Fujifilm FinePix J35 Manual User Guide and Product Specification

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    1. The Introduction to the Manual
    2. The Overall Look of Fujifilm FinePix J35 Camera
    3. Fujifilm FinePix J35 Camera Specification
    4. FinePix J35 Camera Price and Impression
    5. Fujifilm FinePix J35 User Manual PDF

The Introduction to Fujifilm FinePix J35 Manual

https://camerausermanual.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Fujifilm-FinePix-J35-Manual-camera-front-face.jpgWhen it comes to the question of what is the most important part of an electronic product especially digital camera product, we say it is the manual. It is because with the manual, both users and enthusiast will be able to get the needed information about a certain product. With this manual too, the learning process upon the camera product is started.

So, we can say that manual is the best reference when we want to understand the digital camera product. This is what motivates us to bring Fujifilm FinePix J35 Manual PDF here, with this manual we hope that we can help you understanding this Sony camera product better than before.

The Overall Look of the Fujifilm FinePix J35 Camera

It is such a state that we will talk about the specification first before hitting the manual. So, in this writing, we will save the Fujifilm FinePix J35 Manual PDF for the last. And for now, we will talk about the specification of this Germany-made camera, starting with the overall look of it first.Fujifilm FinePix J35 Manual - camera side

As a good compact digital camera, this camera is housed inside an ultra 20mm thin body. Based on Fujifilm FinePix J35 manual, the camera measures in 92mm in wide and 56mm in height and weighs up to 113 gram without battery and memory card. This is one of the most luxurious cameras ever found, thanks for its double coated laminate that gives amazing glossy finish.

Aside of its beauty, the J35 is also a strong camera that can stand in the maximum operating temperature at 104°F. Bringing ease of use, users will find it easy to operate this camera since almost all the control buttons are existed on the rear body. Available in silver, black, and pink, feel free to select the most appropriate case based on your needs.

Fujifilm FinePix J35 Specification

Another collection of the point-and-shoot camera has been proudly announced by Fujifilm. It is the new Fujifilm FinePix J30, a camera that joins the popular and existing line of the J-series. The FinePix J series has been recognized by millions of photo enthusiasts as a compact camera that is easy to use, producing great images, and affordable pricing. Bringing the brand new Panoramic shooting mode, Auto SR, Face Detection, and ISO 3200, the J35 is what you are looking for from compact digital camera.

Fujifilm FinePix J35 Manual - rear sideLooking deeper on the camera’s component, Fujifilm FinePix J35 manual says that you will find a 12MP CCD sensor. Then, there’s also large 2.7” LCD screen, and precise 3x optical zoom set as the key features.

Fujifilm FinePix J35 becomes one of the first cameras in J series that features Panoramic Shooting Mode. Having this, users are allowed to capture large group and landscapes shots and join them in one frame.

Further, Fujifilm FinePix J35 manual says that the Scene Recognition Auto provides perfect shots by intelligently detecting a scene then automatically adjusts the focus, white balance, and exposure settings. The combination of Picture Stabilization and High ISO will be meaningful feature to minimize the blurry image as there’s no mechanical image stabilization.

Read the specification of this camera’s brother in: Fujifilm Finepix J30 Manual

Red-eyes on photo are somewhat annoying. So now it is easier to banish it with the upgraded Automatic Red-Eye Removal. Completing the superiority, with Movie Mode, the J35 will keep your precious moments alive in AVI format and clear audio support.

Fujifilm FinePix J35 Quick Specification

Image stabilization Picture Stabilization (Anti-blur)
Shutter speed (Auto mode) 1/4sec. to 1/1400sec., (All other modes) 8sec. to 1/1400sec.
Continuous shooting Top-3
Focus Auto focus (Center)
White balance Automatic scene recognition
Preset: Fine, Shade, Fluorescent light (Daylight), Fluorescent light (Warm white), Fluorescent light (Cool white), Incandescent light
Self-timer Approx. 10sec. / 2sec. delay
Flash Auto flash
Effective range: (ISO AUTO):
Wide: Approx. 0.6m – 3.5m / 2.0ft. – 11.5ft.
Telephoto: Approx. 0.6m – 2.0m / 2.0ft. – 6.6ft.
Approx. 0.3m – 0.8m / 1.0ft. – 2.6ft.
LCD monitor 2.7-inch, Approx. 230,000 dots, TFT colors LCD monitor, Approx. 96% coverage
Movie recording 640 x 480 pixels, 320 x 240 pixels (30 frames/sec.) with monaural sound
Photography functions SR Auto (Scene Recognition Auto), Face Detection, Best framing, Frame No. memory
Playback functions Face Detection, Auto Red-eye removal, Slideshow, Multi-frame playback (with Micro Thumbnail ), Sorting by date, Image rotate, Trimming
Video output NTSC / PAL selectable
Digital interface USB 2.0 High-speed
Power supply NP-45A Li-ion battery (included)
Dimensions 92.0 (W) x 55.9 (H) x 20.0 (D) mm / 3.6 (W) x 2.2 (H) x 0.8 (D) in. (excluding accessories and attachments)
Weight Approx. 113g / 4.0oz. (excluding accessories, batteries and memory card)

Fujifilm FinePix J35 Manual User Guide and Product SpecificationFujifilm FinePix J35 Price and Impression

Offering point and shoot appeal packed into a stylish metal body, Fujifilm FinePix J35 is undeniably coming as a great competitor in filming industry. There’s nothing to doubt when you have a 12MP CCD sensor, smart red-eye removal, picture stabilization, and pin-sharp 3x optical zoom. The J35 is priced at around 149.99 USD and started to sail around the world on July 2009.

Fujifilm FinePix J35 Manual User Guide in PDF

In the first line of this writing, it is already stated that the aim of providing this article is to bring the Fujifilm FinePix J35 Manual PDF into the surface. This manual is the best reference for both user and enthusiast who want to learn about this product deeper. With this manual, there will be a lot of information gained too. Something like specification, operation, camera parts, features, and others will be perfectly stored in here.

Therefore, if you want to know about this Fujifilm FinePix J35 Series camera, referencing to the Fujifilm FinePix J35 Manual PDF below will be the best thing to do. But, the manual will be provided in PDF. So, before accessing it, it will be better if you download the PDF reader software first.

Download (PDF, 1.35MB)

Finally, that’s all of the explanation about FUJIFILM FINEPIX J35 Manual PDF. With this manual, hopefully we can help you to gain the essential information about this product. Further, if you have other ideas about this camera, we welcome you to put your thought in the comment session below. And if you think this writing is valuable, you can share it in your personal page to spread the information to other audience.

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