Leica M10-D, First Leica “M” Series with Wifi Conection

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In early 2017, Leica released latest M series camera, the Leica M10-D. This series is a unique and interesting rangefinder camera because the shape is not like a digital camera. But, it shapes like an analog camera. This series is very similar to the M10-P series.

Leica M10 camera is the slimmest digital M digital camera as it only has 33.75mm of thickness. So it is 4mm slimmer than the previous Leica M camera. While the weight of this camera is 660 grams for body only. With this weight and thickness, Leica M10 is suitable for photographers who like a camera that is as compact as possible and produces high quality photos. Therefore, this camera is very suitable for street photography or travel photography.

What’s New from Leica M10-D?

This last M series has a variety of new featutes. This feature will make it easier for you if you are a beginner photographer. Then what are the pros of this Leica camera that is priced here?

New Wifi Access

Leica M10-D is the first camera that has internal Wi-Fi connectivity. Leica M10-D becames the first Leica M series that’s equipped with WiFi to send images to smartphone or tablet. And also, with this WiFi netwaor, you can control the camera remotely from your smart phone through Leica M-App. This application can also be used to send RAW images in DNG format to a smartphone.

In addition, the camera has a light adjustment feature. This is different from the previous series. Improvement is also occurred in Leica M10-D viewfinder, where the size of the viewfinder is increased by 30%. There has been a magnification to 73X. Besides, Eye-relief is also increased by 50 percent. So, that photographers who use glasses can feel more comfortable using this camera.

New Sensor

Leica M10
Leica M10

Besides all those things above, this series also has a new sensor. The sensor itself is 24 megapixel full frame sensor which is enhanced by micro lens architecture that supports ISO. Leica even made this sensor without low pass filter so that the image results are sharper and more detailed. In addition, it is also equipped with the latest image processor, the Maestro II
The Leica M10 has an ISO sensitivity range ranging from ISO 100 to 50,000.

This camera has a character to reduce noise better when set at high ISO. While the Shutter, it is now 1/4000 – 125 seconds. Flash sync is 1/180 seconds, which is quite fast compared to other cameras in its class. Actually, this camera is like a camera in general which has an ISO, shutter speed and aperture setting. However, this will require a trained eye to capture a moment.

Not just thin, the quality of the 24 megapixel full frame sensor is also enhanced by the micro lens architecture that supports ISO. Even without using a low pass filter so that the image results are sharper and more detailed. In addition, it is also equipped with the latest image processor, that is Maestro II.

Without LCD

This M10-D Series does not have an LCD screen because the M10-D is designed to provide ease in digital photography. So, photographer can be focus on creating image without any interference on the LCD screen. The M10-D was released without a screen, unlike the M10-P. Talking about M10-P, this camera that also uses Maestro II processor has a 3 inch LCD monitor, with 1 million dots. However, even without LCD screen, the M10-D user still can access, download, and share their photos on the go as well as using remote shooting to take pictures via Live View with their smartphone as the viewfinder. So, the first time you see your photos, is when they are already to shared.

Clasic Style

Leica M10-D Series has clasic design. This can be seen from the genuine leather that wraps the camera body. While the previous camera model uses polyurethane resembling skin. The color of this analog camera body is black.

Buttons and Lenses

Leica M10
Leica M10

The Leica M10 camera only has three buttons on the back of the camera. Their function. With no menu or playback on the camera, users can simply focus on the moment and enjoy a classic style rangefinder that operates and looks just like an analog camera. With no “chimping,” the photographer can be focused on the next shot while they anticipate enjoying their photos later, either back at home when downloading the SD card or connecting to WiFi on the go.

For the battery, this camera has BP-SCL5 battery with 1300 maH capacity. Leaica claimed that the battery life is about 200-400 photos. video recording function is also omitted, so there is no video button on the top of the camera. And the contents of the menu are also not much. In addition, image quality is improved from the previous Leica M series. To get maximum sharpness, the micro lens architecture in this camera can to capture light better when it’s paired with Leica M lenses.

The Price

Although it was released two years ago, this camera is still in the top of Leica range. With all those specifications, this camera is priced at $ 7000 USA.

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With a classic design and also an adequate feature, this camera can be your choice. For serious amateur photographers or professional photographers who are considering Leica cameras, they will most likely consider between the Leica M10-D and Leica SL. This is because the two cameras have equality in the image sensor that is using a full frame sensor (36x24mm). So, let’s get it.


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