Kodak SP360 Manual, a Manual of Kodak’s Tough Action 360 Camera

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The Introduction to Kodak SP360 Manual

Kodak SP360 Manual, a Manual of Kodak's Tough Action 360 Camera

By the record, a manual is something that is really important as a complement for an electronic product, especially digital camera. From this manual, there will be a lot of information obtained. Something like specification, instruction, camera parts, settings, features, and other related information will be something possible to obtain.

This is why we aim to bring the Kodak SP360 Manual here. With this manual, we hope that we can help users as well as enthusiasts to understand more about this Kodak camera product.

But, before getting to the Kodak SP360 Manual , to give you the clear vision of this camera, here we enclose the video introduction and review of this camera. From this video, you will be able to get more real picture of it. Further, the information regarding to the features, operation, specification, and what to expect from this camera will be able to obtain too.

These videos come from the official account of DigitalRev TV on Youtube. This is the account that specialized itself in reviewing digital camera product. So, if you are interested to this camera product, the videos below will be the best reference to take.

Kodak SP360 Camera Whole Appearance

Before getting deeper to the Kodak SP360 Manual and its specification, firstly, we will talk about the overall look of this camera first. As we all know, it is generally stated that upgrading the products from time to time is the digital camera manufacturer’s key success.

This step is done to fulfill the users need as well as following the world’s trend. By this reason, Kodak also pays more attention on this thing. Not only upgrading the specification, but they also upgraded the look of it. Are you curious about it? Here is the review of Kodak SP360 Look.

Kodak SP360 Manual, a Manual of Kodak's Tough Action 360 Camera

Realizing that this gadget is purposed for extreme photography, Kodak pays serious attention on the product’s design.

With the body dimension of 1.6 x 1.96 x 1.49 inches, Kodak SP360 has a cute appearance. But, you cannot underestimate its ability. It is supported by very light total weight that is for approximately 3.63 ounces including the battery and memory card.

Additional accessories might give additional weight. The combination of yellow and black color on the case, you cannot deny that this Kodak spreads sporty and strong nuance. There is nothing to add or remove from its appearance since everything has already fabulous.

The Specification of Kodak SP360 Camera

Do you have a plan for your holiday? Visiting beach, museum, mountain, and even beach are brilliant ideas. There are so many things to bring on your holiday, but you will regret of not bringing digital camera. It is said so because there are tons of funny, sad, and other memorable events to be documented.

Kodak SP360 Manual, a Manual of Kodak's Tough Action 360 Camera

Kodak SP360 action camera is an action camera with extreme ability and complete accessories. This product is specially designed for those who want practical journey with amazing images and videos result. With the good price and great deal of specification, it’s worth to choose this Kodak to accompany your precious journey. Get closer with this camera specification below.

Kodak knows that a good action camera should bring both the superiority on the appearance and performance. Let’s start by the Image Resolution. Based on the Kodak SP360 Manual, this product is set by 17.5 Megapixel Image Resolution with MOS Optical Sensor Type. Now, having high quality images and videos become possible with this tiny cute little action camera. For video purpose, you won’t regret of using Kodak SP360 for this duty since it is capable of producing maximum video resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Another thing you will like is the battery life. It is written in the Kodak SP360 Manual that Lithium Ion Battery LB-080 is chosen to be the main power supplier for this camera. It is able to snap maximum 350 frames or 160 minutes high quality video from full charged condition.

After having a funny day, it is the right time for you to see the result through its 1 inches LCD Display. Other features to try are Image Stabilization, Wi-Fi, Time Lapse, Freezeproof, Shockproof, Wireless Control, Dust Resistance, Splash-proof, and Water-proof.

The Price and Impression of Kodak SP360

Kodak SP360 Manual, a Manual of Kodak's Tough Action 360 Camera

Overall, this camera is interesting, especially with the 360 image shooting capability. Further, paired with the multi-proofs features it has, this camera will be able to support your daily extreme activity.

One of the users, Christopher Chaos said that for the time, this camera is the best in video quality for shooting 360 videos. With this superiority, of course price will be the next consideration. And in this camera, Kodak set you to pay around 279 USD to get Kodak SP360 home.

Kodak SP360 Manual User Guide

We have said previously that the purpose of this article is to bring the Kodak SP360 Manual onto the surface. With this manual, we hope that we can help both user and enthusiast to understand about this camera product more than before.

So, after all, they can be better in operating as well as treating this camera.  And one thing to be noted, that we will provide the Kodak SP360 Manual in PDF file format. So, before downloading it, make sure that you have PDF reader software installed in it.

Download SP360 Manual

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Lastly, that’s all of the information we need to share regarding to the Kodak SP360 Manual. Hopefully, what we can share here will be able to update your technological knowledge, especially for Kodak SP360 Camera.

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