Lumix DC-GF9K: Mirroless Vlogging and Traveling at Low Prices

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Lumix DC-GF9K is not the latest mirroreless output. However, for those of you camera beginner photographer can be a recommendation. This is because the price is affordable. This camera is priced at USD549. Mirroless output in 2016 also has an interesting feature. So that it will facilitate you who are studying photography. Lumix DC-GF9K is also worth considering if you like traveling and vlogs. Then why is Lumix DC-GF9K recommended for those of you who like traveling and vlog? Following are the Lumix DC-GF9K specifications.

Camera Design

Lumix DC-GF9K has a weight of 269 grams. While the size is 64.4 mm x 33.3 mm x 106.5. So this camera is small. It’s almost like a pocket camera. Then no doubt this camera is very light and compact. This has helped you beginner photographer. In addition, this camera is also attractive for vlogger and travelers. Lumix DC-GF9K in various colors, one of them is orange.

Camera Specifications

Lumix DC-GF9K has post focus mode and focus stacking. This feature will be processed by micro 4/3 sensors. So as to make flexibility and focus more leverage. This camera uses a Micro Four Thirds sensor with a maximum ISO sensitivity of 25,600. The processor used is the latest Venus Engine. the autofocus system uses Depth from Defocus technology. So that the performance of this camera does not need to be doubted. The lens on this camera can be removed. This camera is equipped with a Four Thrids 16MP sensor without a low-pass filter like its predecessor, GF7. While favoring selfie features.

Lumix DC-GF9K : Feature
Lumix DC-GF9K : Feature

Features Supporting Vlogger

The advantage for the vlogger is the 30 fps 4K video owned. In addition, this camera has a 4K photo feature. This feature can extract images from captured videos. However, there are some disadvantages in this camera. Like not equipped with audio video output. Even though this feature can have more effect on the voice recorder. Even so, Lumix DC-GF9K equipped it with a stereo microphone. This microphone is also equipped with wind noise canceller.

The vlogger also doesn’t need to hesitate about the performance of Lumix DC-GF9K. Because this camera is also reliable in storing and moving data. Because this camera is equipped with Wi-Fi through the Panasonic Image App. This feature allows users to “throw” data without having to connect to the cable.


Lumix DC-GF9K : LCD
Lumix DC-GF9K : LCD

Lumix DC-GF9K has an LCD that can be folded up 180 degrees. Panasonic also complements with a regulatory system with a touch screen. Besides setting the shutter button that automatically moves to the left button when it’s selfie mode. So it’s easy to use for selfies. Selfie lovers will be made easier by shutter for selfies. Because it can detect faces on the camera also makes it easy to take pictures. This camera’s LCD size is 3 inches. Because of its mini size, this camera reduces some features. Like not adding an electronic viewfinder. However, even though there is no external hotshoe, Lumix DC-GF9K is equipped with a built-in flash. The next disadvantage is that the storage media relies on microSD rather than the standard SD card.

Supporting Features

This Panasonic camera can shoot 5.8fps burst with single AF. While 5fps is continuous. In line with its compact size, the battery endurance is not too good. That is 210 photos in one full charge. Connectivity is helped by Wi-Fi but there is no NFC. Lumix DC-GF9K is equipped with a 12-32mm F3.5-5 lens.

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That is Lumix DC-GF9K. Although this camera is not the latest output, it has a powerful feature. So that it can be made a recommendation for beginners. Especially for vloggers and travelers. Apart from the cheap price, this camera also has a mini size. This is very concise for traveling. As for the vlogger, this camera has good video quality. So, for you beginner or traveler vlogger, this camera can be your recommendation.


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