Canon EOS Rebel T6s Manual: A Manual of Super Cloned Canon Camera

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The Introduction to Canon EOS Rebel T6s Manual

canon eos rebel t6s manual a manual of super cloned canon camera

Generally speaking, we can’t separate a product, especially electronic product from its manual.

With this manual, people will understand the basic information about the product itself including the operation, specification, instruction, camera parts, and others.

That’s why to understand a product deeper, all you need to do is referencing to the manual itself.

And in the case of Canon camera manual, we have provided the Canon EOS Rebel T6s Manual in below attachment as your reference. With this manual, we hope that we can help you to understand this Canon camera product deeper.

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Canon EOS Rebel T6s Overall Look

Before directly talking about Canon EOS Rebel T6s Manual, firstly, we will talk about the specification of this camera. And to start the discussion, overall look will be the opening of this talking. By design, what EOS Rebel T6s has is not much different with its cloned-model, the Rebel T6i.

But, the body of EOS Rebel T6s is slightly bigger since the presence of second LCD and the mode dial in the left side. But, overall, they are identical. The rubberized body on EOS Rebel T6s accommodates comfort on handling and brings more secure handling.

And the layout as well as the rear LCD must be familiar enough for Rebel-line users. Only in this Canon camera series, this camera comes with touchscreen panel and tilt LCD.

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To view the shooting result, this camera has double LCD (rear and top). The top LCD shows basic information about the shooting. While to ease the handling, mode dial is placed in left so it is easy to reach the dial using left hand. By those features it has, it is not too much to say that this camera is super camera.

Specification of Canon EOS Rebel T6s

Talking about specification, the best reference will be the Canon EOS Rebel T6s Manual. From this manual, we will be able to understand that Canon EOS Rebel T6s can be another option for the one who wants a super camera that has advanced features. And of course, it is not too much to say that Canon EOS Rebel T6s is the true flagship.

canon eos rebel t6s manual a manual of super cloned canon camera

As what is stated before, EOS Rebel T6s is actually the clone from T6i but with more advanced features added. The sensor used in it is exactly the same sensor in EOS Rebel T6i.

This is an impressive 24.2 MP APS-C CMOS censor with Hybrid CMOS AF III focus system that bring quick AF locking even in lie view.

New 7560 pixel RGB+IR for metering sensor is also added here. And fortunately, this censor is way much better than metering sensor in T5i.

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Further, Canon EOS Rebel T6s also has a good ISO range between 100 and 12800. This range can also be expanded to 25600, exactly the same with that of T6i or even T5i. Continuing T6i, Wi-Fi and NFC are also added to accommodate the need of easy sharing.

While for the video recording, EOS Rebel t6s has ability to record 1080/30p video with SERVO AF in live view. This feature is very useful for those who love to record video using LCD. Read more about this camera specification in: Canon T6s Reviews

Moreover, to give you the closer look about this Canon camera product, here we enclosed the video review of it. This is a video by CanonUSA, the official account of Canon USA in Youtube.

Therefore, since this video was made by the manufacturer itself, we can say that the data here might be valid. So, for you who want to look for reference about this Canon camera product, please refer to the following video.

Price of Canon EOS Rebel T6s

canon eos rebel t6s manual a manual of super cloned canon camera

Canon EOS Rebel T6s is priced higher than its clone, Rebel T6i, but with the additional features such as second LCD and mode dial its worth to buy. The presence WiFi and NFC on EOS Rebel T6s bring more comfort for user to share pictures or videos. With the additional features above, it’s really recommended to buy EOS Rebel T6s even with around 850 USD for body only camera.

Canon EOS Rebel T6s Manual

The aim of providing this article is to offer the Canon EOS Rebel T6s Manual. With this manual, you will be helped in operating this camera with the information stored in it. This information covers the way this camera should be operated, the instruction, camera parts, features, and others.

So, for you who want to learn more about it, the Canon EOS Rebel T6s Manual below should be the good thing to start. But, one thing to be noted, the manual will be provided in PDF. Therefore, it will be better for you to download PDF reader software before accessing this file.

Download EOS Rebel T6s Manual

That’s all of the information we need to share regarding to the Canon EOS Rebel T6s Manual. With this information, we hope that we can help you in understanding this Canon camera product better.

Further, if you have any more thoughts about this product, you can put them in the comment session below. And if you think this article is informative, sharing it in your personal page will be much appreciated.


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