Fujifilm X T30, a Mirrorless Mid-Range Camera

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After releasing the X-T10 and X-T20 series, Fujifilm release the latest X series, Fujifilm X T30. Is it different from the X-T3 series? Given the fact that it is Fujifilm, a well-known mirrorless manufacture who released this series. And also, what is the difference between X-T20 and X-T3?

The X-T30 is a mirroless Mild-rage camera that was released to replace the X-T20 series. This camera is intended for those who want the quality and flexibility of the X system, but in a smaller, lighter and more affordable form factor compared to the X-T3 series. The appearance of this camera is almost the same as the previous X-T3. However, Fujifilm added new features in this series. Here is a review of Fujifilm X-T30.

Advantages of Fujifilm X T30

This is the camera series that comes with a cheaper price than the X-T3 and has several advantages. The first advantage is the X-Trans sensor. This sensor is used in the X-T3 series. However, you can get it on the camera at a cheaper price. With this sensor you can get amazing picture and video quality. With a smaller body this camera also has a 26MP BSI-CMOS 4 X-Trans and X-Processor 4. This sensor and processor are also found in the X-T3 series. The function of sensors and processors is to collect light and make images more dynamic.

Fujifilm X T30 has a hybrid auto focus system consisting of 425 points throughout the frame width. This camera has a lot of direct control and a tilting touch screen. This series handles fps bursts of up to 30 fps in the new 1.25x crop-sports mode. This mode produces 16.6MP images, and when combined with electronic shutter (ES) can get 30fps shooting EVF outages are completely free. When shooting RAW + jpeg in this mode, the buffer will be filled after 33 shots. But when shooting jpeg only this camera will handle 60 frames in a buffer.

Another new feature is known as ‘Non-stop Phase Detection’, that will increas the focus speed by up to 300% when transitioning between subjects that are far to near. So, this sensor now has a 100% phase detection autofocus coverage. PDAF’s low light limit has also been reduced from -1EV in the older generation to the impressive -3EV.

Fujifilm X-T30
Picture: Fujifilm X-T30

Fujifilm X-T30’s Design

Fujifilm X T30 is still presented in silver and black variations. But this time Fujifilm spiced up the layer and added a very beautiful Graphite layer. It looks very well known like Graphite X-Pro2 and Graphite X-T100 before. X-T30 inherits an electronic shutter. This shutter explodes faster up to 20fps with full frame. While 30fps with a cut of 1.25x with or without catching explodes.

Fujifilm also took a new step to make the rear button is almost entirely replaced by the AF joystick. Classy inclusions at this price point and buttons that provide alternative navigation to the tilting touch screen. Additional features on the X-T30 are updating the USB port to Type-C. In addition, Fuji also added Bluetooth to the wireless connectivity option. In this series, manufactirer also found a way to successfully geo-tag through the phone application. X-T30 has a 2.5mm microphone input. But if you want to connect headphones, you must use the USB-C port.

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How about Video Feature?

The camera can capture 4K DCI and UHD videos up to 60p, oversampling from the full width of the sensor, with a maximum bit rate of 200Mbps and a 10 minute time limit. There is no 4K / 60p as in X-T3. X-T30 can display 10-bit 4: 2: 2 video to an external recorder or save 8-bit 4: 2: 0 video to SD card. The latest collection of Film Simulation includes Eterna (for video fun) and neat Monochrome adjustments that can warm or cool black and white images.

There is also a high speed 1080 / 120p mode on the camera. Although there is a 1.29x cut to compete. The most prominent result of this is that the basic ISO on the X-T30 is now ISO160 as opposed to ISO200 on the X-Trans 3 sensor from X-T20. Extended ISO drops to ISO80 and up to ISO51200.

Fujifilm X-T30 Price

Fujifilm X-T30 is sold at a cheaper price than X-T3, that is just under $ 900 for body only. If you want to add a lens, you can get a camera and a Power Zoom 15-45mm F3.5-5.6 OIS lens for $ 999, or with an incredible 18-55 F2.8-4 lens for $ 1,299. Although the price is cheaper, many of the superior features of the X-T3 are owned by this series. For those of you who crave a lightweight camera for street photography or travel, you should definitely add the X-T30 to a short list of camera purchases.


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