Fujifilm X10 Manual, a Manual of Affordable Fuji’s Premium Compact Camera

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Fujifilm X10 Manual, a Manual of Affordable Fuji’s Premium Compact Camera

The Introduction of Fujifilm X10 Manual

Fujifilm X10 Manual, a Manual of Affordable Fuji’s Premium Compact Camera

A manual is something needed as a complement for digital camera product. With this manual, users will be able to know the basic information about a certain camera product.

By this manual too, they will be guided in operating and treating the camera device in the correct ways. Therefore, it is so right if a manual is considered as one of the most important part of the digital camera product.

And apparently, this is also the reason of why do we aim to provide the Fujifilm X10 Manual. With this manual, we hope that we can help Fujifilm X10 users in understanding their camera product more.

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The Overall Look of Fujifilm X10 Camera

Well, talking about an electronic product, we can’t avoid the talk about its look. This is because look is really determining the intention of people to buy the electronic product itself. And in the case of Fujifilm X10 camera, we will see the great deal of look in this product. So, before directly jumping into the Fujifilm X10 Manual, we will talk about the appearance of this camera first.

In 2011, the market of premium compact camera is buzzed and it makes the demand of these models is really high. To fulfill the competition of the market, Fujifilm released FUJIFILM X10. It’s also named as FinePix X10. This camera offers classic retro style just like the film rangefinders from the past. Bring the retro look design, this imaging product has been succeeding in increasing the number of selling. And it directly affects on the company income.

As stated before, the most obvious thing you see in this camera design is its retro design. Fujifilm continue to bring the retro design from X100. And it seemed to be a good step to impress user who fond of to this kind of style from Fuji. Further, the good quality of this camera design is reflected from the leatherette finish and the control dials that uses metal.

While the thick rubber thumb all on the rest of the camera rear will definitely give you comfort in operating this camera. By this design, Fujifilm is impressively echoing the timeless design of camera in classic film era. But, turning this FUJIFILM X10 on may be little bit tricky, because you can’t find any button that says on and off. However, there is an instinctive way of switching this camera on. To do this, you need to twist the lens to the 28mm setting or more.

Fujifilm X10 Camera Specification

Fujifilm X10 Manual, a Manual of Affordable Fuji’s Premium Compact Camera

The detail information about specification of this camera surely will be explained in the Fujifilm X10 Manual. As you will see there, this camera offers you the fast f/2 zoom lens.

FinePix X10 is the second one in Fuji’s X system camera. It is not launched to replace the previous model, but it’s here to give a much more affordable choice since the X100’s price is quite expensive.

The major difference between X10 and X100 is the focal length and its sensor. The X10 is now using wider focal length but with smaller sensor, which is like 7 times smaller than the X100.

Fujifilm X10 Features

Still based on the Fujifilm X10 Manual, this camera offers you a mode called Film Simulation modes. What’s interesting about this mode is that these modes are available for both stills and video mode. The effect that you choose in this mode will be previewed on the screen. So, you can actually look what the result directly via the screen.

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To be exact, there are 8 modes, they are, standard, Velvia, Astia, B&W, Monochrome +Y, Monochrome +R, Monochrome +G, and Sepia. And more interestingly, these modes are easy to access; the firmware let you use it easily when capturing photos and videos.

Beside those film simulation modes, this camera also offers the mode called Motion Panorama that allows you to make wide-angle panoramas just by rotating the camera while pressing the shutter button. Other review about Fujifilm X10, click here.

Further, to give you the closer look of this camera, here we enclose the video review of it. From this video, you will be able to get the basic information about this camera such as specification, instruction, features, and more. So, for you who are still learning about this camera, referring to below video will be much more useful.

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Fujifilm X10 Camera Price and Impression

Fujifilm X10 Manual, a Manual of Affordable Fuji’s Premium Compact Camera

Many users love the fact that FUJIFILM X10 is cheaper than X100. It lets them experience the expensive camera feel, X100. X10 is kind of an easy-to-use compact camera. The outstanding features and fantastic retro styling can be attraction of this camera. Further, the fact that this camera is offered in affordable price will make this camera one of the competitive products in the market. And to own it, you only need to pay around 400 dollars.

Fujifilm X10 Manual User Guide

It is already stated before that the aim of this article is to bring users the Fujifilm X10 Manual. With this manual, we hope that we can provide you the reliable guidance about this camera product.

But, there is one thing to note before you downloading it. it is that we provide the manual in PDF file format for the sake of simplicity and practicality. So, you better make sure that your device already has the PDF file reader software in it.

Download X10 Manual

Finally, we guess that’s all of the information regarding to the Fujifilm X10 Manual that we need to share to you. Hopefully, it can be helpful for you in updating your understanding toward Fujifilm digital camera product.

But, if you still have any more ideas about this camera, you may share it in the comment session below. And, if you think that this writing is informative and useful as well, you can share it in your personal page. So, the goodness inside here can be spread around the web.


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