Canon EOS-D60 Manual User Guide

Canon EOS-D60 Manual User Guide.

For users, especially the new ones, product manual will be something terribly important. From this manual, they can understand deeper about this product.

They can also simply obtain a lot of essential information regarding to the product such as specification, operation, parts, and function. Therefore, if you are trying to master a certain product, going further on its manual will be the best choice to take.

This is also what motivates us to provide the Canon EOS-D60 Manual in the first place. With this manual, hopefully we could help user in understanding the Canon EOS-D60 camera product.

Canon EOS-D60 Manual Introduction

We understand that this camera is not a new product by Japanese camera manufacturer, Canon. And there’s always a possibility that some users might lose their Canon EOS-D60 Manual. So, we think it will be better to provide the Canon EOS-D60 Manual here in this page.

With this manual, we hope it can be helpful for you in understanding this product. So, for you who are about to know this Canon EOS-D60 camera product deeper, you better to check the Canon EOS-D60 Manual below.

Canon EOS-D60 Overall Look

Canon EOS-D60 Manual User Guide

But, before getting down to the Canon EOS-D60 Manual, we’d like to talk about other interesting thing, the specification of Canon EOS-D60.

Based on the Canon EOS-D60 Manual, the specification of this camera is quite superior. And if you want to know more about this specification, Overall look will be the best thing to start the topic.

Launched on the beginning of 2002, Canon EOS-D60 is hoped to be one of the frontrunners of Canon’s camera. This product is produced as digital single lens reflex or well known as DSLR. With such a delighted taste of style, it will be such a pride of having stylish digital camera product since you can show it everywhere and every time. EOS-D60 fulfill that requirement by its 150 x 107 x 75 mm or about 6.0 x 4.4 x 2.9 inches.

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Moreover, it is supported by light weight of the overall item, approximately 780 grams. The 1.8 inches LCD screen is built-in over the camera to make review on the taken images. It shows satisfying reviews by its TFT liquid-crystal monitor technology. Besides, you are allowed to use eye-level pentaprism viewfinder hardware on the upper side of the product.

Canon EOS-D60 Specification

Canon EOS-D60 Manual User Guide,

As it is stated in the Canon EOS-D60 Manual, the specification of Canon EOS-D60 is away from the impression of disappointment. With 6.3 megapixels, the result of the images will be more than amazing.

The lens is interchangeable, so you are able to select the most suitable lens based on your needs. To detect object precisely, CMOS 22.7 x 15.1 mm is set into D60.

The combination of CMOS technology and 6.3 camera resolution will bring maximum image dimension of 3.072 x 2.048. This product works very well in substituting EPS D30 and EOS 10D.

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Further, to emphasize the information about specification, we have embed a video about this camera. This video comes from DigitalRev TV, an official account of DigitalRev. This is an experienced account that specialized on reviewing the digital camera product. So, we can bet on the information reliability of this video.

There is much betterment in D60 as quoted in PMA such as better low light images, shorter shutter release lag, noise reduction, etc. The sensitivity level in this product is decreased from its predecessor, D30 from ISO 1600 to ISO 1000. This ISO level will keep the image quality from blur.

Now you can manage the parameter setting like sharpness, colour tone, contrast, and saturation live from your camera. Canon gives special attention on this product by so many improvements in the colour technology. It is purposed to get maximum images quality.

Canon EOS-D60 Price

As mentioned above, Canon EOS-D60 is designed in special way. Kamatsuzaki, The Executive Vice President of Canon Consumer Imaging stated that Canon’s long-term investment in CMOS chip technology has really paid off.

As a technology leader Canon pioneered CMOS sensors which are unique in providing high image quality at low production costs, making the EOS-D60 an extremely attractive proposition to the advanced amateur photographer.

Then, talking about price, there is nothing to worry of choosing Canon’s products since this company has been trusted from very long time ago. And for this camera with all of its sophisticated features, you can afford it with 1.999 USD.

Canon EOS-D60 Manual

As stated before, the aim of this article is to provide Canon EOS-D60 Manual. So, let’s find the manual in below link. This is the manual that will definitely be useful for you since it has a lot of information inside. With this Canon EOS-D60 Manual, you will be able to find out the specification, operation, camera parts, features, functions, and others.

Therefore, if you want to know this camera product deeper, please refer to the following Canon EOS-D60 Manual. This manual will be provided in PDF. So, before downloading this manual, we advise you to download the PDF reader software first.

Download EOS D60 Manual

That’s all of the information regarding to the Canon EOS-D60 Manual that we need to share. Any idea, thought, or question about this particle as well as this product, you may put your opinion in the comment session below.

And if you find this manual is useful, you may share this article in your page so the information here can be spread wider. Lastly, we thank you for reading this article. Keep up-to-date  with

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