A Best Rangefinder Camera Guidance: Leica M8 Manual User Guide

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The Introduction to Leica M8 Manual User Guide

It is always stated before that a manual is the best complement for a product, especially for electronic product such as digital camera. In this manual, all detail of the product including specification, operation, setting, features, and others are stored.

So, for the information hunter such as journalist and enthusiasts, this manual will be a best source. This is exactly what motivates us to bring Leica M8 Manual User Guide on to the surface. With this manual, we hope we can help those who need the information about Leica M8.

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The Overall Look of Leica M8 Camera

A Best Rangefinder Camera Guidance: Leica M8 Manual User Guide

It’s been a tradition for us to talk about the specification first before hitting the manual.

So, to start this discussion, let’s focus on the specification of this camera before getting further to the Leica M8 Manual User Guide.

And to begin with, we will talk about the most obvious thing of this camera first, the overall look of it.

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As we all know, Leica has formed a great identity and character in the market. With the signatures in every product, Leica camera series continues to impress user with its strong-character products. And Leica M8 is the new generation of Leica’s M series.

The first M series camera that Leica introduced is the M3 that was launched in 1954. And now, the new concept of M series is wrapped in this new Leica M8. Some people think that the body will be an adaptation of M7 but it is actually not. Leica M8 comes with a complete new design. It provides you with new sensor and new viewfinder.

Further, Leica M8 is the first ever rangefinder camera in Leica M series that goes digital. The body is not the same as the M7 since Leica M8 has a thicker body. The body itself comes in all metal from the kind of magnesium alloy. Leica M8 has a black or silver chrome finish. While for the trim choice, you can choose whether you want to have the black one or the silver one. And about the lenses, you can use Leica M8 with all existing Leica M-mount lenses.

Leica M8 Camera Specification

You can find the detail information about the Leica M8 specification in the Leica M8 Manual User Guide. But, as a previewing, we have resumed the specification into the following explanation. In this Leica M8, you can get a new experience of using rangefinder camera with a modern metal-blade focal-plane shutter.

A Best Rangefinder Camera Guidance: Leica M8 Manual User Guide

With that kind of shutter, you can fire great flash synchronization to result the best photography result. The synchrinization is at 1/250 second X-sync. There is also M-TTL flash system that is used in Leica M8. And for your information, the raw data of this camera uses Adobe DNG format.

On the other side, there are also some problems that users faced in using Leica M8. Mostly it’s about the image quality. This is due to the extremely high sensitivity of this camera to infrared light. So, the black colors would appear to be purple.

Leica itself has released some statements regarding to this matter. And the company has agreed to give free repair and it works well since most of the problems can be fixed correctly. However, many users feel new great experiences when using this amazing digital rangefinder camera.

What else if it’s not because of Leica M8 has a large high resolution LCD monitor that comforts the eyes of users. And overall, we can say that all good advantages of rangefinder camera can be found in Leica M8.

Leica M8 Price and Why It’s Worth to Buy

A Best Rangefinder Camera Guidance: Leica M8 Manual User Guide

It is generally known that a good price must be complied with the quality. And it’s really applied in Leica M8. The price of it is quite higher than any other digital camera products in the market.

But, seeing that the quality of this product is upper class, we think that this price is really worth. This is the high quality of rangefinder camera in the market.

It has magnesium alloy body with elegant design. It is also completed with amazing sensor. So, with all those good things above, we think that the price around 4.400 USD is really worth.

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Leica M8 Manual User Guide

As stated before, the aim of this writing is to provide the Leica M8 Manual User Guide. With this manual, we hope that we can help both user and enthusiast getting the needed data regarding to this camera. And to bring ease in accessing it, the manual itself will be provided in PDF file format.

With PDF file format, you can access this Leica M8 Manual User Guide everywhere easily in your personal device. Therefore, before decided to download it, firstly, make sure that you have PDF reader software installed in your personal device.

Download M8 Manual

That’s all of the information regarding to the Leica M8 Manual User Guide. We hope that this manual will be functional as your guidance in operating and treating this camera device. Further, if you have any other ideas about this product, you can put your opinion in the comment session below.

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