Olympus E-10 User Manual: a Guidance to Advanced Technology in Small Package Camera

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In order to bring ease in accessing the information about Olympus E-10 User Manual, here we enclose the Table of Content for this article. With this Table of Content, you can instantly get to the certain part of this writing simply by clicking on the sub topic below.

The Introduction to Olympus E-10 User Manual

Olympus E-10 User Manual: a Guidance to Advanced Technology in Small Package Camera

It is generally known that a manual is one of the important aspects of a product, especially for electronic product such as digital camera.

With this manual, user will be able to get the instruction and information regarding to the camera product they are using.

While for the enthusiast, with the manual book, they will be able to get deeper information from the manual as their material in considering the camera product itself.

And seeing the importance of this manual, we commit to provide the manual book of camera digital product in this site. And for this writing, we are focusing in Olympus E-10 User Manual.

The Overall Look of Olympus E-10 Camera

Before getting further to the Olympus E-10 User Manual, now we are going to talk about the specification of this Olympus product. And to begin with, let’s start with the overall look of it first. By the time, a smaller and neater camera is more interesting than the big one, and Olympus Camera E-10 has this requirements.

Come with small dimension, Olympus Camedia E-10 can be a good leap for pocket camera user to start using prosumer camera. Further, with the addition of some new advanced features, Olympus E-10 come to refresh the crowded world of prosumer camera. This is especially due to the prism inside it as the main advanced technology to reduce its size.

Further, talking about design, Olympus Camedia E-10 has brilliant design with metal frame to bring luxury outside and robust inside. The metal case also gives a feel of premium look and feel of professional SLR camera. The good quality case is used as the main material and comes with brilliant design of deed handgrip too.

This is aimed to improve secure and comfortable handling. And this is exactly why Olympus Camera E-10 has a good aspect on handling. The small size of it brings ease to handle and to control the focus. By this design, we’re sure that you will love to own Olympus Camedia E-10.

Olympus E10 Specification

Olympus E-10 User Manual: a Guidance to Advanced Technology in Small Package Camera

Further information about the specification of Olympus E-10, will be able to be found in Olympus E-10 User Manual. But, before getting further to that manual, here we bring you the resumed version of this camera manual for a simpler and easier explanation.

And here is the specification of this Olympus camedia E10. As we can see in the Olympus E-10 User Manual, we can see that this camera is featured with advanced 4 MP lens. With this lens, Olympus Camedia E-10 is stated as the first SLR with real 4 MP lens in smaller size than the average camera.

4 MP lens seems not really promising but here Olympus E-10 says differently by giving crisp and impressive image output. Thanks to the good quality lens on it. The size on it comes with the idea of removing mirror on SLR, and replace crystal prism to simultaneously bring image to CCD and view finder, and it is a good idea anyway.

As a result, Olympus Camedia E-10 comes with f/2.4 aperture and fixed up to 4x optical zoom. The mechanical control for zooming is smooth as well as the focus control. Olympus E-10 also has 1.8 inches TFT LCD with three major functions as the view finder, the control, and the playback screen.

Olympus E-10 Camera Price


It is like a mandatory to have a durable and robust camera and Olympus Camedia E-10 is the right choice to it. The material used on it is durable and the construction is robust.

It is also eve bullet-proof for long-term use. Moreover, the good quality of non-removable lens on Olympus E-10 will prevent dusting on the CCD sensor and lead solid construction on lens mounting.

You will also love the prism inside of Olympus E-10 that will reduce the size to be smaller and easy to handle and bring real image to both view finder and the LCD. Olympus E-10 is a good choice of prosumer camera. Deeper information about this digital camera, visit: here

Olympus E-10 User Manual

It is already stated before that the aim of this writing is to provide the Olympus E-10 User Manual. With this manual, you will be able to gain a lot of information regarding to this Olympus camera product. So, for you who are looking for information related to the specification, camera parts, instruction, function, features, and others, this manual will be a good reference. Further, the manual will be provided in PDF file format. So, for you who are about to download this Olympus E-10 User Manual, make sure your personal device already has PDF file reader software.

Download E 10 Manual

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Finally, that’s all of the information we need to share regarding to the Olympus E-10 User Manual. With this manual, we hope that we can help you in understanding this camera product well. If you have any other ideas or opinion about this product in general, you can put your thought in the comment session below. And if you think this writing is informative, you can share this article in your personal page. Therefore, the information here can be spread in the wider range of audience.


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