FUJIFILM X-E2 Ver.4.00 Manual for Upgraded Version of X-E2

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The Introduction of FUJIFILM X-E2 Ver.4.00 Manual

FUJIFILM X-E2 Ver.4.00 Manual for Upgraded Version of X-E2

It is generally known that a manual is something important especially for electronic product such as digital camera. By this manual, user will feel helped with the information inside. This information will definitely be useful for them when they are about to learn the product deeper.

Furthermore, a manual can also be used as a reliable reference in understanding this product better. Therefore, when you are about to learn the technical detail of a camera product, referencing to the manual will be the best idea to take. And apparently, this is the reason of why we aim to bring the FUJIFILM X-E2 Ver.4.00 manual here.

The FUJIFILM X-E2 Ver.4.00 Whole Camera Look

Many people only concern about the specification of a product when they are buying a digital camera. Yet, the look is important too. Obviously, no one wants to bring a really low-aesthetical camera device even if it has above average specification, right? This is why look plays a big role in deciding the level of certain camera product.

And in some cases the look of a camera product reflects the personality of its owner as well as the specification inside. This is why we are going to talk about the look first before jumping in to the FUJIFILM X-E2 Ver.4.00 manual.

By the design, this camera is different with the previous one, X-E1. The X-E2 Ver.4.00 has a larger screen at the rear, and it is the reason that the buttons are smaller than before. The relocated Q menu button is freeing a space for independent autofocus and exposure lock.

The body uses magnesium die-cast material on the top, and the front cover is completed with robust feel. It might be a little bit heavy camera, especially when the kit lens attached. But in fact, it feels comfortable to be hand over longer. Further, to support the stability, you’ll need your left hand.

The Specification of FUJIFILM X-E2 Ver.4.00 Camera

FUJIFILM X-E2 Ver.4.00 Manual for Upgraded Version of X-E2

When we talk about specification of this camera, the more detail information surely can be obtained in the FUJIFILM X-E2 Ver.4.00 manual.

But, to give you the simpler explanation about it, here is the brief explanation about FUJIFILM X-E2 Ver.4.00 Specification. Talking about the FUJIFILM X-E2 Ver.4.00, we are talking about the firmware.

And it has nothing to do with the physical condition of the camera. As we know, Fujifilm had launched the updated firmware for their X-E2 camera. This mid-range mirrorless camera is really improved with its new firmware. There are some improvements in features and operations in this version 4.00 firmware that is really interesting to be discussed.

Improvements in FUJIFILM X-E2 Ver.4.00

Still based on the FUJIFILM X-E2 Ver.4.00 manual, the Improvements here include the upgraded auto-focus modes, revised user interface, and some Auto ISO settings. It is the company’s way of supporting its existing users. So, the 2-year-old camera model users could still be in the line with many latest X-series models.

With this firmware, Fujifilm has made some significant changes. If you already have the X-E2 camera, you can download the firmware from Fujifilm website.

In FUJIFILM X-E2Ver.4.00, here are some other improvements and function enhancements you will get. The major improvement of this new firmware is the new AF system. In this firmware, the AF system can be using Zone and Wide modes.

You can easily capture moving subjects. The improved accuracy of the AF system is also completed with the Eye detection mode, auto macro mode, and some other improvements in movie mode. For the function enhancements, the updated firmware will give the shutter with a maximum speed of 1/32000sec.

There is a white balance bracketing for capturing and also an improved ISO system. And, the natural live view in the camera with the 4.00 firmware, will feel like the naked eye.

FUJIFILM X-E2 Ver.4.00 Impression

FUJIFILM X-E2 Ver.4.00 Manual for Upgraded Version of X-E2

Many existing users of Fujifilm, especially the Fujifilm X-E2 Ver.4.00 users are really pleased with the launch of this firmware. Fujifilm have shown that the end users are the most essential factor.

The other camera company is not as responsive as Fujifilm. So, for the users, there is no reason to stop following Fujifilm’s products.

Overall, by the release of FUJIFILM X-E2 [Ver.4.00], many users are satisfied due to the increasing functionality of the camera.

FUJIFILM X-E2 Ver.4.00 Manual User Guide

It I already stated before that the aim of this article is to provide the FUJIFILM X-E2 Ver.4.00 manual. Even though the manual of this camera product might already provided in another article, we think that we need to provide the manual of improved version of it.

It is done due to some improvements and change in operation of this camera. But, one thing that you should remember before downloading the manual is that we provide the FUJIFILM X-E2 Ver.4.00 manual in PDF file format. So, you need to make sure that your device already has PDF reader software in it. So, you can access the manual smoothly.

Download X E2 Ver.4.00 Manual

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Finally, that’s all of the information regarding to the FUJIFILM X-E2 Ver.4.00 manual that we need to share. Hopefully, it could be helpful for you in understanding the improved version of FUJIFILM X-E2, and it could help you in understanding several upgrades of this camera.

further, if you have any other idea about this product of other opinions regarding to it, you can put them in the comment session below. And, if you think this information is useful, it will be so appreciated if you share it in your personal page.


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