Leica TL2: Good Mirroless with Leica’s New System

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After release Leica T and TL, the company launched their mirroless called Leica TL2. In this Leica TL2 series there are several similarities with the previous series. However, many of the better features compared to the two previous series. Same as Leica T and TL, TL2 series is a camera with a touch screen that uses an icon-based interface that is almost like a smartphone. However, Leica TL2 also has many changes. It has even made small but important changes to almost every aspect of the camera.

What’s New From Leica T2?

Based on dpreview the Leica T2 is a good and great-looking camera. Although this camera looks like a traditional camera, Leica TL2 does not only focus on the basics of photography. Leica has completed this series with a new system and better features than two previous series, Leica T and TL. Then, what’s new about this series? The following are Leica TL2’s advantages.

Leica TL2
Leica TL2

Leica TL2 System and Touch Screen

Some features of the Leica T2 are better than two previous series, Leica T and TL. Leica TL2 has a 24MP sensor. This is bigger than its Leica TL predecessor with 16MP. This latest series from Leica also has a fast Maestro II image processor. So, it allows continuous shooting of up to 20fps. This is done by electronic shutter. Different if using a mechanical shutter. That is reaching 7fps. TL also experienced an increase in focusing. Focus is said to be up to three times faster than the previous model too.

This camera company complements the Leica TL2 with a touch screen. A 3.7-inch touch screen is located on the back. Leica TL2 has good resolution at 1.3m. The text on the screen is also clearly visible. This is because Leica TL2 can produce colors well. The function of this touch screen is to change the settings and the available options can be adjusted. So, you can quickly access your favorite settings. In addition, there is a manual shooting mode on this camera. Various color choices also complement this Leica TL2.

The thing to note from the Leica TL2 touch screen is to diligently clean it. Because the touch screen is the main way to change the settings on the camera that will leave the fingerprint on the screen.

Leica TL2 Body and Button

Leica TL2: Body and Button
Leica TL2: Body and Button

Leica TL 2 is made of aluminum. So as to provide a unique style on the camera. This becomes a differentiator with other cameras. With the Leica TL2 aluminum body also feels very strong. Mirroless cameras that have 32GB of internal memory capability also look stylish but simple. Because the buttons and controls are minimal. There are only two buttons at the top. One of them is the shutter release button. There are two buttons to complete the settings. Noteworthy is this camera is also coated with metal and paint. So that it can feel slippery at certain times. So you need to use the rope carefully. Because this camera is not designed with an additional grip on the back of the camera. Leica TL2 is available in two color choices. That is silver and black.

What lenses are used for Leica TL2?

Leica TL2 features a Leica L. lens installation. The series also has a variety of APS-C lenses or TL lenses. Besides that, it can also use the Leica SL full-frame lens. The Leica Series also has an electronic viewfinder (EVF). So this is an optional addition to TL2.

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Supporting Features

The Leica TL2 is also equipped with a 49 point AF contrast detection capability. This includes a large screen area. With the touch screen it has also functions to adjust the focus point. In addition, the Leica TL2 is also equipped with various features. Like the place of the memory card slot. The location is on the side. Furthermore, this series is also equipped with a unique rope system. This rope is actually rubber. This will make it a little weird because it’s not used.

Furthermore, the Leica TL2 is equipped with an HDMI and USB3 Type-C connection. It is also on the side. So that you can use a USB connection to charge the camera. Speaking of camera power, Leica TL2 has a fairly low durability. Especially for this camera size. Battery life is rated at 250 shots. Another supporting feature is the availability of Wi-Fi features. Using the Leica TL application can control the camera remotely, and this is the best way to adjust the shutter remotely, without having to buy special accessories. It also gives the ability to quickly share images to social media.


Leica TL2 has a good lens for cameras in its class. This camera is made for style. Especially for the younger generation. This can be seen from the design of the touch screen that is similar to a smartphone. So that all menus are operated by touching the screen. In addition, the quality of images from Leica T2 is also very good. This is because of the features of Leica TL2. So, are you interested in this camera?


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