Kodak FZ201 Manual, Manual of Real Compact Travel Camera

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    1. The Introduction
    2. Overall Look of Kodak FZ201
    3. Kodak FZ201 Specification
    4. The Price of Kodak FZ201
    5. FZ201 Manual User Guide

An Introduction to Kodak FZ201 Manual

Kodak FZ201 Manual, Manual of Real Compact Travel CameraIt is such a perpetuation that a product, especially for the digital camera product, can’t be separated from its manual. By using this manual, user will be able to understand about their product deeper. Therefore, operating and treating the camera better will be something possible.

This is exactly why we provide the Kodak FZ201 Manual. The only aim is to educate the users of this camera to use this product better so that they can result a good photographical image.

Kodak FZ201 Whole Look

It is such a tradition for us to talk about the product specification before directly jumping in to the Kodak FZ201 Manual. So, as a starter, we will begin with something obvious first, the overall Look of this Kodak camera product. Comes as other frontrunners of Kodak camera series, this camera has been completed with such an elegant look. It has stylish appearance with elegant cut on the body.

As we know, Kodak is never failed in the casing sector. Comes in black and red color, this camera is suitable for men and women. To make it handgrip, the finger part is designed with certain dots to avoid you from slick condition. As stated above, a good compact camera should have slim body to make it easy for mobility. For this reason, Kodak FZ201 is designed in the body dimension of 4.32 x 2.74 x 1.51 inches with total weight for approximately 7.13 ounces.

Kodak FZ201 Manual, Manual of Real Compact Travel Camera

The Specification of Kodak FZ201 Camera

In this modern era, choosing the most suitable digital camera based on your need and desire is a must. Generally, we know that the camera digital technology always develops from time to time. It can be done since the need of photography activity also develops following the time. So, with so many options of camera in the market, you can feel free to choose DSLR, point and shoot camera, or action camera based on your needs.

Compact camera is the name of digital camera which is having small body. Having cute little case means that the price is not as expensive as other types of camera. For those who are willing to buy new compact camera, Kodak FZ201 should be on your wish list.

And the reason is simple. It is that this camera has excellent case with amazing features. So, for you who concern about the specification of digital camera, here is the reason of why this one is worth to consider.

Features of Kodak FZ201

Good appearance has no meaning without supported by smart performance. You don’t have to worry about it because the manufacturer is already set 16.44 megapixels Image Resolution with 1/2.3 inches CCD Sensor Technology.

Having that technology, it is no wonder if the pictures and videos quality are outstanding. Moreover, based on the Kodak FZ201 Manual, this cool gadget has the amazing ability to make zoom up to 20x Optical Zoom and 4x Digital Zoom.Kodak FZ201 Manual, Manual of Real Compact Travel Camera

Further, the Kodak FZ201 Manual also tells that the LCD Display is one of important parts of camera. And, it is said so because it brings the result of your photography activity. Kodak FZ201 is bundled by 3 inches built-in LCD Screen and this is wide enough for compact camera series.

On the power supplier sector, there is no doubt if this Kodak could life last longer because it uses Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery LB-050 3.7 Volt 900mAH. This element could result at least 210 frames from full-charged condition.

The Price and Impression of Kodak FZ201 Camera

The account “freedom” shares his opinion about using his Kodak cool camera. He said that this is a good compact travel camera. There are some options and nice zoom. It is also very simple to use even for beginners. No one could reject of having Kodak FZ201. Get it at 149 USD and start your different journey right now.Kodak FZ201 Manual, Manual of Real Compact Travel Camera

Kodak FZ201 Manual User Guide

As it is stated at the beginning of this article, the aim of providing this writing is to bring the Kodak FZ201 Manual. This is the manual that will give you the information related to the specification, features, operation, instruction, camera manual, and others.

So, for you who want to look for information regarding to this Kodak camera product, referencing to the manual below will be the best thing to do. To give you the better access, we will provide the manual in PDF. So, before reaching out to the manual, it will be better if you download the PDF reader software first.

Download (PDF, 3.73MB)

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That’s all of the information related to the Kodak FZ201 Manual. We hope that the information below could be beneficial to update your understanding toward this camera product. If you have any thoughts about this product in general, we welcome you to put them in the comment session below.  And if you find this information is useful, sharing this article in your personal page will be so much appreciated.

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