Canon Powershot A100 Manual, Manual of Unique-Designed Camera with Good Lens

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    1. The Introduction to the Manual
    2. Powershot A100 Manual Overall Look
    3. Technical Specification of Powershot A100
    4. The Powershot A100 Price and Impression
    5. Canon Powershot A100 User Manual Guide

An Introduction to Canon Powershot A100 Manual

Canon Powershot A100 Manual, Manual of Unique-Designed Camera with Good LensOne of the parts that can’t be separated from a product is the manual. With a manual, user will be able to figure out a lot of information related to the product itself.

This is why by using the manual, several major or minor issues will be able to be solved easily.

That’s why we have committed to bring Canon Powershot A100 Manual onto the surface. All of it is done to provide user reference in operating and understanding this product.

Canon Powershot A100 Overall Look

As we know, specification always becomes something important to discuss. And starting this discussion with the talk about look is always fascinating. That’s why we put this topic at first, even before we touch the Canon Powershot A100 Manual itself. And talking about look, it seems like we don’t really need to worry about it. Especially when this product comes from one Japanese highly-considered camera manufacturer, Canon, good look must be something must be obtained.

Canon PowerShot A100 has a good design as a pocket camera. This camera is has a compact dimension of but it still has a sculptured part in the front right side for good for handling. The slim design on Canon PowerShot A100 is nice with its popping flash light.

On the rear side of this Canon PowerShot A100, an LCD is found completed with setting buttons. Scene mode dial, On/Off button and shutter button are placed in a right place in Canon PowerShot A100 leads comfort on fingers.

The Specification of Canon Powershot A100 Camera

Canon Powershot A100 Manual, Manual of Unique-Designed Camera with Good LensCanon has introduced the new line of its pocket camera that has more power to capture various needs. It is the Canon PowerShot A100.

This pocket camera is addressed for those who want more manual control and wider lens compared to the previous one, PowerShot S95.

Based on the Canon PowerShot A100, Canon PowerShot A100, Canon adds many improvements from software to the hardware to make it more competitive in market. Let’s say a new image processor and the increased pixel in its sensor.

The big leap in Canon PowerShot A100 is that Canon has introduced a new line for image processing in this camera, DIGIC 5 with its promising performance offering speed and better noise reduction. This new system is added to accompany the 12.1 MP CMOS sensor on this Canon PowerShot A100 for better and clearer picture. The ISO range wide from 8—6400 with f2.0 in aperture.

Further, based on the Canon PowerShot A100 manual, optical zoom is also available in Canon PowerShot A100. Further,m this feature is also completed with the ability in zooming in video recording with 1080 FHD maximum in H. 264. Or, you can also choose MOV format with optical zoom ability.

Moreover, a slow mode movie is also available on Canon PowerShot A100. For those who love to use burst shot it has one with 2.3 fps. GPS and geo tagging are also available for on it.

The Price and Impression of Canon PowerShot A100 Camera

Canon Powershot A100 Manual, Manual of Unique-Designed Camera with Good LensPriced in range of $450, Canon PowerShot A100 has what we expect from a pocket camera.

It is powerful with ability in its manual control with latest DIGIC 5 image processor.

Moreover, the ability of FHD 1080 P video recording in this device is a good consideration.

Compared to the previous line of Canon’s digital camera, PowerShot A100 has better strength to capture and record every moment you have. Overall, this camera is a recommended pocket camera in the market.

Canon PowerShot A100 Manual User Guide

As it is promised before, the aim of this article is to provide Canon PowerShot A100 manual. This is manual that can be used as reference in understanding and operating this camera product. And for you who are interested to the Canon PowerShot A100, and looking for information related to it, this camera will be the best source.

Here, you will find a lot of information related to this camera such as operation, spare parts, function, and others. The manual will be provided in PDF. So, for you who are about to accessing it, it will be better if you download the PDF reader first.

Download (PDF, 1.62MB)

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