Nikon Z6 and Z7: New Systems on Mirrorless Full Frame Cameras

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Late last year Nikon released their latest mirrorless camera series. Not only one but two at the same time. The cameras is are named Nikon Z6 and Z7. This is two cameras offer a brand new system. Especially on the lens mount, Nikon has brought these cameras with the new Z mount and of course some new lens that fits and compatible with it. Two camera competes with some products with similar system in the market. The obvious ones are Canon EOS R, brand new Panasonic S series, and generally acknowledged Sony mirrorless fullframes. Then what makes it stands out?

Differencess between Nikon Z6 and Z7

Nikon Z7 and Z6 have almost the same design and shape. However, there are some differences especially in terms of resolution, focus points and ISO ranges. Nikon Z7 has 45.7 MP sensor resolution and equipped with 493 focal points. While for ISO sensitivity, it ranges between 64-25600. So,it can support god image clarity even in low light. While the Nikon Z6, it comes with a 24.5 MP quality sensor. For the focusing system, the Z6 has 273 focus points that covers 90% of frame area. While ISO ranges between100 – 51200.
Furthermore, Z6 has key features in the matters of video recording. Nikon Z6 has 4K full-frame video resolution. Another capability of Nikon Z6 is the reliability of capturing images better in low light conditions. This is because the camera has high ISO range. The Burst mode is also firmer with up to 12 fps.

Meanwhile, the Nikon Z7 also has many good things on board. It has 45 MP and stop 5 axis IS on the sensor. This camera also has 493 PDAF points sensitive to -3 Ev, 9 fps if without focus tracking. Besides, it’s also equipped with 3.6 million point viewfinder and a 3.2-inch folding LCD with a touch screen. More interestingly, the camera is also weathershield. So, you don’t have to worry when shooting outdoor with uncertain weather. Z7 also has OLED window at the top, one XQD memory card slot. While for the battery, it lasts for about 330 shots.

Nikon Z6 and Z7 Lens

For the lens, a new Nikon Z7 and Z6 can use three existing Z lenses. These are 24-70mm f / 4, 35mm f / 1.8 and 50mm f / 1.8 lenses. But, for you who have Nikon F lenses collection from your old Nikon DSLRs, you can still use them by using lens adapter.

As stated before, there are only 3 choices of Z mount lenses available now, which is frankly very limited. So for this reason, Nikon developed FTZ lens adapters. This adapter is claim to be compatible with around F 360 lenses. Therefore, with the FTZ adapter, users still can use hundreds of Nikon F. Lenses line in their new Nikon Z camera.

Nikon Z6 and Z7
Nikon Z6 and Z7

The newly introduced Nikon Z Mount lens is a promising feature that marks Nikon success in developing mirrorless system. It’s even predicted that one day, it will definitely replace the existing F Mount that has been used by Nikon since 1959. This is also a big deal because it indicates that Nikon will begin to focus and move to the world of mirrorless fullframes as well, because many of the features are more stable than DSLRs.

Not for Selfies or Vlogging

This camera screen can be flipped up and down. But, it can’t be fully flipped or articulated to the front. Sure, it’ll be big bummer for selfies and making vlogs. Next, this camera has a larger button compared to other mirrorless such as Sony. Nikon Z7 is also positioned as a high resolution camera, thanks to 493 focal points that occupy 90 percent of the image area. Nikon Z7 is also called having better image sharpness than Z6. This is because there are more focus points on the Nikon Z7. Other than Nikon Z7 has a burst mode reaching 9 frames per second (fps). With this specification, this camera is more like a professional gear than just a vlogging camera.

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The Competitors

It is something obvious that Nikon Z series will be strong competitor for other newly released mirrorless fullframes. Some models that come face to face are Panasonic S series, Canon EOS R, and of course, Sony Alpha lines series. But, remembering that Canon and Panasonic are relatively new players in this market, so the most strongest competes should be Sony’s.
At the first glance, two Nikon Zs look not much different from the Sony A7.

They are only available in black and have a “prism” at the top as viewfinder. However, if it’s observed more deeply, the grip and control of the Z series are more similar to the latest Nikon DSLRs such as the D850. The other similarity to Sony is on the program dial button on the top left. And also, the small screen information settings marker on the top right is similar to Sony system too. However, it is reportedly difficult to defeat Sony and become number one in the mirrorless market. Besides of myriad lenses, the Sony A7 product line has been released since 2013. And now it has stepped on the third generation. The price also varies from a dozen prices to tens of millions rupiah.

Nikon Z6 and Z7
Nikon Z6 and Z7

That is Nikon Z6 and Z7. Although its appearance was followed by Canon EOS and competed with Sony, this camera has its own appeal. With the advent of these two series, it also signifies that Nikon is starting to look at the mirrorless market. In addition, Nikon also released its newest lenses. and developed compatible FTZ adapters. With the FTZ adapter Z series users can access hundreds of Nikon F lenses. So, there’s nothing wrong with you making Nikon Z6 and Z7 as your choice of camera.

The Price

Both of these cameras are offered at different prices. Nikon sells Z7 for USD 3,399 for body only. While the Z6, it is priced at USD 2,599 for body only. The two newest Nikon cameras were touted to be the heavy challengers of Sony’s new mirrorless lines with Sony A7III and A7RIII as flagships.


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