Lumix DMC GF8: Worth to buy or Not in 2019

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In 2016 Panosonic released a new camera, Lumix DMC-GF8. This camera is designed for selfie lovers. Lumix DMC-GF8 comes with a little innovation. This is because the GF8 series is almost the same as the previous series. So, is this camera still worth choosing in 2019? Considering the number of special selfie mirrorless cameras.

Lumix DMC-GF8 Specification

Lumix DMC-GF8 has features that are almost the same as the previous series. This camera is equipped with a MOS Digital Live Sensor. This sensor has a power of 16 megapixels, with an ISO range of 25,000. The focus speed can also be applied properly through a 12-32 mm kit lens. 8 creative filters, 5 selfie filter effects, 20 photo scene options, options for shooting panoramas, time lapse, to make this stop motion can be done easily. This makes it very fun to use to produce more interesting and creative photos.

Panasonic Lumix GF8 digital camera also has several features that are suitable for various photography needs. One of them is for the needs of street photography. The features of the Lumix GF8 is Creative Control, that will really help you to produce photos with the desired dominant color. Other filter options available on this feature are Soft Focus, Expressive, High Key, and Toy Effect.

Although having ISO at 1600, Lumix GF8 photos remain sharp without noise interference. The presence of the noise itself will only be found to damage the image at ISO 3200 and above. So, minimal light will not be an obstacle to taking pictures with Lumix GF8. This camera is also equipped with the ability to record video with full HD resolution (1080p). While the speed reaches 60 fps. In addition, another feature is Snap Movie Video, in order to be creative with the video produced.

Lumix DMC-GF8 comes with a 3-inch LCD screen panel, with a depth of up to 1040K-dot. As a result the screen is fairly okay as the camera viewfinder when accessing the photo.

Design of Lumix DMC-GF8

The very small design also cannot be denied to be greatly facilitates this camera when invited to travel. It is very light and compact. All the buttons it carries are also quite well placed. In fact, the absence of the hot shoe to install an external flash on this camera also seems not to be a problem. The reason is, the internal flash is quite capable to just help take pictures in minimal lighting conditions. Only, the flash button that is placed right above the screen is rather quite difficult to access because the size is relatively small and must be shifted.

Lumix DMC GF8
Lumix DMC GF8

There are several drawbacks in terms of design. That is, the small body dimensions seem to force. Panasonic must make a lot of compromises in various sectors. Especially in terms of ergonomics. The camera feels a bit slippery and less comfortable when held by the hand. However, all the buttons it carries are very comfortable to press even though the size is not too large.

Selfie Expert

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF8 is presented for selfie lovers. So, equipped with an LCD screen that can be folded up to 180 degrees. The 3-inch screen is also equipped with touch features. The response of the screen with the touch of a finger is also very good. However, when used under the abundant lighting conditions the screen does become a little difficult to see and makes it a bit difficult for us to do camera settings.

Panosonic completes the camera with one new feature, namely the Beauty Retouch option. With this feature, all the photos can be directly processed with various options if the photo is owned. without the need for a PC or laptop. This photo processing includes a variety of effects. For example, whiten skin color, whiten teeth, add blusher effects to enlarge the eyeball and make a smile effect.

Lumix DMC GF8 is also equipped with Wifi. So that you can easily connect the camera to a smartphone. Only need to download the Panasonic image App application. Then photos can directly move to smartphone memory. This application is also petrified if you want to take pictures remotely. The trick is just pressing the shutter button via the smartphone.

Worth to buy?

Lumix DMC GF8 will be the right choice for enthusiasts of warm picture tone photos. The photo produced by this camera looks yellow to bring a warmer feel. And this is the result of successful collaboration between the Digital Live MOS sensor and the Venus Engine processor. Its good ability to produce photos with warm tones makes it also suitable for use in photographing food.

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So from the review above we think this camera is still feasible to have in 2019. Especially for those who are selfie enthusiasts. Even though there are shortcomings in design, this camera also has specifications that are not inferior to the latest cameras. So, it’s worth it to buy.


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