Leica S-E Manual, A Manual of Leica Elegantly Fast Camera

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The Introduction to Leica S-E Manual

Leica S-E Manual, A Manual of Leica Elegantly Fast Camera

A manual is something that can’t be separated from a product, especially for an electronic product such as digital camera. With this manual, there will be a lot of information that can be obtained.

So, for you who want to look for information related to the specification, features, setting, camera parts, and others, the manual book will be the best source.

This is what triggered us to provide the Leica S-E Manual here. With this manual, we hope we could help you understanding this superb camera more.

The Overall Look of Leica S-E

Before we jump in to the Leica S-E Manual, let’s talk about the specification of it first. And to start this discussion, let’s talk about something obvious first, the outside look. With the popularity of Leica S, the company decided to release the new generation of this camera line, the Leica S-E.

This is the entry-level model of Leica S series. And seeing the cover up of this camera, we can see all things in the previous Leica series in Leica S-E.

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Leica S-E Manual, A Manual of Leica Elegantly Fast Camera

Even though, there are some new improvements you must like to know. In this edition, the Germany Company seems to add a new color scheme that consists of grey and silver. The anthracite grey paint at the top deck and the shutter speed dial is in silver.

The entire quality characteristic in Leica S series would be the basic thing that this Leica S-E camera has. Beside the new color schemes, there are no other significant changes with the looks. Leica S-E is just more durable and efficient in design.

The Specification of Leica S-E

This is the brief specification about this new Leica camera. and if you want the more complete version of it, you can go to the Leica S-E Manual.

And as stated in the manual, we can see that Leica S-E is a medium format digital SLR. This camera has a 37.5 megapixels resolution with CCD sensor in 45 x 30mm. It will give you a high-resolution of picture.

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Leica S-E Manual, A Manual of Leica Elegantly Fast Camera

Further, this sensor could capture an image with enhanced detail and resolution. You can make it even more effective with the optimized lenses from Leica.

With the efficient performance that Leica S-E has, you can shoot an image at 1.5 fps continuously. And more interestingly, the AF point in this Leica S-E will help you producing precise focus to a fast-moving object.

More than that, it also helps a predictive algorithm give more sharpness to the photo.

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Still from the Leica S-E Manual, the lens that is mounted in Leica S-E is a Leica S bayonet, and it is only compatible with Leica S lenses. Leica S-E comes with the maximum resolution of 7500 x 5000 px with 3:2 aspect ratio. The ISO sensitive is 100 to 1600.

For the recording in Leica S-E, you will have the format to be in DNG, lossless compressed with 37.5 megapixels. You will also have a dual storage that consists of 1 SD/SDHC.SDXC and 1 CompactFlash. More than that, it is also completed with an external storage using tethered connection.

The type of the viewfinder is a pentaprism optical. And in the connectivity area, we can find built-in Wi-Fi and GPS modules.

Leica S-E Camera Price and Release

This Leica S-E camera was first available in September 2014. Many users feel satisfied with the performance of Leica S-E. The premium design that is unobtrusive, yet elegant. It is the perfect companion for both indoors and outdoors capturing.

This Leica S-E works with maximum speed but minimum battery drain. That is what makes it extremely efficient to work with Leica S-E.  This elegant camera is available with price of $9,995.

Leica S-E Manual

As it is stated before, the main purpose of this article is to provide Leica S-E Manual to reader. With this manual, we hope that we can help Leica S-E users in facing certain issues happen toward this camera.

Not only for users, but this Leica S-E Manual will also be useful for enthusiast who wants to know about this camera product better by referencing to this manual. Further, we provide the manual in PDF. Because of it, if you want to access it, it will be better if you download the PDF reader software first.

Download SE Manual

Apparently, that’s all of the information that we need to share regarding to the Leica S-E Manual. And hopefully, this manual can be a useful source for you who want to understand about this premium camera.

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