TIPS & TRICK: Basic Gear for Beginner Photographer

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In the digital era, now everyone can have a camera. Especially for the millennial generation, where capturing the moment is a daily routine. Therefore, digital camera have become commonplace for millennial generation. Some of them want to be a professional photographer and some just follow trend. So, we will tell you about the basic gear for you who want to professional photographer. This gear will help you as a beginner photographer.

Camera for Beginner Photographer

Camera is first gears to be owned beginner photographer. The beginner photographer could buy a camera for a cheap price. The beginner photographer should also choose to use DSLR camera or mirroless camera. When buy the camera, a beginner photographer should be able to see the camera specs, so that it can be adjusted to your needs.

Recommendations Lens

After the beginner photographer have a camera, the another gear to have is lens. Lens is gear if you choosing to use DSLR camera. For beginner photographer, it’s better to use the lens to sell a package with the camera. If, our abilitities have improved and the need for photography is also increasing, a beginner photographer should buy new lens. The kind of lenses the beginner can buy.

Gear for beginner photograpper: Lens

Prime Lens

Prime lens or Fix lens is a lens that have one Focus Lenght. Lens 50mm is one of famous lens. The main advantages of Prime Lens is their compact, lightweight, and maximum quality with wide Aperature. While the disadvantage is that it can not be used to adjust the widht of the viewing angel. So the photographer must move forward or backward toward the object.

Zoom Lens

This external lens have a focal lenght. So, this camera can be set up on a certain range. You can get a viewing angle from several focal lenghts  on lens. For example, an 18-55 mm kit lens can be used starting from 18mm which is included in the Wide Angle category, up o 55mm in the tele category.


The next gear that the beginner photographer must have is flash that is needed to add light when in a room that does not have enough lighting, or when take picture at night.

Actually using flash that is already installed on the camera (internal flash) is also enough for novice photographer, but over time can also choose external flash at affordable prices. The function of External Flash is to produce various light effects that are not possible by internal flash. In addition, the external flash can be installed  and can be adjusted for the direction of the light.

Memory Card and Card Reader

Memory card is the next gear that beginner photographer that must owned. Although, usually the memory card is included in the camera purchase package., but it is good for the beginner photographer to still buy an additional memory card. This additional memory card will function as a back up of the first memory card if there is damage. In addition, beginner photographers spend too much of their photos and forget that the memory card is not enough.

In addition a memory card, a card reader is the next gear that a beginner photographer must owned. Because not all computers have a built-in card reader. We recommend that beginner photographers also buy a card reader with a USB cable 3.

Cleaning Kit

Gear for beginner photograpper: Cleaning kit

Cleaning kit has function for cleaning the dust and dirt attechead to the lens. In addition, you can also buy special cleaning for the camera body. Don’t forget to pay attention to how to clean the camera. We recommend that you use a blower or brush to clean the lens camera and body camera.

Accessories for Beginner Photographer

The next gear is camera accessories. Accessories need to be own by beginner photographer to protect camera. What accessories are required to maintain protect the camera?

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Camera Bag

The camera bag is the first accessory that must be owned. The camera bag has a function as a camera storage when you traveling. This camera bag has been designed to save the camera to avoid the collision of external objects that can damage the camera. In addition, the camera bag has been designed to put camera equipment such as lenses, flash, cleaning kit and others. The use bag is not designed of the camera. For that you should buy a camera bag with good quality.

Shoulder Strap

For beginner photographers, a shoulder strap is a compulsory gear. The shoulder strap will help you take care of the camera when you suddenly lose balance when taking picture. So, don’t forget to wrap the shoulder trap around the neck when taking pictures. Because this will keep other cameras from things that are not wanted, such as the fall of the camera.

Dry Box

The last gear is the Dry Box. The dry box is where the camera is stored when the camera is not used. This place will keep the camera from exposure to direct sunlight, dirt or dust in the room. The dry box also functions to keep the camera from room humidity frequently changing.

Gear for beginner photograpper: Dry Box

Some of the equipment above is mandatory for you beginner photographers. The equipment above functions to support you while studying and also functions as another camera protector from damage. So, if you want to start seriously studying photography
there is no harm in completing the list of equipment above.


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