Canon EOS IX Lite Manual, a Manual for Canon Solid Camera Product

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Canon EOS IX Lite Manual Introduction

Canon EOS IX Lite Manual, a Manual for Canon Solid Camera Product,

When we talk about well-known camera manufacturer with high quality product, Canon must be on the list.

For over years, this Japanese company has been known as the expert in constructing camera.

And this claim is proven by several products it’s been producing. As an example, we can see at one of its product, the Canon EOS IX Lite.

With the long experience the company has in constructing camera product, the quality in this camera is definitely not something questionable. And to help user learn better toward this Lite camera, here we provide the Canon EOS IX Lite manual as reference.

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Canon EOS IX Lite Appearance

It will be awkward to directly jump into the Canon EOS IX Lite Manual. There should be any intro here. So, as an introduction, we think that it will be better if we talk about the specification of this camera first. And to begin this conversation, let’s begin with something obvious.

What is it? What else if it’s not the Canon EOS IX Lite outside look. The body is made in slight outlook by its 4.8 inches width and 3.1 inches heght. It also has 19.05 oz weight which is allow you to bring this camera. Overall, the appearance of this camera is the perfect balance of black and white combination. The materials look solid with simple form.

Canon EOS IX Lite Manual, a Manual for Canon Solid Camera Product

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Uniquely, there are two LCD panels in this product. The first panel is designed for Date Imprint Selections. While the other one, it is purposed to be the LCD Display Information.

In the date Imprint Selection LCD, you will be able to know the date, month, year, and recent time.

And in the LCD display, it shows you the Information battery condition, aperture, flash mode, autofocus mode, frame counter, self time mode, and many more.

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Canon EOS IX Lite Specification

Based on the Canon EOS IX Lite Manual, this product is designed with 22 millimetres lense coverage 22. With this coverage, the lens is able to make an optical zoom up to 2.5 times. You can get perfect focus from the minimal distance of 13.8 inches.

Further, this product needs two bars of CR123A Lithium Batteries to supply the power. To get perfect shots, you are going to need a viewfinder of this product. This hardware is constructed by fixed eye-level pentaprism with 95% field coverage. The laser matter will tell you whether the object is perfectly focused or not.

Speaking about features, there are four main features you might find on EOS IX Lite User Manual. They are AF illuminator, red-eye reduction, autofocus lock and ratio control. AF illuminator allows you to create the amazing autofocus result on the images.

Red-eye reduction means a lot, especially in capturing moments at night. Red-eye is such an annoyment since it will create a rabbit-eye effect. Ratio control feature helps you to find the most suitable size comparasion of the image. In addition, autofocus lock is going to keep the focus of the images and prevent from blurry result.

Impression of Canon EOS IX Lite and its Price

Canon EOS IX Lite Manual, a Manual for Canon Solid Camera Product.

The beginner photographer, Aurivera, from Philippines shares her opinion on January 5, 2002 at She said that the EOS IX Lite has lightweight construction.

Its small size makes it a good travel companion. The APS feature works very well. And this camera is easy to learn and use. There is nothing to be waited to give EOS IX Lite a try.

Get it at In every new product, you will get extra lens cap, body cap, and strap. Further, talking about price, a second-hand of EOS IX Lite is available in 140 USD in a well-known online store. The price might getting lower in another place.

Canon EOS IX Lite Manual

As it is stated before, the aim of this article is to provide the Canon EOS IX Lite Manual. This is the manual that will be a good reference with its rich content. The content covers whole details of the camera. Something like specification, operation, camera parts, instruction, and others are perfectly provided in this manual. The manual will be offered in PDF. So, for you who are about to download it, we advise you to get the PDF reader software such as Adobe reader first.

Downlaod EOS IX Lite Manual

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