Nikon New Camera: Nikon A1000 with Super Zoom Capability

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Nikon officially released new camera earlier this year. The camera is named Nikon A1000. Nikon A1000 is included in a pocket camera. The main feature of this camera is super zoom capability. Moreover, this feature is packed in a small size camera. Nikon only provides black for this camera. This latest series is sold at a price of around $ 399 / £ 409. Nikon also designs this camera menu for easy use. Like distinguishing parts of photos, videos and settings. In addition, the number of options available depends on the shooting mode. So that makes it simpler for beginners.

Then, what are the other interesting features of this pocket camera? Here are the Nikon A1000 reviews for you.

Super Zoom Capability (35x Zoom)

The concern when this camera was announced was the super zoom capability. Nikon A1000 is capable of 35x optical zoom. This far outperforms any digital zoom on a camera phone. Besides that it allows for all the range needed. Nikon A1000 also provides a 35mm 24-840mm equivalent focus range. Can be extended to 1680mm with Nikon Dynamic Good Zoom.

This pocket camera has a sensor resolution of 16MP. Another new thing on this camera is the ability to save files. Files can be saved in JPEG and Raw. So as to allow more flexibility during post-processing. Furthermore, the maximum ISO sensitivity reaches 6400.

The new thing in the Nikon A1000 is the two controls located on the side of the lens barrel. The two controls are side zoom controls and a snap-back zoom button. This button is bigger so it’s more comfortable. In addition, this button is controlled by the left hand instead of the right.

Record Ability

This pocket camera also has a good ability to record. Nikon A1000 is capable of recording 4K movies at 30fps. While Full HD recording can be captured at 60fps. This camera is also equipped with Nikon wireless SnapBridge connectivity. By utilizing a low-energy Bluetooth connection to transfer images. So, it can easily share photos to a smartphone. In addition, this technology can be used to control the A1000 remotely by telephone.

The Nikon A1000 also features an 1160k-dot electronic viewfinder. For the size of the LCD monitor, the Nikon A1000 is equipped with a 3-inch LCD monitor with a resolution of 921K dots. This touchscreen screen has a 1036k-dot panel resolution. In addition, this camera screen can be tilted. So that it can help a better screen display when shooting outdoors. The tilting mechanism is built with metal hinges. And it is covered with anti-reflective.

Nikon A1000
Nikon A1000

Design of a Nikon A1000 camera

Nikon A1000 has a hand grip that is easy to hold. On the back of the camera there is a small thumb rest area, which is coated with rubber-coated material. In addition, the new Function button can also be adjusted which by default selects the Continuous Shooting mode. This camera uses a 35x, 24-840mm lens that is the same as the maximum hole variable f / 3.4-6.9, depending on where it is in the focus range.

In terms of size and weight, the A1000 is then slightly larger and heavier than its predecessor, measuring 114.2 x 71.7 x 40.5 mm and weighing 330g, but this small increase is commensurate with the inclusion of an EVF.

Moving to the top of the body camera. The bursting flash on the A1000 has been moved parallel to the center of the lens to accommodate the new EVF. There is a switch right below that you have to slide to make it appear. When you’re done, you just need to push it back into place.

Camera Battery

Next is the battery’s ability. The life of the Nikon A1000 battery can reach 250 shots. So, a backup battery is highly recommended. Battery power can be charged using USB. This will be very helpful when we travel.

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There are some disadvantages of Nikon A1000 cameras. The first weakness is the picture quality. The quality of the A1000 image is considered poor. The problem here is not the small size of the sensor, but the lack of sophisticated image processing to increase dynamic range and low light performance.

Nikon A1000
Nikon A1000

The next disadvantage is when changing settings. The camera will reset settings after taking a shot. For example, if you activate the self-timer, and then take a photo, the next time you take a self-timer photo it will be turned off.

Those are some of the latest features of the Nikon A1000 pocket camera. With its capabilities, this camera is a second camera recommendation that you must bring alongside a smartphone camera. Nikon A1000 also has a friendly button. S, it will make easier for beginners. Side zoom control and zoom snap-back button, as well as compatibility with the Bluetooth Snapbridge Nikon technology is also a supporting feature of this Nikon A1000 camera.


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