Fujifilm FinePix S4300 Manual User Guide and Product Specification

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The Introduction to Fujifilm FinePix S4300 Manual

Fujifilm FinePix S4300 Manual User Guide and Product SpecificationWhen it comes to the question of what is the most important part of an electronic product especially digital camera product, we say it is the manual. It is because with the manual, both users and enthusiast will be able to get the needed information about a certain product. With this manual too, the learning process upon the camera product is started.

So, we can say that manual is the best reference when we want to understand the digital camera product. This is what motivates us to bring Fujifilm FinePix S4300 Manual User Guide here, with this manual we hope that we can help you understanding this Nikon camera product better than before.

Overall Look of Fujifilm FinePix S4300

It is generally known that look is something important that becomes a consideration for people in buying digital camera product. With the look, People can instantly attracted to a certain digital camera product. More than that, sometimes the choice of camera look is also reflecting the personality of owner as well as the classiness of the camera itself. So, before we hit the Fujifilm FinePix S4300 Manual User Guide directly, now we are going to talk about the look of this camera first.Fujifilm FinePix S4300 Manual - camera top side

As shown in the Fujifilm FinePix S4300 manual, this is a point-and-shoot camera that looks like DSLR design. The weight of this type is just normal around 543. The dimensions are 118x89x99mm.The exterior of the camera is littered with buttons, switches and dials. You will get a mix of the shutter release with zoom rocker surround, power switch and command dial, the face detection button and continuous shooting modes on the top of the camera.

On the back of the camera, the Fujifilm FinePix S4300 is dominated by the large 3-inch LCD screen with effective pixel of 230.000 dots which is one of the advantage of having this camera because you will get crisp and clear image. It is comfort to the eye.Altough the body is made by plastic, the Fujifilm FinePix S4300’s body certainly feels well made.

From the smooth top plate to the faux leather effect on the grip, back and sides. Further, Fujifilm FinePix S4300 manual also says that there are a number of areas that give the camera an indication of its build quality. The color offered is black color.

Fujifilm FinePix S4300 Specification

I have said in the previous review that Fujifilm FinePix S4200, S4300, 4400 and 4500 are all the same camera. The differences is only lie in their lenses. When, the S4200 has megazoom lens which is Fujinon Super EBC lens with a 24x optical zoom range. It has 4.3-103.2mm or 24-576mm in 35mm terms, in S4300 you will get has a 26x f3.1-5.9 24-624mm lens. The rest included design and features are exactly the same.

Fujifilm FinePix S4300 Manual - camera sideThere are a bunch of features offered by Fujifilm Finepix S4300. You will get a megazoom lens which is Fujinon Super EBC lens with 26x zoom range. It hasf3.1-5.9 24-624mm focal lenght. The resolution of this type is 14MP.One of the highlight of this camera is that it has electronic viewfinder. This kind of viewfinder will save more of your battery.

Then, as stated in Fujifilm FinePix S4300 manual, you will also get AA batteries for power, full auto to full manual shooting modes, and decent photo, video, and shooting performance outdoors in good lighting. The S4300 has two menus. The smallest is the FinePix menu which is accessed by pressing the “F” button on the top of the camera.

Then, pressing left in this menu, will allow you to skip to the Set-up menu as they’re laid out like tabs.This menu holds access to more core features of the camera such as date & time, language, volume, LCD settings, red-eye removal, blink detection and loads of other features.

Fujifilm FinePix S4300 Quick Specification

Model name FinePix S4300
Number of effective pixels *1 14.0 million pixels
Image sensor 1/2.3 – inch CCD with primary color filter
Storage media Internal memory (none)
SD / SDHC / SDXC memory card *2
File format still image
JPEG (Exif Ver 2.3)*3
(Design rule for Camera File system compliant / DPOF-compatible)
AVI (Motion JPEG)
Number of recorded pixels still image
L : (4:3) 4288 x 3216 / (3:2) 4288 x 2864 / (16:9) 4288 x 2416
M : (4:3) 3072 x 2304 / (3:2) 3072 x 2048 / (16:9) 3072 x 1728
S : (4:3) 2048 x 1536 / (3:2) 2048 x 1360 / (16:9) 1920 x 1080
Lens name
S4300 : Fujinon 26 x optical zoom lens
focal length
S4300 : f=4.3mm – 111.8mm, equivalent to 24 – 624mm on a 35 mm camera
F3.1 (Wide) – F5.9 (Telephoto)
11 groups 15 lenses
Digital zoom S4300 : approx. 6.7 x (up to approx. 174.2 x, with 26x optical zoom)
Aperture F3.1 / F8 (Wide)
F5.9 / F8 / F20 (Telephoto)  with ND filter
Focus distance Normal
Wide : Approx. 40 cm to infinity / 1.3 ft. to infinity
Telephoto : Approx. 2.8 m to infinity / 9.1 ft. to infinity
Wide : Approx. 7 cm – 3.0 m / 2.7 in. – 9.8 ft.
Telephoto : Approx. 2.0 m – 3.0 m / 6.5 ft. – 9.8 ft.
Super Macro
Wide : Approx. 2 cm – 1.0 m / 0.8 in. – 3.3 ft.
Sensitivity Auto,Equivalent to ISO 64 / 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200* / 6400* (Standard Output Sensitivity)
* ISO3200 / 6400 is effective in image size S.
Exposure control TTL 256-zones metering, Multi / Spot / Average
Exposure mode Programmed AE, Shutter Priority AE, Aperture Priority AE, Manual exposure
Shooting modes SP
Zoom Bracketing, Natural Light, Natural Light & with Flash, Portrait, Baby, Smile, Landscape, Sport, Night, Night (Tripod), Fireworks, Sunset, Snow, Beach, Party, Flower, Text
SR AUTO, AUTO, P, S, A, M, Custom, Movie, PANORAMA, SP
Image stabilizer CCD shift type
Face detection Yes
Exposure compensation -2.0EV – +2.0EV 1/3EV step
Shutter speed (Auto mode) 1/4sec. to 1/2000sec., (All other modes) 8sec. to 1/2000sec.
(with mechanical shutter)
Continuous shooting TOP
TOP-6 max. 1.2 fps;
TOP-20 max. 3.3fps; size (M,S)
TOP-40 max. 8fps; size (S)
LAST6 max. 1.2 fps; last 6 frames recorded
max. 1.2 fps; maximum number of frames varies with image size and available memory
Auto bracketing AE Bracketing : ±1/3EV, ±2/3EV, ±1EV
Focus mode
Single AF / Continuous AF (SR AUTO, Movie)
TTL contrast AF, AF assist illuminator available
AF frame selection
Center, Multi, Area, Tracking
White balance Automatic scene recognition
Fine, Shade, Fluorescent light (Daylight), Fluorescent light (Warm White), Fluorescent light (Cool White), Incandescent light, Custom
Self-timer Approx. 10 sec. / 2 sec. delay
Flash Auto flash (i-flash)
Effective range : (ISO AUTO)
Wide : Approx. 40cm – 7.0m / 1.3ft. – 22.9ft.
Telephoto : Approx. 2.5m – 3.6m / 8.2ft. – 11.8ft.
Wide : Approx. 30cm – 3.0m / 1.0ft. – 9.8ft.
Telephoto : Approx. 2.0m – 3.0m / 6.5ft. – 9.8ft.
Flash modes Red-eye removal OFF
Auto, Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Slow Synchro.
Red-eye removal ON
Red-eye Reduction Auto, Red-eye Reduction & Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Red-eye Reduction & Slow Synchro.
Electronic Viewfinder 0.2-inch, approx. 200,000 dots, color LCD viewfinder approx. 97% coverage
LCD monitor 3.0-inch, approx. 230,000 dots, TFT color LCD monitor, approx. 97% coverage
Movie recording 1280 x 720 pixels / 640 x 480 pixels / 320 x 240 pixels (30 frames/sec.) with monaural sound.
* Optical zoom function can be used.
Photography functions SR AUTO, Instant zoom, Face Detection, Auto red-eye removal, Framing guideline, blink detection, Frame No. memory, Histogram display, motion panorama, Face recognition, Date stamp
Playback functions Face Detection, Auto red-eye removal, Multi-frame playback (with micro thumbnail), Protect, Crop, Resize, Slide show, Image rotate, voice memo, histogram display, exposure warning, Photobook assist, image search, Favorites, Mark for upload, Panorama, Erase selected frames
Other functions PictBridge, Exif Print, 35 Languages, Time difference, Silent mode
Terminal Video output
NTSC / PAL selectable with monaural sound
Digital interface
USB 2.0 High-Speed
HDMI output
HDMI Mini connector
Power supply 4 x AA type alkaline batteries (included) / 4 x AA type Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (sold separately)
4 x AA type lithium batteries (sold separately)
Dimensions 118.0 (W) x 80.9 (H) x 99.8 (D) mm / 4.6 (W) x 3.1 (H) x 3.9 (D) in.
Weight Approx. 543 g / 19.1 oz. (including batteries and memory card)
Approx. 448 g / 15.8 oz. (excluding batteries and memory card)
Operating Temperature 0°C – 40°C
Operating Humidity 10% – 80% (no condensation)
Guide to the number of available frames for battery operation Alkaline batteries : Approx. 300frames (AUTO mode)
Ni-MH rechargeable batteries : Approx 500 frames (AUTO mode)
Lithium batteries : Approx. 700 frames (AUTO mode)

Fujifilm FinePix S4300 Price and Impression

Fujifilm FinePix S4300 Manual - camera front faceMost of users said that the S4300 is very recommended if you are a peson who do photograph for fun. It takes really nice photos and is relatively easy to use. The picture produced is super crisp. Having a price range around The last is about the price, for such a features and quality, ou have to pay around $379.99,this camera is recomended for anyone who are looking for a point and shoot with more capability and control than the pocket point and shoot category.

The Fujifilm FinePix S4300 Manual User Guidance

As it is stated at the beginning of this article, the aim of providing this writing is to bring the Fujifilm FinePix S4300 Manual. This is the manual that will give you the information related to the specification, features, operation, instruction, camera manual, and others.

So, for you who want to look for information regarding to this Nikon camera product, referencing to the manual below will be the best thing to do. To give you the better access, we will provide the manual in PDF. So, before reaching out to the manual, it will be better if you download the PDF reader software first.

Download (PDF, 2.26MB)

That’s all of the information related to the Fujifilm FinePix S4300 Manual. We hope that the information below could be beneficial to update your understanding toward this camera product. If you have any thoughts about this product in general, we welcome you to put them in the comment session below. And if you find this information is useful, sharing this article in your personal page will be so much appreciated.

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