Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E Manual User Guide

Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E Manual

We see that Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E Manual is really important for the users, especially for the new ones. That’s why we aimed to provide it in the first place.

By providing the Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E Manual, we hope that we can help users to solve their issues toward this camera product. And not only for users, we also specify this Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E Manual for anyone else who want to know this camera product deeper.

So, if you are about to learn about this amazing product from one Japanese well-known camera manufacturer, the Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E Manual below must be the best media to do this.

Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E Manual Introduction

As it is always stated in our previous article, a product can’t be separated from its manual. That’s why the Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E Manual matters so much. This manual can be used as an anticipation whenever user faces both major and minor issues related to their Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E product.

With the information inside, we believe that the Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E Manual will be helpful for user. Further, before getting down to the manual, firstly we would like to talk about the specification of this product first. So, lets start with the appearance of this camera product.

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Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E Overall Look

Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E Manual.

Everything has to be changed in following the world development, including digital camera. Nowadays, there are many corporations take a serious step in developing their product.

Canon comes as one of the most trusted digital camera providers which have the main base in Japan. On 2000, Canon released one of their frontrunner named EOS ELAN 7. For your information, this product is another name of EOS 33 in North America.

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For those who are willing to look for camera with film, choosing this product is a wise idea, especially when the look of this camera is totally eye-catching at that time. As it is stated in the Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E manual, it seems like Canon is not only taking serious part in the technology, but they give special thing on the camera outlook. The design of the case is very stylish with its 146.7 x 103 x 69 millimetres body dimension. At the same time, the overall body weight is just about 580 grams (battery is not included).

Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E Specification

Based on the Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E manual below, this product is made of Canon EF lens mount with TTL Phase Detection Autofocus (7 zones) technology. You don’t have to afraid of taking pictures on the low light condition since it is built in flash. Although it belongs to past product, you cannot underestimate its ability. You are going to be amazed on how it captures 4 frames per second.

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Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E Manual..

There are also so many features you can find in EOS ELAN 7/7E User Manual. Autofocus Lock will keep the focus on certain object from getting alteration. Auto-exposure Lock allows you to lock the light level while capturing the image.

You also have the ability to take various images mode such as full auto, panoramic, sports, portrait, and night.

Now you can explore much longer with EOS ELAN 7 by its Lithium 2x CR123A which has the ability as well as four AA batteries. Completing the superiority of this camera, there is a feature named Vertical Grip. It helps you a lot in taking picture in portrait since the shutter button is still on the upper part of the camera.

Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E Impression and Price

An account named “sbitton” shares his opinion on March 17, 2005 through He stated that this camera is well built, more functionalities than any advanced amateur will ever need, light and small enough to carry around.

Moreover, an account “Lthlwpn1979” also said that EOS ELAN 7 has solid construction and sleek look, super quiet shutter and rewind, eye-controlling focusing, mirror lockup, and wireless remote. Further, talking about price, the secondhand product of this camera is sold with the price around 150 USD.

Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E Manual

As it is always stated before, the aim of this article is to provide the Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E manual. The only motivation to provide it is to help you understand more about this product. Therefore, you can operate this camera better.

And then, what will be obtained in the Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E manual? Obviously, it is the information about Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E. Something like specification, operation, parts, and function will be perfectly provided here. The manual will be offered in PDF version. Therefore, before using it, you better to download the PDF reader application such as Adobe reader first.

Download EOS ELAN 7 and 7E Manual

That’s all the information we need to share regarding to the Canon EOS ELAN 7 and 7E manual. If you find this manual is helpful, we kindly ask you to share this page so that the information here can be spread wider. And if you have any thought about this, putting your comment in the comment session below will be so much appreciated.


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