EOS M3: Canon’s Still In Demand Mirroless

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Canon EOS M3 is the third Eos generation mirrorless from Canon. Until now, the camera that was released in 2015 is still in demand. This camera was released to answer the scathing criticism shown to Canon. The EOS M3 was become the king in the mirrorless class. This is because this camera has a technology almost the same as a DSLR. What kind of technology does the Canon EOS M3 have? Can this camera still be recomendation in 2019? Especially because the latest of EOS series that have been released.

Canon EOS M3 Specification

The body of this camera is made of stainless and magnesium alloy, even though the finishing seems less premium. However, this series has good specifications. It weighs around 336 grams, 580 grams when the 18-55mm kit lens is installed. The EOS M3 has a grip that useful and comfortable to hold. Grips are important for balance, especially when using a long telephoto lens. Or sometimes, when installing a Canon EF lens (DSLR lens) with an adapter.

The LCD screen can be folded up or down. So, make it easy to take selfie or shooting pictures from low angle. The Canon EOS M3 also has a hotshoe, which can be installed flash or optional electronic viewfinder. There is touchscreen feature that makes it easy to change settings or select the focus area. And also, there are two control wheels to change settings quickly.

Mandatory buttons are also available and placed in a position that easily accessible. There is also an exposure compensation wheel at the top of the camera. That is very helpful when using semi automatic mode (Av, Tv, P).


The EOS M3 has an APS-C sensor with a 1.6X factor. This is equivalent to most DSLR cameras. While for autofocus around 1-1.5 seconds to be 0.1-0.3 seconds depending on light conditions. This series AF system is equipped with face detection which is quite reliable. While for photo resolution, where the EOS M3 reaches 24MP.

Based on Imagine Resource,  this camera the new AF system. This series also provides a jump in sensor resolution over the older 18-megapixel sensor housed in the M series. The M3, presumably, uses the same sensor as the new T6s and T6i and offers a sizable boost to 24.2 megapixels. The new APS-sized chip is the highest resolution image sensor of this size that Canon has ever offered. Canon EOS M3 also shares the same ISO range of 100-12,800 (with an extended high of 25,600). For video recording, the ISO is maximum of 6400.

Canon EOS M3

The Lens

Kit lenses are Canon EF-M 18-55mm f / 3.5-5.6 IS. This lens is compact but the casing is made of metal and has manual zoom, not power zoom that is driven by an electronic motor like most other mirrorless cameras. Although relatively larger, zooming can be faster and not too wasteful to the batteries.

External Mic Jack

In addition, the EOS M3 is the cheapest mirrorless that has a jack for external microphones. This feature is really beneficial, because we know for yourself the quality of the camera’s default mic is very standard especially when used for outdoor, the sound of the wind goes all in. With this plug, we can install favorite mics like RHODE or something else.

Canon EOS M3 VS EOS M10

EOS M10 is the latest EOS series. In terms of the second design, these two EOSs are not much different. The EOS M10 is priced at a cheaper price than its predecessor. Then what is the age of each of these EOS?

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Canon EOS M3’s Pros Compared to M10

The EOS M3 has a larger sensor than the EOS M10. So that the EOS M3 is sharper and clearer in taking pictures. However, the EOS M3 is only capable of taking pictures of 250 images. Whereas the EOS M10 255 image. Not only able to produce good images, in fact, both cameras are also capable of being used to make videos with 1080 resolution in 30 fps. In terms of continuous shooting, the Canon M3 must recognize the greatness of the Canon M10. Because the Canon M10 is able to capture images continuously in 4.6 fps, while the M3 is only 4.2 fps.

About weight and dimensions, the EOS M10 is slightly superior to the EOS M3. Because, there is no need to bother when you have to take this camera to travel. In addition, the EOS M10 has no grip or grip like the Canon M3. So it makes the camera appears lighter, smarter, and minimalist. And it’s suitable for you who are looking for a camera with a minimalist design. To maintain its minimalist design, the EOS M10 has a direct setting button limited to the body. While the EOS M3 has more settings so it is suitable for those of you who want to explore the camera further.

So, can this camera become your list in 2019?. Although the Canon EOS M3 series was released before EOS M10. In fact, it is no less competitive with its latest series. Many advantages of the EOS M3 are very helpful. Especially those who like vlogger. Because the external pot Jack feature will be very helpful. And finally, we can straightly say that Canon EOS M3 can still be a mirrorless camera recommendation in 2019.


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