Nikon D4S PDF Manual For Nikon Camera Users

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The Introduction to Nikon D4S PDF Manual

Nikon D4S PDF Manual For Nikon Camera Users

As it’s always been stated in this website, we can’t just separate a product from its manual, especially when a manual is considered as the best complement for a product.

From this manual, user can understand the product better.

From this manual also, learning deeper about a product will be possible to happen.

So based on this reason, we commit to bring the digital camera manual to the surface.

And for this time, it’s the time for us to talk about Nikon D4S PDF Manual.

The Nikon D4S Overall Look

Specification always becomes something great to discuss, especially when it comes to digital camera product. So, before directly jumping to the Nikon D4S PDF Manual information, firstly, we will talk about the whole specification of this Nikon camera product. And to begin with, let’s discuss about the outside look of it.

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It seems like Nikon Corporation realizes it so much that the need toward digital camera is increasing from time to time. This principal is well-applied by producing various products that will fulfill users’ need. And Nikon 4DS comes as one option to choose by photography lovers.

Similar to the other Nikon products, the case of this camera is designed in square shape. You cannot divert your eyes on it stylish coverage with 160 x 156.5 x 90.5 millimetres dimension. Further, not only good at the packaging, the manufacturer is also taking seriously on its practicability.

It is realized by making this camera only weight for 1350 grams. Overall, with this kind of look, we’re sure that this camera will completely make your photography activities happier than ever.

Nikon D4S Specification

Nikon D4S PDF Manual For Nikon Camera Users

There is nothing more valid than Nikon D4S PDF Manual as the specification reference.

Therefore, if you want to get the detail information about this camera’s specification, you can refer to the Nikon D4S PDF Manual below.

But, to give you the short preview, here is the resumed specification of Nikon D4S camera product. As you will see in the Nikon D4S PDF Manual, this camera product comes with the amazing 16.2 megapixels sensor camera.

It means that there are more than 16.200.000 pixels inside your lens. Imagine what you can do with this sensor.  A maximum photography result with amazing details and perfect color combination will be something to obtain.

Further, to give you the clearer view toward this digital camera product, here we enclosed the video promo of this camera entitled “Journey to Perfection”. From this video, several details on the specification will be revealed so that you can use it as reference.

This video is made by a official Nikon Europe Channel on Youtube. So, whenever you need information about this camera, we welcome you to see the following video for further reference.

Nikon D4S Features

Further, to give maximum power supply, one EN-EL18a Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery is set to be part as the hardware of Nikon 4DS. This type of battery is compatible with various AC adapters like EH-6b AC Adapter. More than that, there will be another feature that will definitely amaze you a lot.

This is due to the storage aspect of this Nikon product. As we can see in the Nikon D4S PDF Manual, Nikon 4DS is bundled with two card slots. It means that you have the ability to insert two memory cards to be used for backup or primary storage.

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Another feature to be noticed is Live View. This is the feature that will allow you to make a review while you are taking picture or video. You can make it possible through 3.2 inches LCD screen (8 cm) on the cover’s surface of it. For making perfect autofocus, Nikon relies on its Nikon Advanced Multi-Cam 35000FX autofocus sensor.

Having this thing means that you are capable of doing fine tuning, phase detection, and many more. Moreover, to get easier access of controlling this camera, you can utilize remote control. It can be done since 10-pin remote terminal is constructed to this gadget. This terminal is also supported with the GPS function.

Price and Impression of Nikon D4S

One of Nikon D4S’s users, Bob Foster said that he got his D4S today and he really likes the new improved AF sensor as well as zero lag in expeed-4 processor. Obviously, with the rich features that this camera has, there will be so many things can be done with this camera.

And talking about price, this product is available in various prices based on the location and additional accessories. But for the global sale, D4s is available for 6,250 USD.

Nikon D4S PDF Manual

A manual is really important to support the functionality of a digital camera product. With this manual, you will be able to get several kinds of information that will be helpful in understanding the digital camera itself. This information covers something like specifications, instruction, features, camera parts, and other related info about the product.

So, referencing to it will be the good idea to start. And for now, we bring you the Nikon D4S PDF Manual. And as its tagline, this manual will be provided in PDF. So, before accessing it, we advise you to download the PDF reader software first.

Download D4S Manual

That’s all of the information regarding to the Nikon D4S PDF Manual. we really hope that the information below could be helpful, especially in updating your understanding about this product.

Further, if you have any other ideas about it, it will be so contributive if you put them in the comment session below. And lastly, if you think this article is informative, we welcome you to share it in your personal page so that the information here could be spread in a wider range of audience.


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