Kodak Camera Manual User Guide

Kodak camera manual

For Kodak camera users, Kodak camera manual may be something that is terribly important. This is guidance for them to enter to the operational world of their Kodak camera.

From this manual too, they can understand the basic principles of their Kodak device. So, for you who own Kodak product, you better keep the manual safe.

Therefore, when you need guidance to solve both major and minor issues related to your camera, all you need to do is only opening the manual.

But, if accidently you lost or just forgot where you put the manual book, just don’t worry. Here we provide you the Kodak camera manual as a reference in taking care of your Kodak camera.

Kodak Camera Manual Introduction

Before talking about Kodak camera manual, let’s talk about Kodak’s profile first. When we ask people about what photography equipment that is highly familiar, Kodak must be included in the list. With the wide range of network and product distribution, many people have recognized Kodak as the dominant brand in photography.

Further, this brand has already established since a long time ago, even before the Japanese photography brands were popular. That’s why their products must is mostly familiar for people

As we all know, Kodak was firstly founded in 1888 by George Eastman. The company itself is named after him, the Eastman Kodak Company. Headquartered in Rochester, New York, Kodak has focused on manufacturing many kinds of imaging products and services.

But, the main business is on Entertainment and commercial films, Enterprise, Digital Printing, and Graphics. With such a long history, the company has become the world primary photographic film manufacturer.

But, in the late of 90s, the Company struggled from complex financial problem. Experts said that it this problem caused by the declining sales of company’s photographic film. Further, it is also predicted to be caused by its slowness in entering digital photography world.

Then as a return, the company forced its effort in regaining the market by focusing on digital printing and digital photography. But, the bankruptcy issue still couldn’t be avoided by Kodak. As a result, in 2012 the company sold its photographic film, kiosk operation, and commercial scanner to emerge from the bankruptcy.

Even most of patents also already sold in 2013 to several companies including Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and others.

Kodak Camera Manual

The digital camera era of Kodak has been started since 1975. Even the famous Apple’s DC-25 and DC-40 digital camera was actually produced by Kodak. Besides, Kodak also built many series of Compact digital cameras. Most of these cameras are designed and built by Japanese camera manufacturer, Chinos Industries.

Back in the days, Kodak digital Camera Backs was released in 1990s and became popular among photographers instantly. Therefore, with this kind of long journey, we can conclude that Kodak may have many portfolios in line.

Further, one thing that motivate us to provide Kodak camera manual is to bring ease and simplicity for user in accessing it. Remembering that Kodak camera manual is terribly important, so easy and simple access to it is indeed really important.

Therefore, if you need the manuals of your Kodak camera product, just go click below link for redirection. And the most important thing is that every information here is just legal. All of them are taken from the trusted sources. So, you can download them easily and freely.

Kodak Action Camera

Kodak was a world leading camera manufacturer back then. But, due to several internal problems, this company has sold many of its assets to avoid bankruptcy. And this way of selling assets is working. As we see, the company is still able to stand until now, producing high level of camera for its loyal users. And one of the products it is producing is Kodak Action Camera series.

This is the series that is specialized for the outsiders, for the people who like to do adventure and fond of extreme activity. With strength and protection, this camera is more than able to contain the aspiration of adventure people. This camera brings a nicely done slogan to see and to experience your world in the entire new lights. This is the very representing slogan since by this camera, Kodak has created a big different between its previous product and this action camera.

Talking about resolution, this action camera comes with 16 MP resolution and 10 FPS level of burst shooting. With incredible strength paired with the supportive features such as freezeproof, waterproof, and dustproof, this product will definitely be your best companion in your adventure life.

Another feature such as Wi-Fi and NFC, 360 spherical curved kind of lens, HD video recording capability, and others will turn to be beneficial in increasing its functionality.

4 + Kodak Action Manual User Guide

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Kodak Astro Zoom Camera

Kodak has played in the camera world since a long time ago. This brand was even titled as the most valuable camera brand in the US. And with such a long experience and supported by qualified resources, this manufacturers has always been success in producing high class camera.

For the prove, you can take a look at the Kodak Astro Zoom Camera series. This is a camera series from Kodak that is completed with advance specification to support its best performance.

From the name, we already able to notice that the main concern of this camera is on the zooming capability. With this kind of capability, you will be able to capture every detail of your precious moments.

Further, what is typical for Astro Zoom series is on the Electronic View-Finder for the better quality of real-time scene composition. Other noticeable features are on the 1080p video recording capability. Almost every Astro Zoom series has this capability, so that capturing your moment through video will be so much fun.

11 + Kodak Astro Zoom Camer User Guide


Kodak Friendly Zoom Camera

What we understand is that zooming function is really important in the digital camera. With this function, there will be more details could be captured in one frame. This is why exactly Kodak concerns about zoom by bringing up the camera series with impressive zooming capability. After talking about Kodak Astro Zoom, now it is Kodak Friendly Zoom’s turn to be discussed.

The most basic question, “what is the difference between Kodak Astro Zoom and Kodak Friendly Zoom? It all relies on the size of the camera. For the Astro Zoom, it has the better functionality with its electronic view-finder. That’s why it comes with relatively bigger size.

While for the case of Friendly Zoom, the size is quite friendly. It even belongs to the class of compact camera. Therefore, for mobile people who like to move from one place to another, this lighter weight camera will be so much beneficial.

Talking about features, it is still Zoom that becomes the main concern of Kodak Friendly Zoom. With the relatively smaller size, this camera is still able to carry impressive zooming features. But still, it is not comparable with the Kodak Astro Zoom series.

Even though, the presence of several features such as optical image stabilization, up to 20 times optical zoom, 720p video recording capability, this series could e just more superior than other competes.

7 + Kodak Friendly Zoom Camera User Guide


Kodak Micro Third Camera

There’s only one model in the Kodak Micro Third Camera series, the Kodak S-1. This is the unique micro third camera that was introduced by Kodak back in 2014. This camera is actually an interchangeable-lens kind of camera. Even though, it comes in unique compact and slim size that is strong built with the metal materials.

With this kind of size, you will find that this kind of body shape is flexible and easy to use for a camera. Further, paired with a lot of features, this camera is best for both pro photographer and photography enthusiast.

With such an ergonomic design, we can say that this camera is an expression of art. And since it comes as an interchangeable lens camera, Kodak has allowed third party lens to be installed in this camera. But, without installing the lens, the camera already performs pretty well actually.

It could shoot a picture in 4 fps, that’s you might not mss one single moment to capture. Further, with the presence of Wi-Fi in the connectivity sector, sharing your imaging result will be much easier.

1 + Kodak Micro Third Camera Manual User Guide


Kodak Sport Camera

Talking about history, we’re talking about Kodak. This is the brand that has been standing for a really long time. As a result, the portfolios of this American-based camera brand are always increasing. And the best part of it, the products it has cover the wide variation of range, including for the Kodak sport camera series.

This is the series of Kodak camera that specialized for sport people as well as for people who like to do outdoor activity. With many supportive features, this camera will surely be the best companion in your sportive life.

As a sport camera, Kodak has completed this camera series with the shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof. Therefore, you don’t really have to worry about the resistance of this camera during your sport activity. Even this camera was actually built for the under water use.

Further, not only about the resistance, the manufacturer seems to complete the products with advance kind of features. Take a look at its capability of recording 720p video, quite impressive capability for a sport camera. Further, for the lens, this camera seems to capture every detail through its 16 Mp camera.

With those specification, this camera will be perfect to accompany you in whatever sportive kin of life you are living in.

1 + Kodak Sport Camera Manual User Guide


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