OLYMPUS D-200L Manual User Guide and Product Specification

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The Introduction to OLYMPUS D-200L Manual

OLYMPUS D-200L Manual - camera front side

It is such a state that a manual is really important for an electronic product, especially for digital camera. With the high complexity of the product, the manual will be really useful in guiding users to appropriately operate and treat the camera. Moreover, with the rich information inside, the manual can also be used as a reference in understanding a certain camera product.

Here, people will be able to get the information about specification, settings, camera parts, features, and other related information regarding to the camera. By understanding this information, it will be easy for user in facing both major and minor issues happen to the camera. This is why we think a manual book of a camera product is important, and this is why we aim to bring the OLYMPUS D-200L Manual here.

The Overall Look of OLYMPUS D-200L Camera

OLYMPUS D-200L Manual - camera back side

However, look has become one important consideration by people in choosing a digital camera product. Even though it seems naïve to judge a product from its cover, but in fact, many people do this. Simply, there is no one want to carry un-fashionable device, even though it has a great deal of features inside. And this is the basic principle that OLYMPUS D-200L has. By bringing highly fashioned trim, this camera is supposed to own the market. So, before jumping in to the OLYMPUS D-200L Manual directly, let’s talk about the overall look of this product first.

The design of D200L is just simple. This camera available in black and silver. Based on the OLYMPUS D-200L manual, this camera can produce image that has quality 640×480. It can be said as good enought in that yera (2001). On the front of the camera,you will find the lens which has cover that can be slided. Besides, you can also find flash lamp. On the back, you will find not so wide LCD monitor which is functioned as the display also viewfinder.

The Specification of OLYMPUS D-200L

Olympus has been one of the successful film based camera that make a transition in by producing digital camera. One of their efforts is Olympus D200L. This 1.1 megapixel camera is released at 2000. This camera claimed as Tough camera that has well and strong bulid. This camera will suit for web work which do not need a very sharp and good image quality. If you are a photographer who love taking good picture with sharp and nice quality, this camera may disappoint you.

This D200-L digital point and shoot camera is way so simple. If you are an amateur who does not know lot about taking picture, that would be no problem. Based on the OLYMPUS D-200L manual, this camera is capable to shoot about 20-80 pictures when fully powered. The autofocus works well in this camera. The glass lens offers super-crisp image and excellent result in low light. The flash works well too.

Yet, the D200-L sure has some lacks too. There is no expand SD card in this camera so you cannot take picture more than 20 pictures in high-resolution or 80 pictures in low resolutions. The design also still pretty big and look bulky. The shutter button also a little bit mushy.

OLYMPUS D-200L Manual camera side

The maxmila resolution is just 640×480 so you should not wish more in term of picture quality. The lack also lay onthe power. As stated in the OLYMPUS D-200L manual, this camera needs 4 AA batteries. Surely, it cannot stand for so long. You have to brings others batteries on your pocket in case the batteries will run out of power.

Quick Specification of OLYMPUS D-200L

Body type
Body typeCompact
Max resolution640 x 480
Other resolutions320 x 240
Image ratio w:h04:03
Sensor typeCCD
JPEG quality levelsHigh, Normal
Optics & Focus
Focal length (equiv.)36 mm
Optical zoom
Maximum apertureF2.8–11
AutofocusContrast Detect (sensor)
Live View
Normal focus range75 cm (29.53″)
Macro focus range20 cm (7.87″)
Screen / viewfinder
Live viewYes
Viewfinder typeOptical (tunnel)
Photography features
Minimum shutter speed1 sec
Maximum shutter speed1/10000 sec
Built-in flashYes
Flash range3.00 m
Flash modesFill-in, Auto, Auto red-eye, Off
Self-timerYes (12 sec)
Exposure compensation±1 (at 1 EV steps)
Storage typesInternal
Storage included2 MB Internal
Battery descriptionAA (4) batteries (NiMH recommended)
Weight (inc. batteries)320 g (0.71 lb / 11.29 oz)
Dimensions145 x 71 x 45 mm (5.71 x 2.8 x 1.77″)

OLYMPUS D-200L Price and Impression

OLYMPUS D-200L Manual User Guide and Product Specification

In conclusion, I would like to say that this camera well-suited for you who love to upload image on the website. This is very useful for that and has always been super solid performer within its strict limitation. When this camera came out, it cost about $200.

In that year, the coming up of this cmera is such a good news because user will be not worry about paying extra for buying film.

OLYMPUS D-200L Manual User Guide PDF

As it is already stated before, the aim of providing this article is to bring you the OLYMPUS D-200L Manual. With this manual, we hope that we can help you in understanding this product better than before. Here, there will be a lot of information gathered. Some information regarding to the specification, instruction, setting, camera parts, and more will be perfectly provided here.

So, for you who are about to look for reference in learning this product, this OLYMPUS D-200L Manual will be valuable to use. But, before downloading it, please remember that we provide this manual in PDF file format. So, make sure that your device already has PDF reader software in it.

The manual of this camera hasn’t been provided yet. If it’s provided already, it will be uploaded in this page.

Finally, that’s all of the information that we need to share regarding to the OLYMPUS D-200L Manual. With this manual, we hope that we can update your understanding about the digital camera product, especially for OLYMPUS D-200L camera. Further, if you have any other ideas or opinion about this camera product, you can put them in the comment session below. And, if you think that this writing is informative, you can share it in your personal page. Therefore, the information here can be spread around the world.