Canon EOS RP: an Entry-Level Full Frame Camera with 26MP

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Canon announced latest camera in early 2019. This series is Canon’s second camera that uses RF lenses, that’s called Canon EOS RP. This casera was released right after EOS R. However, there are several basic differences in these two series. The first difference and the obvious one is the auto focus area includes 88 percent of the horizontal sensor space. This is different from the EOS R which is 100 percent full autofocus coverage. This means that the subject at the outermost edge of the frame can not be handled to focus in the same way EOS R does.

The EOS RP is also a smallest and lightest Canon full-frame camera. The dimension is 133x85x70mm and weighs 485g including the battery. Canon designs this series more traditionally with the mode button and without the thumb slider. Furthermore, there is a 2.36 million dot OLED viewfinder with 0.7x magnification. There is one SD slot, and the videographer will be happy to find a hinged 3in touch screen. It is fully articulated in addition to the microphone and headphone jack. Moreover, the next innovative design is the presence of an unusual audio monitor and USB charging.

Canon EOS RP’s Features

The next feature on this camera is Face-tracking with Eye AF. The feature automatically locks the subject’s eyes in single autofocus. Even the original R does not offer it in continuous mode, which is great when shooting moving subjects in front of the lens. The next feature in Canon EOS RP is effective auto focus. This auto focus is very effective with a touch screen. So you only need to drag the focal point around or even pinch to change its size very well for quick adjustments.

Canon EOS RP
Canon EOS RP

The EOS RP has a built-in 2.36 million-point electronic viewfinder feature. In addition this series has a vari-angle touch screen 3.0 inc. This includes the best implementation of touch screen controls from camera makers. EOS RP takes a 26.2MP full-frame sensor. This is similar the previous series, the EOS 6D Mark II. But in the latest series, it is designed to work better with shorter flange distances. The sensors in this series use Dual Pixel CMOS AF for focusing. So it supports continuous shooting at 4fps with focus or 5fps without.

Canon complements this series with Wi-Fi connectivity and Blutooth Low Energy. This is to enable a low-power consumption and constant connection to be maintained between the camera and smart devices for unlimited image transfer.

Video Capability

Video capture is possible up to 4K resolution at 24-25fps with all Canon’s usual controls. In Ultra-HD this camera can cut sensors. Besides, it also gives an overall magnification of the lens. Full HD (1080p) shooting uses a full sensor. Thus, the lens in photos and videos can present the same focal length.

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The Lens

Just like the EOS R, this series also uses RF lenses. This mount has the same throat diameter of 54mm with a Canon EF mount. But it has a shorter spacing of 20mm. Currently there are four RF lenses available: RF 24-105mm f / 4L IS USM, RF 28-70mm f / 2L USM, RF 50mm f / 1.2L USM and RF 35mm f / 1.8 IS STM Macro.

The EOS RP series is almost the same as the previous series, EOS R. This can be seen from the layout of the EOS RP control. The use of this camera is also quite easy. Because the layout is easy to adjust. For those of you, who are used to using DSLR cameras but want to have an entry-level camera. This camera can also be one of the recommendations. Given that you can still use a Canon DSLR lens on this camera (RF lens). So, are you interested in this product from Canon?


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