Canon Camera: EOS R VS EOS RP, Which is Batter?

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Earlier this year Canon released another new camera. The camera is named EOS RP. The release of the EOS RP is only a few months from the previous EOS series. At the end of the year Canon released EOS R. The release of these two cameras at the same time caught the eye. EOS RP is launched at a cheaper price. But with more features than EOS R. Cameras that both use the latest Canon lenses also have many differences. So, which one is superior? Following is the discussion on EOS R VS EOS RP.



The EOS RP has more features than EOS R. Besides that the price of EOS RP is cheaper than EOS R. Besides that the EOS RP has a smaller size. Namely 132 x 85 x 70mm. While the size of the EOS R is 135.8 x 98.3 x 84.4mm. The EOS RP is also lighter compared to EOS R. Then what about the other specifications? What are the advantages of EOS R that you need to know? EOS R VS EOS RP.

Sensor Resolution

The first EOS R VS EOS RP is a sensor in this series. Both cameras are equipped with sensors with a low pass filter. The EOS R has a 30.3 MP sensor. While the EOS RP having a 26.2 MP sensor. So you have to pay attention to your needs when buying this camera. Furthermore, only the EOS R offers Dual Pixel RAW shooting. Means that images taken with activated mode contain multiple pixel information.

CMOS AF system

Next EOS R VS EOS RP is the setting of Dual Pixel CMOS AF. Both of these cameras are equipped with the same technology. Both systems, however, occupy the same stretch of frame, which is 88% vertically and 100% horizontally. Dual Pixel CMOS AF is known as the best autofocus system. But there are some differences here. That is the AF working range. If on EOS R it’s a little better. EOS R can work to 6EV. Whereas EOS RP is only 5EV.

Besides the EOS R number of points can request 5655 points. EOS RP has a total of 4779 points. This is a little simpler than EOS R. The next difference is the Spot AF mode. This mode only exists in the EOS RP. What’s interesting is that continuous eye AF is available when using AF and continuous film. Whereas the EOS R does not have this feature. On the EOS R, Dual Pixel CMOS AF is available in 4K. Whereas in the EOS RP, only contrast detection autofocus is available.



The next EOS R VS EOS RP is dot EFV. In this case it is undoubtedly EFV EOS R. EOS R 0.5 inches, 3.69 million dot EVF. So this is one of the best features of EOS R. Because it can produce large, bright, clear and detailed details. So that this feature makes it easier for users. While the EOS RP has a 0.39-inch viewfinder with a 2.36 million OLED panel.

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The next EOS R VS EOS RP is LCD. The EOS R series has a magnificent 3.15-inch LCD screen. EOS R has 2.1 million points. Whereas the EOS RP has a 3-inch LCD. With 1.04 million points in place. As for the panels both have similarities. Namely rotating to face forward and all kinds of positions in between, and can be controlled by touch if needed.

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Additional Feature

The next EOS R VS EOS RP is an additional feature. There are several features that are not shared by each other. However, there are several features that are similar between these two cameras. Both of these cameras also have a peak focus. The same feature is the ability to take videos at 4K. Besides the 8.3 MP JPG extract still images from 4K movies are also available on both cameras. Whereas the only feature the EOS R camera has is the focus guide offer. Although these two cameras have a peak focus. EOS R also features silent shooting. EOS RP has this feature. But only available in a silent atmosphere. Whereas for burst shooting is not available. While interval timing is only available in the EOS RP. The advantages of the EOS RP are focus bracketing. Requires up to 199 photos. Then it can be stacked in Canon Digital Photo Professional software, not internally.

That are EOS R VS EOS RP. There are several similarities and also differences. So, have you made your choice? When viewed from the price. EOS RP is cheaper than EOS R. However, in terms of important feature advantages EOS R benefits it. So, back again to your photographing needs. EOS R VS EOS RP.


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