Leica S2 Manual, A Guidance to Expensive Camera with Minimum Features

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The Introduction to Leica S2 Manual

Leica S2 Manual, A Guidance to Expensive Camera with Minimum Features

What is the most important complement of a product, especially for an electronic product? For some people, the answer might be different. But for us, the answer will be manual book.

Why does it so? It is because we think that manual is a gate for user to enter to the unlimited understanding about a certain product.

From this manual, user will learn how to operate and how to treat a product.

from this manual too, user can obtain the basic understanding about their product.

This is exactly why we commit to provide the Leica S2 Manual in this writing. With this manual, we hope that we can help user understanding more about this Leica product.

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The Overall Look of Leica S2 Camera

In providing manual information, we’re not always getting down to the manual directly. But, as an introduction, we talk about the specification of the camera first. So, before getting down into the Leica S2 Manual, we will talk about the overall specification of this Germany-made camera. And as a beginning, we choose the most obvious part to be discussed first. It is the overall look of this camera.

As one of the Leica’s products, Leica S2 comes with a simply elegant look, which becomes the main signature of this company. Many medium-format type of camera has issues with the size and weight, and sometimes it becomes the trouble of many users. But, this thing is not happening in Leica S2.

You will feel the different experience when you deal with this camera. It seems like this reduced weight is really related with the size that is getting smaller, around 45-30 mm, with 37.5mp sensor. This is what makes this Leica S2 is more portable with a better handling.

Moreover, Leica S2 comes with a compact ergonomic design too. The capture of this camera which is is 37.5mp sensor has the classis 3:2 ratio. The body of is similar with the modern 35mm DSLR. It comes with the well-designed controls that make the navigating quicker and highly intuitive.

It is because Leica S2 also has a simplified menu system. The 3 inches LCD in this camera has a color OLED window that shows the information of the camera quickly. Although, the company says this is a “Pro Format”, but clearly we can say that this camera is a medium format camera.

Leica S2 Camera Specification

Leica S2 Manual, A Guidance to Expensive Camera with Minimum Features

You will get a lot of information about the specification of this product in Leica S2 Manual. But, to give you the simpler explanation, here is the resumed version of this camera’s specification.

As we can see in the Leica S2 Manual, The maximum resolution of Leica S2 is 7500 x 5000 with effective megapixels in 38. With this resolution, this Leica S2 camera can shoot 1.5 frames per second.

And to make it more functional yet stylist, there some fashionable features that in Leica S2. The features are HD video capturing, scene modes, and picture styles. With Leica S2, it is obvious that Leica is targeting the top end of professional market.

There are a lot of medium-format cameras spreading around the camera stores. Leica is one of the companies that always give something different to the market of medium-format cameras. People know that medium-format camera is expensive but it’s worth the price.

And in the case of Leica S2, there are also pros and cons relating to this camera. The pro is that some great features will pleased the users of Leica S2. This is the features such as Optical built-in viewfinder, and high resolution sensor. Leica S2 also offers flash sync port that is very helpful to connect the camera with your computer. And one user’s attraction is that Leica S2 has a long battery life. You can take about a thousand shot with one time charging.

Further, to give you the better preview about this Leica camera, here we enclosed the video of this Germany-made product. With this video, you can  get many information about this wonderful imaging equipment including its specification, look, impression, and so on.

This video is made by Official account of The Camera Store TV on Youtube. So, for you who are still learning about this product, referencing to below video will be the good way to take.

Leica S2 Price and Conclusion

Leica S2 Manual, A Guidance to Expensive Camera with Minimum Features

On the other hand, some other people do not like this camera because Leica S2 does not have wireless connection, touch screen, image stabilization, and articulating screen.

It does not have full HD feature too. For some users, itn is not good for a medium format camera since most of the medium format camera in the market has come with these features.

And when it comes with the price, with $5,000 some people think that it is a little bit higher for the camera with those features.

Leica S2 Manual

It is already stated before that the aim of providing this article is to provide the Leica S2 Manual. With this manual, both users and enthusiast will be able to get a lot of valuable information about this product. the information related to the specification, instruction, manual, camera parts, setting, features, and others will be able to obtained.

Therefore, for you who are still in the middle of learning of this product, the Leica S2 Manual below will be the best think to take. But, one thing to note is that the manual will be provided in PDF. So, before accessing it, it will be better if you download the PDF Software reader first.

Download S2 Manual

Here to know more about Leica camera manual and you could visit here to get another camera user manual.

Finally, that’s all of the information that we need to share related to the Leica S2 Manual. With this information, we hope that we can update your knowledge toward this camera product. Further, if you have other idea related to this camera product, we welcome you to put your thought in the comment session below.

And if you think that this article is informative, we allow you share this Leica S2 Manual writing in your personal page. so, the information inside can be spread into the wider range of audience.

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