Bring it Back! The Canon EOS ELAN II and IIE Manual For User Guidance

Below, we provide the Canon EOS ELAN II and IIE Manual. This is the manual that will be useful for both users and enthusiast. And to bring you ease in accessing it, we have provided the table of content for this article. So, if you want to directly access the certain part of this article, just simply click the table of content below.

The Introduction of Canon EOS ELAN II and IIE Manual

Bring it Back! The Canon EOS ELAN II and IIE Manual For User Guidance,

Manual book is something important for a product, especially for a camera product. With this manual book, user will be able to understand the basic principle of the camera.

Therefore, they can operate it better than when they know nothing about their product. Other than that, manual is not only important for the users.

But, it will be helpful for the one who wants to know the product better due to the rich information of the manual. This is why we decided to provide Canon EOS ELAN II and IIE Manual in the first place. With this manual, we hope that we can educate people better about this old camera product.

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Canon EOS ELAN II and IIE Overall Look

It is always interesting to talk about the specification of a product first before getting down to the Canon EOS ELAN II and IIE Manual. And to start this discussion, the overall look of this product will be the nice thing to begin. On September 1995, Canon officially announced their newest product called EOS ELAN II. This model is also known as EOS 55 in the Japanese market. While for the EOS ELAN II brand, it is only used for American marketing only.

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Technically, it is an analog digital camera with Canon EF mount and Canon EF lenses. And from the photos in Canon EOS ELAN II and IIE Manual, we can see that EOS ELAN II comes with plastic as the case material. Plastic might not a best material to use due to its un-elegance and un-classy appearance. But on the other hand, it is also affect on the highly reduced weight.

For example, the use of plastic material in this camera makes it lighter than magnesium alloy in the common case of Canon’s products. But in fact, the overall case of this camera is looking gorgeous with its 152.5 x 104.5 x 71 milimetres dimension. It is also supported by 590 grams weight with battery not included. And apparently, it is such a big pride for Canon of having this stylish look of plastic-material camera.

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Specification of Canon EOS ELAN II and IIE

Bring it Back! The Canon EOS ELAN II and IIE Manual For User Guidance.

To support all of the features in it, this camera uses a sufficient energy source. It is 2CR5 Lithium Batteries which will work very well in supplying the power to flash and body.

It is possible for you to change the battery type in case it is difficult for you to find the original one.

For your information, four AA Alkaline Batteries are equal to one 2CR5 Lithium Battery.

More interestingly, even if it is classified as the old product, it already completed with the power indicator in the LCD screen.

But, you need to measure that the Command Dial of it in unlocked condition.

Further, EOS ELAN II has a special feature named Date and Time Imprinting. It is located on the back part of the camera and made of liquid-crystal display. As its name, this feature allows you to see the calendar and date in digital performance.

It works very well in minimum degree of 20 degree Celsius. Remote control feature gives you the opportunity to take picture in certain distance. It really helps you in taking the family frame with EOS ELAN II. Moreover, to bring ease for the customer, Canon has made the film of this camera is able to load automatically. It is such a great technology found in 1995.

Canon EOS ELAN II and IIE Impression and  Price

Bring it Back! The Canon EOS ELAN II and IIE Manual For User Guidance

The account named Pavel 1489 shares his opinion about EOS ELAN II at on November 16, 2005.

He said that she loves this camera, because she mainly takes sports shots and action sequence shots for skateboarding and BMX.

She also thinks that the shutter speed can be set so high that all most all his pictures have turned out crisp and clear.

She adds that it is also really easy for beginners because the automatic setting makes it a fast, easy, and good picture.

While for the price, in , EOS ELAN II second-hand is available at 100 USD.

Canon EOS ELAN II and IIE Manual

It is already stated before that the aim of bringing this article into the surface is to provide Canon EOS ELAN II and IIE Manual. With this manual, we hope user can be helped when they are facing both major and minor issues happen to their Canon EOS ELAN II and IIE camera.

This manual will be provided in PDF. Therefore, before downloading it, we advise you to download the PDF reader software such as Adobe reader first. So accessing this file after the download process is completed will be easy.

Download EOS ELAN II and IIE Manual

That’s all of the information about Canon EOS ELAN II and IIE Manual thet we need to share. We hope that this information can be helpful for you in understanding this camera product better, so that operating it will not be difficult.

Further, if you find that this information is useful, you may share it to your own personal page. And lastly, if you have any other idea about this product, the comment session below will welcome whatever your thoughts are.


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