Fujifilm X100T: Premium Pocket Camera from Fujifilm

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Fujifilm X100T is an old series from Fuji. This camera tends to look like a mini-sized DSLR. Prosumer camera with fix lens and APS-C sensor has managed to surprise the world with a classy beautiful design in a retro style. Fujifilm X100T has good features. Even this camera is very suitable for street photography. This Japanese company improve Fujifilm X100T design. Such us the electronic viewfinder, ring aperture, customizable button functions, increased exposure compensation, and a 3-inch screen with 1.04M dot density.

Even though it’s been almost five years of release this camera feature still has its own devotees. Especially for people who like street photography. The following features on the Fujifilm X100T.

Fujifilm X100T Design

Fujifilm X100T is made of metal. Where this is the hallmark of the X100 series. The Fujifilm X100T design is almost the same as all X100 series. In fact there is almost no change. Even accessories such as lens hoods, flash and batteries are still the same. So no need to buy new accessories again for the owner of the X100 or X100S.

Fujifilm X100T: Camera's Body
Fujifilm X100T: Camera’s Body

In the hand, the Fuji X100T is also very comfortable. Although the grip feels small, it is still quite sticky when used with one hand. Two rotary knobs to adjust exposure compensation and shutter speed are also still found on the X100T. Navigating the menu is easier with the play button on the back. Meanwhile, the four-way navigation button is now more responsive than in the X100S.

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Features Of Fujifilm X100T

The Fujifilm X100T camera has a variety of powerful features. The simulator movie menu is the most experimental and fun choice. This feature presents at once a reminder of the wealth of stories, trends, pop culture and Fujifilm’s long tradition. Another feature is an enhanced hybrid viewfinder. Now the X100T can display optical and digital displays simultaneously. This feature is useful for checking focus, especially when shooting with manual focus. So now there are three display options in the X100T peephole. This innovation is still exclusive only in the Fuji X100T and will not be found in other prosumer cameras for now.

Fujifilm X100T: Camera's LCD
Fujifilm X100T: Camera’s LCD

The power of the 16MP sensor becomes light with the X-Trans CMOS II processor. The sensor used by Fujifilm X100T is able to read data such as images and audio with precision. That ability is in line with the speed of continuous shoot and video photo storage. Just looking for a good external memory then there is no delay when the camera saves images and videos.

With Classic Chrome features in it, this camera can produce photos with more natural colors, which are captured suitable for the purposes of photo documentation. The camera connectivity feature to the smartphone is plural nowadays. Including Fujifilm X100T which relies on the WiFi feature to transfer photos. The photos can be shared directly on social media. Fujifilm X100T also provides slick connectivity.


Not many fix lenses are used in the premium compact class, 23mm (eq.35mm at full frame). The 35mm focal length is 76 degrees. Not enough area compared to 28mm or 24mm but has accommodated the needs of street photography or traveling, minimal distortion and rationalable. As for the Fujifilm X100T lens, the quality is still good, even though it has been for years. Remain accurate and sensitive to reading light like the first time used.

Quality of photos

The photos on the ISO 6400 setting still look very good with a relatively low noise level for the camera in its class. No need to worry if you have to take pictures with ISO 1600 and 3200 settings in various light conditions, given the level of noise that is produced never disturbs the details of the photo. At ISO 6400 settings, it starts to notice noise that disturbs details. But for the purposes displayed on the screen, the picture is still very decent.

Fujifilm X100T
Fujifilm X100T

The images in ideal light conditions are excellent, with impressive detail and sharpness. You can change the color characters of the photos using Film Simulation, such as Velvia for more mature landscape photos, or Classic Chrome for photos with a rather low saturation and character. In short, the Fujifilm X100T is able to produce excellent photos in various light conditions.

For those who use the Fujifilm X100T for traveling, vlogger or streetphotography, the strength and endurance of the Fujifilm X100T can be relied upon. The Fujifilm X100T’s engine and processor have not changed since the first shot to date. Color accuracy and sharpness are still as precise and accurate as new ones. So, are you interested in this cameras ?.


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