it. This is a manual that will provide you all the things you need to understand this Canon camera product. From here, you will be able to find a lot of information such as specification, operation, camera parts, function, and others. The Canon EOS-D30 Manual will be provided in PDF. So, if you haven’t have PDF reader software, you better to download it first.

Download EOS D30 Manual

That’s all we need to share regarding to the Canon EOS-D30 Manual. We hope this information will be useful, and can increase your understanding in operating this Canon EOS-D30 camera product. And if you think this article is useful, you may share it in your page so that the information here can be spread to the wider range of audience.


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