Nikon B600 Has Super Zoom, What are the Other Advantages?

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Earlier this year, Nikon not only released a Nikon A1000 camera. This Japanese company also released a camera with other Super Zoom capabilities. They gave the name Nikon B600. Nikon B600 was released together with the A1000. Same with the A1000, the Nikon B600 is also equipped with super zoom capabilities. Many new features on this camera. However, there are several that are the same as the previous series, namely B500. This camera is a budget-friendly camera. Equipped with a super zoom feature, it is possible to make amazing photos with a small amount of money.

The reason Nikon gives super zoom to this camera, just like the reason for the A1000. Namely many people use cellphones to take photos in their daily lives. However, cellphone cameras have poor zoom capabilities. For this reason, the company released the Nikon B600 and Nikon A1000 to answer the problem. So, this camera can be the second camera that can be carried while traveling.

Super Zoom Lens

Nikon B600 is equipped with zoom capabilities. The zoom lens on the Nikon B600 reaches 60x zoom. Zoom lens 4.3-258mm in diameter. Nikon provides a field of view of 35-14-equivalent from 24-1440mm, maximum aperture range f / 3.3-6.5. Meanwhile, the construction consists of 16 elements in 11 groups. And for macro fans, the lens can focus as close as 1cm (0.4 in.). This camera also uses a 4-axis Hybrid Vibration (VR) and Hybrid VR mechanism. So that it will help take pictures sharply even at high zoom levels.

Nikon B600 also offers 120x digital zoom. In addition, this camera has a Snap-back zoom button. So that allows a fast zoom-out display. This will be very helpful for tracking the subject.

Nikon B600 ISO Sensitivity

Nikon completes this series with ISO sensitivity ranging between 125-1600. In addition, ISO 3200 and 6400 are available in automatic mode. Nikon B600 is not equipped with Aperture Priority mode, Shutter Priority or Manual exposure. However, this camera features a beginner-friendly automatic exposure with +/- 2EV exposure compensation. Besides that there are also 19 modes of scenery. For RAW shooting this camera does not support it.

Another feature of the Nikon B600 is the internal flash. However, there is no hot shoe. If using ISO automatically, the built-in flash has a 22 foot range on the width of the tape. While being able to reach 11 feet at full telephoto.

Nikon B600 SnapBridge Feature

Next feature of the Nikon B600 is SnapBridge. This feature strongly supports automatic photo transfer. Not only transfer recorded images, but also upload to photo sharing services. Like Nikon, NIKON IMAGE SPACE. Apart from that there are still benefits from SnapBrddge. Like adding copyright information and comments. In addition, it can automatically synchronize camera date / time and location information. SnapBrdge can also do remote shooting.

Nikon B600 also includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. So that it will make sharing easier when using the SnapBrdige application. In addition, the Nikon B600 also provides the Nikon ML-L7 Bluetooth Remote Control. However, Nikon B600 does not have NFC (Near Field Communication).

LCD and Video Recording Capability

Nikon B600 has a 3-inch TFT LCD monitor. However, this camera is not equipped with an eye-level electronic viewfinder. This camera screen has a resolution of around 921K-dots. Frame coverage is set at 99% for capture and playback mode. Nikon does not complement this camera with the flash charging LED above the LCD. As for the back of the camera and the control layout is almost the same as the previous B500.

Nikon B600’s recording capability is also quite good. Nikon B600 can record Full HD video 1920 x 1080 to 30p. While 30 fps for VGA video with stereo sound. High speed video can be recorded up to 120 fps. However, the resolution is 640 x 480.

Nikon B600
Nikon B600

Supporting Features

Nikon B600 also has many features that can support shooting. Like the dial mode. The model dial can make it easy for users to apply one of the shooting modes. This is done by turning the button to the appropriate icon. There is also a pre-focus function. This will help to effectively shoot. Because this function can help shooting in a dark or dimly lit environment. This function makes the camera always focus automatically.

Furthermore there is AF capability. Where the user simply directs the camera to the subject. Then the camera automatically predicts and focuses on the subject. Next about the camera battery. Adoption of rechargeable EN-EL12 Li-ion Batteries. Even when the camera is being used. Battery charging can be via a USB connection.

Price of Nikon B600

Nikon B600 is priced at around US $ 330. This camera is only available in black.

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With zoom capability, this camera will be very helpful when taking pictures and recording subjects remotely. With the Dynamic Fine Zoom feature the resulting image will still be good. Because this feature helps keep fine details better than traditional digital zoom. So, are you interested in making Nikon B600 as the second camera after a cellphone camera?


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