Nikon D820 Review: Monstrous successor of D810

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We’ve been waiting the new release of Nikon best product of mirrorless camera. And now, it’s confirmed that a new Nikon DSLR camera with better upgraded features is on its way to the market. The rumor says that it is Nikon D820, and aimed to replace the previous camera, D810. Welcoming this cool device from Nikon, this year is going to be so great to please your photography experience. Well, let’s see what kind of camera that is probably comes to our hand from following the Nikon D820 review.

Nikon D820 Review

Nikon D820 Review Monstrous successor of D810,

The Nikon D820 camera is created to be a cool DSLR which is easy to use for all users from various backgrounds. It’s very fine to use the camera with little experience since Nikon tries to be very friendly to all users. More than that, the stuff is very cool in its outlook appearance. Wanna see further? Here is the evidence.

Nikon D820 Design

As part of the Nikon D820 review, now we talk about the design of this camera. And apparently, this edition of Nikon camera comes with its typical style and covered in tough black color on the whole-part. Nikon logo will be also looking great on the front part together with all buttons there. The body is designed with good texture for comfortable usage.

Wanna get Nikon user manual in PDF? Click here.

It also provides you pleasing grip, that’s why you would be alright to bring the camera everywhere you go. For a modern camera, the D820 will be very good served with fixed touch screen that is supported with large size too. And the higher resolution of this screen will definitely provide you brighter and vivid video.

Nikon D820 Review: Specification

In developing the device, Nikon bring this camera with higher resolution of 42 megapixel CMOS sensor. This is the sensor that’s able to provide good picture with amazing detail. Another thing that is waited by many users in this Nikon D820 Review topic is certainly the video capture capability of this camera.

Nikon D820 Review Monstrous successor of D810,

It is said that Nikon has an upgraded feature of 4K video capture. It will enable you to create various video with good quality. It’s a total pleasure for you to create film using this thing. And it’s kind of good news for all people who live and earn money through YouTube or social media, or they who have to deal with creating and uploading videos since their job will be totally covered by it.

Another thing is that’s surprisingly amazing in this Nikon D820 Review is that this camera is programmed with 15 frames per second continuous shooting. It will definitely allow you to get good pictures to take and sort. We haven’t got much information about the specification of this camera, but the rumor say that it will have built in Wi-Fi to make you easy in controlling the camera. Further, a snap bridge program will be paired too.

Nikon D820 Features

Maybe you are expecting from this Nikon D820 Review that the 820 camera will be a stuff that has anything you like. Yes, it can be. It proves that you will get easy in capturing pictures in various conditions and surely it will be supported with various programs too. More spaces for storage are also available here.

It has more SD card slots, here said two slots are provided for better storage. That’s why you will be easy in editing pictures or video, and then transferring them into other devices. Using smartphone to control the camera will be enabled too. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth could be paired here, so easy sharing will be enabled for you.

Nikon D820 Review Monstrous successor of D810,
Nikon D820 Price and Release Date

With cool outlook appearance that is designed in compact style, the camera will be a good device to have. And the features like the fixed touch screen, built in flash, auto focus joystick, shutter button and etc. will be very good in supporting your photography experience too. With all these features, surely Nikon D820 will not be an easy device to afford.

About pricing, most of the Nikon D820 Review states that it will be offered around $2,797 for body only. So, if you think it’s a bit expensive, you may do money saving from now because this camera is predicted to color the market on second quarter of 2017. So, this year will be a great time for searching good pictures using the new edition from Nikon camera.


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