Lumix TZ95: New Travel-Zoom Camera from Panasonic

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Panasonic Company released a new camera. New Panasonic camera called Lumix TZ95. Panasonic Lumix TZ95 is also known as Lumix ZS80. The release of this camera marks a new entry for Panasonic on the point-and-shoot market. Lumix TZ95 is a travel-zoom camera. The travel-zoom camera is a high compact zoom camera. This is very suitable for traveling photographers. This series is an update for Lumix TZ90. Lumix TZ95 is a camera with decent features. In addition, this camera has little use of control. Equipped with a touch screen and a large zoom camera this is worth considering to have. What are the main features of Lumix TZ95? What’s the newest feature? The following features of Lumix TZ95.

Zoom Optical Lens

Zoom optical lens is a lens that can compete with smart phones. The lens offered is the Leica lens. This camera has a 30x zoom lens. The focus range offered is 4-720mm. This large optical zoom is supported by Power O.I.S (Optical Image Stabilizer). In addition, this lens also features Zoom Compose Assist. Its function is to help track your subject by quickly zooming out. Lumix TZ95 has a / 2.3 inch sensor, 20.3 million pixels. This raises the aperture to f / 2.8. With an optical zoom lens, Linux TZ95 is suitable for photographing everything from landscapes to distant subjects.

Lumix Camera TZ95 Body

Lumix TZ95 is available in black or black / silver. Panosinc provides a boxy and thick design compared to cellphones. This camera is sold at a price of £ 399.99 / $ 449.99. Next, there is a decent grip on the front, above this flash like candy and the Lumix brand. In addition, there are some Panasonic brand images that are smooth, player mode, zoom rocker, on / off button and recording button.

The button on this camera has no change from the previous model. A number of buttons that deserve to decorate the back of the camera. Very useful is the Zoom Compose Assist button. This button is used when shooting with a long focal length. If the subject is wandering outside the frame, hold this button, move the subject, release it – and voila, it’s back in the frame. Besides that there is a mode button. Mode button to move between various lighting modes offered by the camera.

Lumix TZ95
Lumix TZ95

Lumix TZ95 Camera Features

The first feature we discussed from this camera is the Live View Finder (LVF). Live Viewfinder also has high resolution. The Lumix TZ95 is equipped with a new Live View Finder (LVF) of 0.21 inches 2,330k-dot. So you have to squint when using it. In addition, the Lumix TZ95 also has a static 1040k-dot 3.0-inch touch control monitor. The monitor on this camera can also be tilted. So that it will really help get the expected shots.

Other features are Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi. So that it will be easier when we want to upload images. In addition, this camera is supported by Wi-Fi format. The Lumix TZ95 also has manual exposure control.

LCD Panasonic Lumix TZ95
LCD Panasonic Lumix TZ95

Battery Life and ISO

Lumix TZ95 battery life can reach 380 shots. However, it can last longer when we can manage the use of the camera. For charging the battery can use USB. So, it will be very helpful when traveling. Lumix TZ95 is also capable of shooting in 4K. So we have the option to make good quality videos. In addition, this camera can also extract still images (at 8 megapixels) from 4K video clips. So, being able to capture short moments when the subject moves a little too fast to be balanced.

Lumix TZ95 has less detailed images. This can be seen when enlarging 100%. Even when shooting at an ISO setting that is quite low (like 80-200). But that is quite normal for a camera with such a small sensor. However, colors are reproduced well.


Lumix TZ95 has disadvantage. That is the quality of the image produced. This is understandable because this camera has a small sensor. Meanwhile, necessary to facilitate a large zoom in a small body. So, the resulting image is less detailed. Especially if the lighting condition is weak.

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That’s the feature of Lumix TZ95. This camera can compete with smart phones. With a small, compact size and a 30x optical zoom lens, this camera can certainly be your choice. Given the size and ability that is almost the same as a smartphone. With many excellent features, this camera fits in your pocket when traveling.


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