Nikon D3400 DSLR; What Makes D3400 More Special Than D3300

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Nikon is a digital company that focuses on DSLRs. With the launch of the DSLR D3400 shows there are Nikon focuses with DSLR cameras than Mirroless cameras. As we know, Nikon has a lot of fans waiting for the latest product from Nikon. No exception when the Nikon D3400 was launched. It’s also launched the camera alongside a redesigned kit lens. One that sports a retractable inner barrel and more streamlined design. But, does the D3400 have enough going for it to make it worth the beginner’s attention?

Nikon D3400 Key Features

• 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor
• 11-POINT phase detect auto-focus system
• 1080/60p video capability
• Fixed 3” 920k-dot LCD screen
• 5/fps burst shooting
• Bluetooth LE for image transfer

Nikon D3400 New Features

Some cameras website make a comparison Nikon D3400 and D3300. Before we know what’s the difference about the both camera and what’s makes Nikon D3400 better than Nikon D3300. We will tell you about Nikon D3400 new feature.

Nikon D3400 picture 1

Connection The Camera with Your Phone

This camera has new feature that is SnapBridge technology. SnapBrdige has function to connect the camera with your phone. The feature that automatically downloads your images to your phone via a constant Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection. You can sharing pictures without excessive battery consumption.

Based from Techardar review, Wi-Fi hasn’t been included inside the body, although wireless image transmission is still possible through the SnapBridge feature. First incorporated inside the D500, this uses always-on Bluetooth Low Energy to deliver images straight to smart devices, either as they are captured or afterwards. It’s not possible to control the camera’s shooting settings remotely in any way, although this is not too great an omission on such a model.

Power Efficiency

Power efficiency also increased from 700 photos per battery in the Nikon D3300 camera to 1200 photos. Enough for you who loves traveling for a few days. Nikon also mentioned the update Guide Modes to make it easier for beginners to learn photographer.

Camera Design

The Nikon D3400 has a simple with high quality body design. The weight approximately 395g, Nikon D3400 is easy to bring wherever you go, and will companion as you begin your journey of DSLR photography. So, this is recommended for beginner photographer.

Camera Sensor

The Nikon 3400 has a good camera performance. Because, this camera has camera performance that is undoubtedly. This camera has been supported by a 24.2 Megapixel CMOS camera sensor that can also record HD quality video. In addition, the Nikon D3400 camera is equipped with an EXPEED 4 processor which provides continuance shooting capabilities of up to 5 fps. The ISO itself this camera has a vunnerable ISO between 100 to 24.600 to be adjusted for use in accordance with existing light conditions. While for shutter speed available starting from 1/4000 seconds to 30 seconds. The good quality of the kit lens because AF-P allows the lens autofocus to be smoother and less noisy for photos and video. Nikon AF-P 70-300mm f/ 4.5-6.3 lens looks pretty compact at an affordable price. It seems to be very helpful for shooting subjects far away like wildlife and sports activities.

Nikon D3400 picture 2

Nikon D3400 Vs Nikon D3300

Besade on DPrieview that not much has changed from the D3300 to the D3400. The biggest changes seen in the D3400 are in battery life (which we suspect is due to the less powerful flash), wight and the new built in Bluetooth LE that works with SnapBridge to enable photo sharing. The D3400 also tends to come kitted with new ‘AF-P’ version of the 18-55 mm VR lens which uses a new focus motor to offer improved performance in live view and video.

Nikon D3400 Strenght

Very compact and lightweight body
Super battery life
Good single-shot AF performance
Easy to use
Very compact and quiet kit lens

Nikon D3400 Weakness

No touchscreen
Poor connectivity options
No microphone port

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This is review about Nikon D3400. Nikon 3400 is not perfect camera, but what is does do, it does do very well. So, What’s the best between D3400 and D3300. Nikon D3400 has a new features that is more sophisticated on the 3400. Nikon D3400. Featuring beauty compact body, a solid AF system, huge battery life and very good image quality, the D3400 is also incredibly easy to use for the first time user. Nikon D3400 has also been designed for photographers and people who have traveling hobbies .

Nikon though has made a few omissions from the D3300. Gone is the microphone port around the camera’s side, which means that you are restricted to the built in monaural microphones although this is not a critical loss when you consider that it’s aimed at beginner users. However, if you are a beginner and have low budget to learn photography, Nikon D3300 is good decision. Because the D3300 has cheap price than D3400.


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